17 Simple Tips on How to Enjoy Traveling Alone and Things to Do

Unless you’re an extreme loner, I am sure you’ll wonder how to enjoy traveling alone.

I have traveled to several places around the world all by myself and am here to tell you that ‘Yes’, you can travel solo and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

I have camped in Khao Yai National Park in Thailand, gone to the remotest parts of Lake District, UK and explored the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It was just me and I can tell you that I had some wonderful experiences out there.

Is it fun to travel alone? You ask.

Allow me to share with you my 17 simple tips on how to enjoy traveling alone and things you can do.

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1. Carry on with your lifestyle

It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘what can I do here’ situation. But, if you take easy and just go on with part of your routine, then you’ll find yourself just as fine as you always are back home.

What do you do normally do in your free time? Do you go fishing or partying, swimming, water skiing, cooking, gaming, or simply helping others?

Whichever kind of activities that you enjoy, just get right into them while you’re away from home.

If you like fishing, there are many campsites with nearby angling spots. A simple search online can lead you several campsites where you can go and have fun.

If you are a party animal, clubs all around the world are waiting to host you. Music enthusiasts are also likely to enjoy clubbing.

Basically, don’t think too much of what to do, continue your life away from home.

2. Be positive

Positive thinking and solo travel go together.

If you’re imagining how you are going to be alone, whether you will make it or not, or who will you talk to, then you’ve already started to spoil the good before beginning.

But, if you believe that you can go places, meet strangers, take that mountaineering challenge, engage with the locals and learn their culture, then you’re more likely to enjoy your travel.

Having a positive attitude is one thing that helped me travel alone during one Christmas holiday. I didn’t have to bemoan the fact that I was going away from family in a festive season period.

I was rather focused on what else I can do away from home at such a time. Indeed, I met strangers out there yet we still partied, ate and drank together.

In short, for you to enjoy traveling alone, it all starts the moment you accept that you’re going away solo and hope it’ll be fun.

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3. Join a group activity

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely all along. In fact, one of the best ways of how to have fun traveling alone is to take part in group activities.

Most cities offer free tours of which you’re likely to spend more time with strangers. Through this, you can actually find someone to have lunch or dinner with later, or share whatever interest you have in common.

If you are visiting a bigger city, find a local meet up event where you can hang out with like-minded people.

4. Treat yourself

Buy yourself an expensive gift, have an awesome dinner, or go for a massage.

There are several ways you can do something special for own good feeling. Such feelings never die soon, so even if you are alone, you will find yourself jovial for some 2 to 3 days.

5. Dine alone with boldness

For quite some time, I feared dining alone in eateries. My issue was that others will look at me with an eye of pity and I never wanted to appear so.

Truth is, nobody minds your business.

Have you sat in a restaurant, observed someone eating alone and pitied them for having no company?

I guess not.

But, I have seen many solo travelers being admired for their confidence.

So when you go to an eatery, sit upright and dine with boldness. Bring your iPad or book to read aside if it’ll make you more comfortable.

You can additionally go for the good view near windows or on balconies, and spend time taking the scenery and reflecting on great things you’ll be doing the following day.

6. Give in to ‘your new friends’ but be flexible

I’m talking about the guys you’ll meet in your travel. Someone might ask you to join them in their hotel or invite you for dinner. This is where you need to be cautious because you’re not sure if whoever are genuine or not.

There are things you can say yes to; say yes to a hike, say yes to a coffee, say yes to adventure, and learn to say no to things you’re not sure of.

The good of being alone is that you don’t seek anyone’s approval to do anything at all. So it’s easy to find yourself giving in to many requests that come your way.

The ones you’re positive about will certainly lead you to enjoying your trip.

In addition, learn how to meet people while traveling alone.

Personally, I would hang out at coffee shops, museums, public squares, theatres, hostel bar…these are places where someone can easily approach you.

7. Avoid couples destinations

If you’re making your first solo trip, don’t start by picking up destinations geared towards pairs. Have you ever bumped into a room and felt odd? Like you’re not supposed to be there?

Exactly. If you have some insecurity about being alone, honeymoon spots and couple retreats are going to take away your confidence.

Rather, choose wild destinations where you might find wanderers like you or where you can have your own good time without being bothered by the surrounding.

8. Stay at hostels

Many say that hostels are great places to meet friends. I say they are awesome places to feel involved and not get bored.

I’ve slept in an open hostel before and the thing I loved most is that come evening, guys would start telling stories about their day and cracking jokes on various subjects. Then sleep could take over guys one by one, till the last person found himself talking alone.

Having a cheerful company at the end of a long hiking or backpacking day brings some great atmosphere in which loneliness has no room.

Still, you can opt to sleep in hotels. My ideal room would be high up, with natural light and a nice view.

Choose one that suits your needs. If you want a swimming pool on site or close by, go for it. Being all alone, you want to make yourself as happy and comfortable as possible.

9. Ask someone to take pictures

Langkawi with motorbike

This one is obvious, right?

