Travel Alone vs With a Friend vs Group Travel – Which One is for You?

It can be tricky to decide on traveling alone or with a companion, or in a group. In fact, if I ask most of you the option what you’d prefer, you are likely to say that it depends.

I can agree with you on that to some extent.

It may depend on your personality, whether you are a loner or a groupie.

If you want to travel with a friend, it may still depend on your friendship. Is this person your co-worker, a family friend, or your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Even if you want to go for group travel, you might still have some factors to consider in mind.

Whichever way, the aim is to enjoy your trip.

If you’re planning to travel and can’t decide on solo travel vs group travel, or simply travel alone or with a companion, this article is for you.

I’m going to highlight the pros and cons of traveling alone, with a friend or in a group, and then you can decide which one is best for you.

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Solo Travel

This one is my personal favorite, and here’s why I love it:

Pros of traveling alone

You get yourself out there

By this, I mean that you get to strike up conversations with strangers and you’re likely to meet some interesting people.

You can also meet like-minded people along the way with whom you can have fun with. In a group setup, you’ll be locked up in the group’s comfort zone and stick to their ideals, and you may never get the chance to meet a new person.

You will never compromise with anyone

Whether you want to drink at the same joint every night or have an expensive meal in a 5-star hotel, it’s totally up to you.

The freedom of doing whatever you want without seeking anybody’s approval is perhaps the biggest advantage of solo traveling.

You won’t argue with anyone

In a group setup, tensions can get high and when that happens, arguments follow.

Such kind of drama has no place in solo traveling and it’s unlikely that you’ll get into one with new companions that you’ll meet out there.

You can have time for reflection

Some people take solo trips because they want time to be alone and reflect on their life.

In such a time when you want to be with your own thoughts without anybody’s intrusion, a solo trip might be just ideal.

It is cheap

As a solo traveler, you can make quick impromptu decisions to cut on costs such as getting cheaper meals, choosing an inexpensive hotel or using a cheap means of transportation.

Such decisions are usually predetermined in group travels and sometimes you have to squeeze your pockets to fit the bill.

Easy to immerse yourself in the local culture

Believe it or not, it’s a lot easier to learn the local culture in solo travel than on a group trip. When you’re alone, your spirit of adventure really kicks in.

Most of the people you meet are the locals and naturally you find it okay to allow them to show you around. In the meantime, you get to learn a bit of the local language as well as dine and see how they conduct their business.

Downsides of traveling alone

You can get lonely at times

Indeed, you can wander around and meet people but sometimes you may find yourself in a place that is not quite friendly. That is the point when you wish you had someone you know.

Many solo travelers are also accustomed to being on their own and if you’re not the type, then you may get lonely quicker.

At, however, we say though shall not let loneliness overcome you; check out some of the things you can do to enjoy traveling alone and not get bored.

You worry about your own safety

People believe in safety in numbers. I can’t agree more to that.

To be honest, solo travelers are more likely to become targets of stalkers, pick-pocketers and muggers, because they look more vulnerable. In addition, if you fall sick, get lost or get hurt, there’ll be no one to take care of you.

To avoid such scenarios too, take a look at the 50 safety tips for traveling alone.

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Traveling with a Friend/ Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Here we are talking about someone who’s very close to you. Some people might consider this the best option as opposed to solo travel or group travel.


You can get personal

Going on a trip with your loved one is a big chance to get intimate and do stuff that you’ve been dreaming about. There’s just the urge of doing some crazy stuff and take home sweet memories.

With someone that you just met, it can be difficult to express yourself, but you have nothing to worry about with a lifelong companion.

You can do things that you both like

Your best friend is your best friend because you have a lot in common and you have known each other for a long time. Perhaps you schooled together, live in the same neighborhood or met at work.

Going on a trip with this guy/girl guarantees some of the best moments that you can’t even share with a lover, and I think it gets easier for men.

It’s easy to get into an argument with your girlfriend, maybe you were looking at the next girl the ‘wrong’ way, but with a buddy, it’s usually a fun time, all the time.

