Seven Epic Tips to Visit the Seven World Wonders Inexpensively

If you ask people questions about what they would do if they had all the money in the world, or if there is anything they regret not doing more of, travel is at the top of most lists.

International travel is something that a lot of people believe is far outside of their reach and when asked why, money is the most common roadblock.

When people think about the amount of money it would take to travel to all seven of the world wonders, they shudder.

They imagine long international flights with stops and connecting flights that will cost thousands upon thousands of dollars in airline fees and checked bags.

Accommodations are probably thought of as fancy hotels with shuttles that you pay extra for you to take you to and from the attractions. Hotels where you’ll spend double digits on meals, pay for parking and several other expenses.

Then there’s the cost of food, souvenirs, admission fees, cabs and all the many other travel expenses one can occur.

Most people at this point are thinking that their bucket list wishes will never be granted.

Travelers, and those who are only wishing of traveling, will be surprised and delighted to know that there are several great tips for traveling as inexpensively as possible and most importantly:

See all Seven World Wonders on a budget.

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#1 Know When to Travel

Old Map

The new seven wonders of the world were comprised in 2007 by an international vote.

There are eight wonders with The Great Pyramid of Giza receiving an honorary spot at the top of the list since it is the only surviving landmark of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

The countries that are included in this list are China, Jordan, Italy, Mexico, Peru, India and Brazil.

Each of these countries has its own unique time of the year where travel is going to be substantially cheaper than any other time of the year. This is normally during the non-tourist months.

However, traveling during these less desired months will be cheaper for you and leave the attractions you are going to see less crowded.

  • Seeing the Roman Coliseum in Rome is going to be the cheapest for airfare in November, during the rainy season.
  • If you are going to The Great Wall of China, you will want to go in December, and avoid going around the Spring Holiday in late January/early February.
  • Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru and Christ the Redeemer in Brazil is recommended in October for the most inexpensive flights.
  • When traveling to the Taj Mahal in India, January through March is best.
  • July and August are the cheapest time to travel to Jordan because of the heat.
  • August through October is hurricane season in Mexico making travel cheaper if seeing Chichen Itza is the plan.
  • The honorary Pyramid of Giza is going to be the least expensive to fly to in July and August.

#2 Don’t Pay Too Much for Plane Tickets


Type “Flights to China” into your search engine and you will see on your home screen appearing expensive tickets that cost hundreds of dollars each way. Then there’s also baggage fees, taxes and any transportation you will need to and from the airport.

Quickly it sums up to be a very expensive trip.

There are several tactics that you can use to get lower ticket prices every time.

  • Although sometimes you can get lucky and find cheap last minute tickets just to book a flight full, it is best to purchase tickets several weeks in advance.
  • Many ticket booking websites like Expedia, Orbitz and Kayak will compare several major airlines for ticket prices so you can book the lowest flight right there on the website.
  • If you go to the website of the airports you are flying in or out of, you will find several smaller airlines that you can fly much cheaper through. These may not be the biggest planes with the most comfortable seats but they will get you where you need to go.
  • Sign up for credit cards that give you frequent flyer miles to use.

#3 Free Accommodations

It seems a little far fetched to think you could visit another country and stay there for free, but this is very possible in every single country that is home to one of the world wonders.

If you are traveling slowly and can stay for more than a week in many countries, they have work for accommodations programs where you can stay on a farm in exchange for a few hours of work per day.

Boy on Hay

There are also vacation home exchanges available online where travelers can trade houses for a time with people all over the world.

If you can make it through a two to three-hour sales pitch and resort tour, attend a timeshare presentation.

Many times, just for attending, even if you say no, you will be given some pretty serious free prizes such as hotel stays, food vouchers, free play at casinos, and other incentives that make traveling much more affordable for you.

#4 Travel Light

If you can avoid having a checked bag you could save a few hundred dollars on luggage fees. Traveling light will also help you to travel around the various countries on your bucket list.

If you are going to Rome to visit the Coliseum, but also want to see more of Europe, buying a rail pass is the best and cheapest way to travel throughout the continent and is frequently used by backpackers.

Don’t pick up souvenirs like t-shirts and keychains along the way. Most of the time they aren’t even manufactured in the country you are visiting and you will find something more unique and for less money if you buy from a local.

You also need to keep in mind your luggage options, especially if you are trying to visit more than one of the world wonders on each trip.

#5 Eat Where the Locals Eat

Local Woman

The seven wonders of the world are arguably the most visited attractions in the world and there are going to be tourist traps on every corner.

Pay attention to the places the locals are eating at. The food cart with the long line of locals will have native inspired dishes and probably cost you quite a bit less.

Don’t be afraid to ask a local for advice either.

In many of these countries like Mexico, Peru and Brazil, locals will invite you to their homes for dinner or point you in the right direction of the local farmer’s market where you can get fresh-made sandwiches, soup and other street fares for a fraction of the cost of hotel restaurants and other tourist traps.

#6 Travel Slowly

If you are lucky enough to be able to take weeks or months off work to travel the world or you can work while you are traveling, travel slowly.

If you can work remotely, or you are a freelance writer, you can work from anywhere in the world, and can take your time traveling because you can make more money everywhere you go.

If you aren’t as lucky to be able to work on the road, but you are fortunate to be able to take several weeks off, taking advantage of work for lodging opportunities, hostels, and other cheap accommodations. It will give you the flexibility of traveling at leisure and being able to wait for good deals or opportunities to present themselves.

Traveling slowly also gives you more time to get to know the locals of some of these places which can be good connections for cheap travels if you can make your way back ever.

#7 Travel with a Tour Group

If roughing it through some of these countries isn’t what you are looking for, and your budget is more than nonexistent, you can travel comfortably, but still for a good deal by traveling with a tour group.

These groups work with travel agents to book hotels and trips for groups of people. If you have a travel companion, rates are usually cheaper for two people in a room.

These travel groups are very convenient but they do most of the planning for you.

Travel Kit

What’s also great is that most of the time your flight, accommodations, tour guides and meals are all included, with free time to explore on your own also.

Another perk of traveling with a tour group is that if you book out far enough, up to 18 months with many companies, you can make payments on your trip.

This makes it seem much less expensive in the long run because you pay for the trip a little bit monthly, just like a bill, and you don’t have to drop so much cash all at once.

Booking a group tour in advance also gives you plenty of time to save up, plan extra excursions, and watch for good deals to come up in the area if you have ample free time.

Although it will probably be very hard to find a tour group that will go to all seven wonders of the world, you can usually get discounts on future trips.

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