However, you don’t want to end up collecting a bunch of selfies and/or establishing shots. These ones usually have a short lifespan.

Look for someone to take pictures of you and probably you can do the same in return. Try to take iconic pictures. The kind you can fix into a frame and sit back and admire.

When in a busy city, beware of strangers running away with your camera if you ask them to do you the favor.


If someone asks you to take a picture with their phone. Enable front camera and take many different selfies of yourself. And give back the phone. Sounds stupid but when you travel alone this is a great tip how to make little fun by yourself 😀

10. Make the most out of lone activities

Being alone for many hours can be daunting but you have to roll with it. Learn to love your own company and make friends with yourself.

Use your solo time to think about bigger things in life; what your dreams are, who you are, and how you can improve yourself.

After all, you can only introspect better when you’re alone, and this is the time you come out of your loneliness stronger, informed and wiser.

Take with you that book that you’ve been yearning to read but the conditions at home and work pressure haven’t allowed you before.

When out of town alone and not hooked up with other activities, that is the time to sit down and read.

11. Do something you wouldn’t do at home

Eat a bizarre-looking food, paraglide or salsa dance; this is how to enjoy vacation alone. Simply open yourself up to new encounters.

As you bond over some crazy experiences, you are more likely to make new friends.

The bold truth about traveling alone is that in real sense you’re not going to be alone. For every activity that you’ll sign up to, there will be a bunch of other excited and friendly faces to meet and go along with you.

What’s more, the beauty of being away from your family and friends is that you can attempt new things and experiment more unreservedly than you may do with people who’ve known you your entire life.

12. Go explore


What is the point traveling alone if you can’t explore? Take advantage of being away and go for a ride or a walk. Take a map with you if need be.

Discover the city or village you’re in. If it’s safe, wander off the beaten track.

Visit tourist sites in wherever you’ll be or take a seat somewhere and watch people. In any case, being out and about will keep your mind busy with no room for boredom.

13. Engage with the locals

Top of the things to do while traveling alone is making friends with people in your new destination.

Ideally, not every other person you come across, but a few handy ones that can give direction and warn you about tourist traps.

By hanging out with the locals, you’ll also get to see their customs and traditions up close.

If you plan to stay for a few days in your destination, find out locals with similar interests.

Maybe you are a choreographer. Ask the locals or google nearby dance schools and pay them a visit.

C’mon, everyone loves visitors, so they’ll likely give you a chance to join their class and show them your moves too.

Are you still wondering about things to do while traveling alone?

14. Smile to the world

A big, winning smile is a major accessory when traveling alone. When others see your smile, they will want to communicate to you, and vice versa.

The next minute you’ll find yourselves in a nearby joint laughing and talking about each other’s lives.

This is one of the important tips of how to have fun traveling alone. Smiles are friendly and universal, and can be understood in any language.

So don’t be an extreme introvert, try to be mindful of smiles when roaming the streets of new destinations, and you’ll see how inviting you’ll be.

15. Go slow on alcohol

Portugal beach with beer in hand

Dear alcohol lovers, you might take traveling alone as the best opportunity to indulge yourselves but nah!

Getting messy drunk in new territories is sheepish. Furthermore, you’ll waste most of your valuable adventure time nursing hangovers in your hostel, plus it’ll give a negative impression to your new hostel companions.

So watch your limit when it comes to hard drinks so you can have an easy time for meaningful discoveries.

16. Plan and map your days

There’s nothing as awkward as just sitting somewhere in a foreign country and you don’t know where to go next.

At least, list a few places that you’d be visiting in your trip.

Some of us still enjoy going with the flow. In one of my trips to London, I visited the British Museum in the morning and then spent my entire afternoon at the Syrup of Soot café, which is just near the museum.

I hadn’t planned to stay at the café that long but I was taken over by the serenity within, and so it was a nice place to chill.

There are no laid rules that demand you cover every part of a city’s tourist spots. Be flexible and willing to embrace yourself in a new environment.

17. Stay in touch with your family

Going away alone doesn’t mean that you cut contact with your family back home.

A quick call in the morning or evening to let someone know your whereabouts is all it takes.

It’s obvious the conversation will be warm and end with best wishes; “have a good day” or ‘’all the best out there’’. Feeling good starts right there.

Keeping your family updated is also a major safety precaution when traveling solo. Have you read the 50 safety tips for traveling alone?

Keep in mind this too in your solo travels.

Final word

Traveling alone shouldn’t bother you anymore if you keep in mind the 17 tips above.

By doing so, you will realize there are plenty of things to do while traveling alone and you’re more likely to discover the real you as opposed to being in a group.

Whether you’re just 18, 30, or over 50 years, I encourage you to go out alone and meet the world.

Did I leave out anything on how to enjoy traveling alone? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Get all 50 safety tips for traveling alone in one complete PDF

Get all mentioned 50 traveling alone tips for men and women in one ebook for FREE. Save the PDF on your device and read offline while flying to your solo adventure. Have a safe trip!

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