50 Safety Tips for Traveling Alone & Things to Keep in Mind

Traveling on your own can be daunting yet exhilarating. There are plenty of things you worry about, like do you have enough money? Will you survive through it all? Will you get mugged or arrested?

All these are some of the things you can contemplate.

Regardless of how you undertake your journey, you will love the experience.

So here are 50 safety tips for traveling alone.

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Get all mentioned 50 traveling alone tips for men and women in one ebook for FREE. Save the PDF on your device and read offline while flying to your solo adventure. Have a safe trip!

1. Know about your destination

You will be prepared for everything and almost anything when you have chosen your destination carefully.

Go through traveler’s guides to help you decide on which places to visit or skip on.

2. Visit your government traveling site

Your government site will tell you about the documents required when you pick your destination. This will save you time, space and money from getting what you don’t need.

3. Tell others of your whereabouts

Inform two friends of your locations and when you arrive. Keep them updated on what you are doing and the places you are to visit.

4. Get to your location during the day

This will help you navigate the new city or town without fear of what the darkness hides.

5. Carry emergency cash

Try and separate your money. You will always have money elsewhere in case you lose your wallet.

6. Use your cell phone as a decoy

When you get a distinct feeling that you are being followed, or safe pull out your phone and have a full conversation.

It can be by yourself or actually call someone. Act angry if you can pull it off, no one will want to mess with you.

7. Death stare!! Learn that shit!

As silly as it sounds, it can ward off potential threats. Maintain eye contact, squint your eyes and snarl, not like you’re going to attack someone, but as a warning, like a tiny growl.

This is sure to make you seem tough and no one will dare come near you.

8. Know the location of the consulate

It will help you be able to ask for assistance and get information especially in countries known to be less safe.

9. Brush up on the local language

Get to know the basics of the language. This will help you avoid scams, get to know how to ask for information in the local language and also when you can chat with the locals.

10. Minimize your packing

Packing light will enable you to get away quickly when there is an emergency. You can move from one place to another easily, and you won’t pay extra for heavy luggage on transit or airport.

11. Look and play the part of a local person

Make sure you look like you know what you are doing and not act like a first-time visitor, even though you are.

12. Join large groups

When traveling alone, join the tour groups. This will help you relax, and someone else will take care of the details.

Plus, no one can tell you are alone.

13. Tie your luggage down

Do this especially when you travel by train. This way, no one can walk off with it especially when you sleep.

14. Be aware of your surroundings

Irrespective of the experience, fun or activity you are involved in, be aware of where you are and the people around.

You will easily spot a stalker if you have been paying attention to what’s going on around you.

15. Use the most elaborate route

This is the safest way for you as a solo traveler. Through the city, take the bus or tramps, this way you will know the routes you are using and where you can go next.

16. Invest in safety essentials

These are cheap at most and will help you be secure. Such essentials can be a doorstop for unsafe hotel rooms; anti-theft carry on backpackpickpocket-proof clothes, and a safety whistle.

17. Get the hotel’s business card

When you are lost or cannot recall your way back, the hotel’s card will come in handy when you board a cab.

18. Request for an annotated map

This will be done when you arrive at your hotel or hostel. The map is a guide of areas you can explore on your own and areas you should avoid. Keep with you in a hidden place, after you have memorized it.

19. Keep your belongings insight

If you have a carry-on backpack or sling bag, carry it in front of your body. Most people who carry them on their backs lose their items.

Thieves won’t be able to access your belongings if you can see where they are.

20. Learn to defend yourself

Before you embark on your journey, get to know a few self-defense moves.

Take a class to prepare yourself for anything that might cause you to retaliate and keep yourself safe.

21. Trust your Gut

You always know that your instinct is never wrong, and when traveling solo, make sure you listen to it keenly.

Hop in a cab when you get uncomfortable in some areas. If you find your room somewhat different, check to figure out what has changed. This will save you from unwanted situations.

22. Consider group settings when necessary

You don’t always need to move with groups while in public places, but in remote areas like treks, go with a group of people.

This way, when you are in danger or lost, be in the company of others, and you will not wander off on your own.

23. Don’t tell everyone your business

You should not tell people you are traveling alone. It will most likely increase your chances of being stalked, mugged, robbed or even kidnapped.

Chat with people to make it seem like you are not on your own.

24. When out drinking, take care

Always know your alcohol limit.

This way, when you are at a pub, you know when you’re about to be stupid drunk. Drink, but drink responsibly.

ebook cover 3d

Get all 50 safety tips for traveling alone in one complete PDF

Get all mentioned 50 traveling alone tips for men and women in one ebook for FREE. Save the PDF on your device and read offline while flying to your solo adventure. Have a safe trip!

25. Get the country’s helpline number

On solo travels, anything can happen. Know the helpline number of the area you are visiting as well as the email.

