Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Reviews & TOP 9 Favorite Knives Reviewed

Swiss Army Knives have been around since the late 1800’s, but they’re still the first thing that comes to mind when people think of quality multi-purpose knives.

If you’ve ever wanted a Swiss army knife, you’ll quickly find that one of the many Victorinox models will be a great fit for you.

For many people around the world, getting their first Swiss Army knife is a rite of passage.

For others, it’s a fine example of world-class craftsmanship as you will always see when reading a typical Swiss Army knife review.

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So Many Choices

Since they offer so much variety, you can even find a knife in their line that a young teenager would love to own.

Since Swiss Army knives have been around for a long time, there are now dozens of available variants today.

Someone who doesn’t know much about Swiss Army knives would go in a store, ask for one, and end up confused when asked “which one?” and pick something that doesn’t really fit their preferences.

Choosing the right Swiss Army Knife greatly depends on your specific needs, but here’s a list of the most popular variants, each of which can easily qualify as the best Victorinox Swiss Army knife for you.

About the Victorinox Brand

The brand was founded in 1884, and they’ve been making knives for well over a hundred years.

There are hardly any brands in the world that can boast that kind of longevity, as well as the years of innovation that have come along with it.

The Difference Between Victorinox Knife Models

Victorinox makes small, medium, and large Swiss army knives.

Within each size category exist a wider variety of knife models. These knives come in dozens of unique configurations, all housed within the signature Victorinox casing with plastic scales.

These scales protect the components of the knife, and they’re completely customizable. Victorinox offers a wide array of both transparent and opaque colors.

Some of them even have patterns, and many knives have an option for wood scales.

Each model is designed around a specific task. The Climber, for example, is designed with hikers in mind.

The tinkerer is great for people who are mechanically inclined.

They even offer special models that include tools geared towards people who work on small electronics.

Many people choose their Victorinox model based on their hobbies and lifestyles. You’ll have the luxury of doing the same.

TOP 9 Best Swiss Army Knife Reviews 2021

If you want the best Victorinox Swiss army knife for you, you’ll be able to tell which one that is simply by reading a Swiss army knife review.

Every model is completely different, and each is geared towards a specific kind of user.

You know what your day to day activities are – all you need to do is select a knife that features tools you know you’ll reach for frequently.

Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter XT Knife

Victorinox makes a Swiss army knife for everyone – even hunters.

This is a one-handed design that’s easy to use for field dressing a small mammal, like a rabbit or a squirrel. It can even be used for fishing and other campsite tasks.


  • Comes with a plain blade, a gut hook, and a bone saw – the three most important knives you’ll need while hunting.
  • Knife features an ergonomic textured grip that makes it easy to do fine detail work.


  • Lacks the basic convenience tools like scissors and a bottle opener.


There isn’t a hunter in the world who wouldn’t appreciate this model.

This is the best Swiss army knife for survival. You’ll be able to feed yourself, no matter where you are.

You won’t find a model like this from any other Swiss army knife brand.

Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife

The climber is an ideal model for everyday carry – particularly if you consider yourself to be a handy individual.

It comes with everything you would need to get you through your day to day life. There isn’t a single tool in this knife that you won’t find useful.


  • You’re getting 13 tools. Outside of just blades and scissors, you’re getting a bottle opener and a corkscrew. If you never seem to have one of these things around when you need it, you’ll appreciate having one in your pocket at all times.
  • This is more than just an everyday knife. The included tools will come in handy while camping or hiking.


  • Doesn’t feature pliers like some of the other higher level models.


This is the Swiss army knife for you if you aren’t sure which model you should get. It has the exact right mixture of tools, and the ends of the openers even function as Phillips head screwdrivers.

This is also the best choice if you’re purchasing the knife for someone as a gift because all of the attachments are practical.

Swiss Army Classic SD

The classic SD doesn’t have as many tools as other variants, but there’s a good reason why the Classic is just that – popular for decades. It’s simply good where it counts.

It has a saw that you can use for making kindling or cutting small branches, a spike for punching out holes or for self-defense.

The main blade is tough enough for most light knife work, and it also has a smaller blade if you want even more cutting precision.

Even if you’re not out there hiking, the Classic SD remains a useful tool, thanks to the Philips screwdriver and bottle openers.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a small blade, a nail file, a pair of scissors, a toothpick, and tweezers. It’s all the things that anyone would need to get through their everyday life. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • One of the best things you’d want to carry around at all times
  • The price of this model is great.


  • Screwdriver placement may get take some time to get used to.


This is the perfect starter model.

If you’re looking to get your child their first pocket knife, this one is an easy choice. It’s great for casual use, as well as self-defense.

Swiss Army Super Tinker

People who enjoy DIY projects will love the Super Tinker. Featuring two blades, can openers, a hook, a can opener that can also double as a flat head screwdriver.

It even has a pair of surgical steel scissors can let you disassemble and put together almost anything you can get your hands on that’s not secured by bolts.


