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TOP 18 Best Travel Tripods Reviewed 2021 -Lightweight & Compact Options

Every 18 months or so, technology takes a giant leap forward.

From smartphones to game consoles, computers to healthcare and everything in between, humankind gets that much better at creating stuff to make our lives easier.

And camera technology is no exception, with new digital models offering some outstanding specs, including the latest in image stabilization.

But even so, the good, old fashioned camera tripod is not obsolete just yet.

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TOP 17 Best Dry Bags & Dry Sacks Reviewed 2021 – Protect Your Travel Gear!

Water sports have always been a hugely popular pastime – not just for when you’re traveling to tropical beach destinations.

From scuba diving to white water rafting, paddle boarding to cannonballing; humans have always been drawn to water and we always will be – we can’t get enough of the stuff!

The problem is, as much as we’re “waterproof” almost all our belongings aren’t.

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Best Camera Bags for Hiking & Travel – TOP 15 Camera Bag Reviews 2021

For a great many people, traveling and photography go hand in hand – it’s a match made in artistic and educational heaven.

Taking beautiful pictures to document your trips is one of life’s little joys – even if you’re not quite at National Geographic or Pulitzer prize level.

The problem is, if you’re chasing the really professional images, you’re going to need to pack a lot more muscle than a simple point and shoot.