26. Keep yourself healthy

Carry an extra pack of prescription medications, hand sanitizers, bug repellants and more. Prepare yourself for what is there, and you won’t get sick easily.

Check if the water is clean, are the spiders poisonous, if so what are you to do?

Like the Scouts motto, be prepared (Scar’s villain song).

27. Get travel insurance

For some people, they deem it expensive, but this will be a bonus for you when you lose something while you travel.

The bonus is the refunds plus medically you are covered, with no cost to you, so why not have it?

How to get travel insurance that Best fits your needs!

28. Get enough sleep

Enough rest will make stay alert during the day and less likely to miss anything going on around you.

29. Carry what you can lose

Leave all the flashy items at home. Showing off makes you a target for thieves and pick-pocketers.

Don’t attract any attention to yourself.

30. Relax

Even though there are tons to see, have a day to yourself. When fatigued, you are less alert. Take a health class or join a baking class, you will have a chill and relaxed day.

31. Don’t be the first to help

At the time you want to help people, but don’t be the first person to do so. It might be a con, thus involve someone else with you as there is safety in numbers.

32. Be tech-savvy

You don’t require a lot of apps on your phone but the basics. These are a flashlight, camera, Google Maps, weather, Wi-fi finder, and compass.

33. Know your manners

Know when to be polite and impolite, as both can land you in trouble. Attract attention to yourself if someone is bothersome and you were gracious.

Your safety is critical on your travels.

34. Hop into a restaurant when being followed

When walking around, you might see someone has followed you for a while, if you are sure, turn into the nearest cafe and wait it out.

Talk to the waiter and inform them of your suspicions and let them check if it’s safe for you to leave. Jump into the next cab ASAP!!

35. Check your essential items, always

When you retire to your room, always check if you have your essential items. Wallet, flight ticket, camera, phone, passport, and more.

36. Learn the culture

You will avoid making a fool of yourself when you do culture inappropriate things. Know what is forbidden and what isn’t and how to behave.

This will save you from jail time or be ridiculed.

37. Trust cautiously

Keep your guard up around new people. Chat and engage with them but do not suddenly think you can leave your belongings with them, they might just steal from you. Be cautious and alert.

38. Lock the cab doors

Carjacking is common, and this isn’t a movie where you’ll be rescued when you scream but real life.

Once inside your car, lock the doors, boot and roll the windows up. Use the air conditioner if it’s too hot, better than getting robbed in broad daylight!

39. Know your strengths

You know yourself best, then make sure you go to places that will not make you feel crowded or insecure.

Choose your food wisely to avoid embarrassment. You have to enjoy your trip, being sick will be terrible.

40. Don’t fight back

When mugged, it is better to lose a couple of dollars than have a broken arm or get injured terribly.

Don’t try to take several people just because you can, you can lose your watch, but your hand and life are still intact.

41. Have a backup plan

In case your trip goes sideways, you will not be stranded since you have something else to do.

42. Be in open areas

Always, even if you meet new people, be in a public place. You are safer there than in small enclosed rooms as you never what might happen.

43. Leave your room “occupied.”

What I mean is, when you leave your room turn the TV on and put the Do Not Disturb sign on your door.

It is an effective way of deterring thieves, as they will presume someone is in.

44. Ask before you venture out

Everyone has a different opinion of where is safe or not. Having the view of two or more people will help know which places, like pubs you can go to and which ones to steer clear.

45. Keep your accommodation secret

Don’t tell people where you are staying. It should be the one place no one knows.

46. Understand the transit system

Where the bus stations and stops are, fares, time and also the routes used.

47. Carry a comfortable safety weapon

Have a mace spray (though not allowed) in your checked bag for emergencies.

A serrated or backpacking knife, for instance, is something you can comfortably use for self-defense.

48. When going with your car, fill up even when half full

In case you will drive, fill up your tank every time it’s half full. It is better to have it full than take a chance on a half tank of gas.

You are going to avoid the mistake of having to stop at sketchy areas for gas or get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

49. Be safe in your lodging

Request for the topmost room and check if there are gender preferred floors. Know the alternative escape routes, security lock on your door.

Consult Trip Advisor to know the reviews of the place you will be staying.

50. Carry your cell phone

It might seem redundant, but during dire situations, a call might save your life. Keep it fully charged, loaded with enough credit and a power bank in case it dies out. To be honest, the best option of all power banks is to have a solar power bank with you. And we have listed some of the best solar power banks for your safety.

All in all, make the most out of your trip, visit all the places you want but not at your expense.

Be spontaneous but responsible as well. Remember the above-mentioned tips, and you will be safer than you started out.

ebook cover 3d

Get all 50 safety tips for traveling alone in one complete PDF

Get all mentioned 50 traveling alone tips for men and women in one ebook for FREE. Save the PDF on your device and read offline while flying to your solo adventure. Have a safe trip!

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