  • Very compact considering the number of features.
  • Available in a wide variety of finishes.
  • Sharp, precise scissors, and effective multi-purpose hook.


  • Screwdriver may snap shut if too much pressure is used.


Despite all the tools it has, the super tinker is surprisingly slender, being portable and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket.

This is the minimum must-have knife to bring with you on a hiking trip.

Swiss Army Signature Lite

The Signature Lite is a contender for the best Victorinox Swiss Army knife meant for office use. Like the Classic SD, it only has room for essentials, but this time tailored to indoor and office purposes.

It features an LED flashlight that can help you find car keys or phones under your desk, and the pen makes sure you have something to sign stuff anytime, anywhere. It also comes with stainless steel scissors, a nail file, and a slender blade.


  • Perfect for general office use.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Sturdy stainless steel pen tip.


  • Awkward battery placement.


This is any person’s basic knife for use in everyday life. You’re carrying truly ONLY the essentials.

Victorinox Farmer

The name would make you think that this is not a Swiss Army Knife Review, but the Victorinox Farmer is a true Swiss Army knife.

The Farmer comes equipped with an awl and saw for wood and leatherwork, perfect for industrial uses.

If you want something rugged, you should consider the Farmer as one of your first choices.


  • Textured finish for better grip.
  • One of the toughest Swiss Army knife variants.
  • Reflective surface makes it easier to see in the dark.


  • One of the heavier Swiss Army Knives.


This Swiss Army Knife is designed for heavy usage, the Farmer has a textured finish to provide even greasy, muddy hands to have a firm grip.

Swiss Army Huntsman

This knife has two blades and a saw to provide you with enough cutting power you’ll need when out hunting, a hook for pulling or hauling things, and a spike that can be used for making makeshift water filters.

It even features a corkscrew for when you need to break out the ale after a long and rewarding hunt or a happy night while camping under the stars.


  • Excellent tool placement allows easy handling.
  • Available in a wide variety of finishes.
  • Features a corkscrew.


  • Interior tool slots tend to accumulate dirt.


True to its name, the Huntsman has all the basic tools you need for outdoor hunting, making it a choice for the best Swiss Army knife for survival for you.

Swiss Army Trekker

If you look at a typical Swiss Army knife review, you’ll notice that it usually focuses on how versatile the knife is because of the sheer number of options; this isn’t the case with the Trekker.

While the Trekker still has the basic tools such as saws and bottle openers, it is one of the few Swiss Army knives that puts a heavy emphasis on the blade.

The large blade even has a thumb hole for easier access and has a locking mechanism for extra leverage when you need to cut through tougher materials and as a form of self-defense, making it another contender for best Swiss Army Knife for Survival.


  • One handed design is convenient and easy to use.
  • Large, locking blade accessible by one hand.
  • Contoured handle for extra grip.
  • Still versatile like other Swiss Army knives.


  • Longer than average handle; not as portable as smaller variants.
  • Doesn’t feature scissors like most other Victorinox knives.


This is a one-handed pocket knife optimized for use around a campsite. It can also help you with outdoor chores like yard work and comes with a few features that fishermen will appreciate.

This is quick, convenient, and durable. If you always have your hands full, you’re going to love the one hand design. You won’t have to juggle a million things just to pull out the tool that you need.

Swiss Army Swisschamp

In terms of sheer versatility, nothing comes close to the Swisschamp. With no less than 33 tools, you got yourself the ultimate jack-of-all-trades of Swiss Army knives.

You may be thinking you should just settle for a different multi-tool, but the Swisschamp is surprisingly compact and lightweight considering the number of features crammed into its slim frame. Some even find that it provides a better grip than typical butterfly-style multi-tools.

If you have the budget, get the Swisschamp; you won’t regret it.


  • 33 tools for almost anything you might expect to do with a pocket tool.
  • Compact considering the sheer number of features.
  • Surprisingly ergonomic.


  • The flagship model comes pricy.
  • Since this knife comes with so many tools, it’s a little on the heavier side.


This Swiss army knife is practically a toolbox. You’re getting 33 tools that you can use for just about everything.

This is the ultimate model, and there isn’t a single task that this knife can’t take on.

Picking the Perfect Swiss Army Knife for You

You’ll notice that a typical Swiss Army Knife review doesn’t have a lot to say when it comes to downsides and with good reason;

Victorinox knows the importance of good knife design, which is why Swiss Army knives have been highly regarded as the best pocket knives and multi-tools for centuries.

Even with the newest variants, Victorinox seeks to continue that legacy, making sure Swiss Army knives remain the epitome of quality and versatility for generations to come.

The best Swiss army knife is the one that will compliment your life.

If you’re a person of many talents, you might want to consider getting a Swiss army knife geared towards each one of your hobbies.

Keep one at your workstation, carry one for everyday use, and store one with your outdoor gear.

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