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TOP 15 External Frame Backpacks for Old School Backpackers Reviewed 2022

Backpacking has taken a distinctly ultralight turn over the last few years.

But for some of us, there is still a place for the rugged external frame backpacks.

This article will rate 15 of the best external frame backpacks on the market and explore a little about the pros and cons of external versus internal frame packs.

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Best Carry-On Garment Bags & TOP 14 Bag Reviews 2022

I think you’d all agree that most long-term travelers don’t really need to pack a suit or an evening dress in their backpacks.

Personally, a nice “going out” shirt was all I ever required, just in case I needed to dress to impress. And – top travel tip ahoy – you can iron that by hanging it in the steam of a hot shower.

But if you’re a regular business trip kinda guy or gal, then you need something that’ll keep your threads looking tip-top.

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Best Cross-Body Travel Bags & TOP 9 Women’s Bag Reviews 2022

Going to a new place and exploring is always exciting, but finding a bag that’s both secure and stylish is hard.

But it’s possible:

You can keep your money, phone, and camera – even your passport – securely with you as you sightsee, without having to sacrifice looking good.

I’ve researched into the best cross-body travel bags and compiled a list so you can ensure your valuables are kept safe from theft and damage on your next trip.

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Best Canvas Backpacks for Travel & TOP 13 Backpack Reviews 2022

Your backpack is probably the most important piece of equipment you’ll bring with you when you travel.

After all, nobody wants their expensive belongings to be packed in a budget backpack that could fall apart at any moment, right?

Canvas backpacks are a great option for travel as they tend to be a lot more sturdy, secure and durable than synthetic backpacks.

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TOP 17 Best Dry Bags & Dry Sacks Reviewed 2022 – Protect Your Travel Gear!

Water sports have always been a hugely popular pastime – not just for when you’re traveling to tropical beach destinations.

From scuba diving to white water rafting, paddle boarding to cannonballing; humans have always been drawn to water and we always will be – we can’t get enough of the stuff!

The problem is, as much as we’re “waterproof” almost all our belongings aren’t.