Cut Social Media Out of Your Next Trip: 6 Reasons Why [Guest Post]

Cut Social Media Out of Your Next Trip: 6 Reasons Why [Guest Post]
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I’ve never been the greatest advocate for social media. One day I would say it’s wonderful how those abroad can connect so conveniently with those at home.

The next I would say social media is ridiculous and should burn in hell. I’m a nut, I know.

Although, this last year I have been wading through the middle ground of, “social media has advantages and disadvantages so let’s put some of them to work.”

Here are six reasons why you should cut social media out of your next trip…

It Reminds Me of How Small I am

You didn’t post an Insta today? No one noticed.

You didn’t take a snap story of your breakfast? Wow, I bet everyone thinks you starved yourself. You didn’t tweet about the weird guy on the elevator?

Cool, now maybe someone will actually ask how your trip went when you get back.


You don’t always need to make an announcement. You are a tiny little thing.

Enjoy being a small slice of the world and understand that you become uninteresting the moment you give people your daily itinerary via snap story.

Goals Hold More of Your Attention.

Yes, yes, yes we all want to say we don’t spend that much time online. Like it or not, we do, for whatever reason (or excuse) you have. 😉

I give myself various goals on the course of any trip. Whether it be to explore this beach or try that restaurant, everyone does.

The thing is, if I recently took a cool photo, I’m gonna wanna see it edited ASAP.


Because it’s super fun to see your work polished and ready for the gram. The problem? If I’m editing the photo, how am I supposed to catch the rare moment of a dolphin jumping in the water next to me?

Or notice the antique Christmas lights dangling from the ceiling of a pub we just walked into? Without open apps, you’ll be more observant and in tune with the mood of a place.

You Won’t Hate it as Much Afterward

Do you ever throw your phone across the room because you get fed up with how much time you spend on it?

I wouldn’t say I spend more than an hour total every day on social media and I still often see it as evil.

Although, if I step away from it for a week, I get super jacked to be back in the loop again. Because knowing Jessica’s inspiring travel quote of the day is so damn important.

You’ll Learn More About the People You’re With

Conversations will be abundant and you will make tiny discoveries. Your mom prefers Coke over Pepsi. Your sister doesn’t like onions. (I guess we’re at a restaurant right now idk lol) Your best friend likes whole grain bagels over the plain.

Driving in car

Are you traveling alone? This applies to you too. There’s always something new to learn about yourself.

Did you ever notice how you pick up your fork when you eat? How you crack your knuckles every 20 minutes? Be observant and enjoy it.

You Don’t Care What You Look Like Every Damn Hour

That’s right. You can’t post stories. Shhh, this a good thing. You’re walking on the beach at sunset, you don’t need makeup.

Yes, take a million photos. Doesn’t that feel nice? Being in a cool place, with a bare face, and a few shots of you lovin’ it?

view from tent

Post it when you get back home. Now maybe the caption can be something inspiring. Something you remember feeling that night on the beach.

That night where you had no outlet to the online world and didn’t give a crap.

Time Will be Well Spent

I promise you won’t get back and be like damn it why didn’t I spend more time on my phone?

No one does that. Look back at your photos. How do those make you feel? You took them without the intention of posting them.


They stand for a place you enjoyed. A place you chose your present over someone else’s. Isn’t that time well spent?

Logan Koepke

Logan Koepke

A travel blogger who loves a good budget adventure, writing with pen + paper, and a mug of hazelnut coffee.