Knowing someone while you’re abroad

Moving abroad can be intimidating when you’re alone. When you have a friend with you, there’s the feeling of security and companionship.

Even when you will be stranded in some unknown street abroad, you’ll still find comfort in a friend.


You might not be willing to learn the local culture

Spending too much time with one person might not allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture.

In addition, your minor likes and dislikes may be a hindrance to either of you getting into some sort of activities. There’s just that thing of wanting to do the same thing that’s good for both of you.

Group Travel

If you can’t navigate around the idea of waking up in a hotel alone and coming back alone in the evening, then group travel is probably your thing. It has its good and bad side too.

lego tourist group concept


You get to know your companions on another level

Group mentality usually pushes people to do things for the sake of others. I can give you an example – I started drinking in college because the guys around me were doing it.

A group is just perfect for trying new stuff because there’s something that takes away your fears. There’s also something about being in a group of like-minded buddies, all into something that you’d never think of doing, that makes you want to be part of it.

People just let loose whenever in a group – they drink too much, smoke new stuff, play weird games – and this allows you to know the other side of whoever.

You have more confidence to wander off the beaten track

Who cares if you go that route and come across an anaconda? Risk-taking confidence is always high when you’re in a crew unlike being alone or only two people.

You may want to take riskier trips or even try some exotic dishes – things you may be scared to do alone.

You have large support in whatever situation

If you fall sick or get into an accident, you can depend on your team to take care of you throughout your trip.

Even if you drink too much at a club, your crew can help you find your legs.

Lots of fun

Group travel brings about great fun from the moment you set off to the last minute. In solo travel, you have to initiate a chat with a stranger or the other way round. With guys that you already know, chatting goes on as usual.

Things such as drinking happen almost anywhere. You can just arrive in any town and get into any club and have your own party. If you travel in an RV the better, as it will allow you to camp almost anywhere.

Furthermore, the fun and experiences that you share in group travel creates memories that can last a lifetime, whether good or bad.

Easy to take

Group travels are probably the easiest to take. One Friday afternoon a former colleague asked me to join him in group travel that he was part of. I didn’t have major plans that weekend and so I agreed without knowing where they were going and with whom.

If you plan to travel alone or with a friend, everything is all up to you, starting from researching every fine detail of the trip to where you’ll eat and sleep.


Decision making

The biggest disadvantage of operating in a group is decision making.

First, it takes so much time to agree on one single thing since everyone usually wants to push their own agenda. Simple things such as settling on where to eat can lead to endless arguments.

People traveling for different reasons

It can be hard to balance the interests of every person in a group. You may want to go on a vacation focused on relaxation, yet have some party animals who still want to have fun their own way.

Some people want to hit the beach while others want to check out historical sites. Others want a bus tour and some want to trek. Little things like this can turn what is supposed to be a fun vacation for everyone into a frustrating one.

Lack of privacy

If you like having your own time to change clothes and such, group travel cannot offer you that kind of privacy, especially because you are likely to share rooms or stay in a hostel.

Clashing individuals

There’s this person that you don’t get along and it happens that you are traveling in the same group. This can cause an uncomfortable situation around others.

So, Which one is for You?

The pros and cons are there for the three options.

Some of us might want to travel alone or with a friend, others may prefer group travel.

Traveling alone opens the door for exploration and one that leads to magical experiences. But then, will you take risks? Will you be comfortable dining alone? Will you meet funny people?

Going with a friend is morale-boosting and creates a deeper bond between yourselves. However, will you not be held back from discovering new things?

Group travel is fun on paper but in the real sense, not necessarily. Where is the fun of following what others want to do?

Solo travel vs group travel comes down to personality.

If you value your alone time, then do solo travel. Do you prefer to be in the company of others? Go for group travel. Last but not least, you can travel with a friend or lover anytime you wish.

Let us know your preference and thoughts in the comments section below.

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Get all 50 safety tips for traveling alone in one complete PDF

Get all mentioned 50 traveling alone tips for men and women in one ebook for FREE. Save the PDF on your device and read offline while flying to your solo adventure. Have a safe trip!

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