Is it Safe to Travel Alone or Not? – Debate Ends Here

Anyone thinking of traveling solo for the first time will be worried about their safety more than anything else.

Those of us who have done it, walk around with pride and we like to tell our stories more often as if we accomplished a major milestone on earth – like we went to the moon and back.

Indeed, there’s some sense of personal achievement that comes with traveling alone.

Consider this, humans are naturally social animals and that means we are normally comfortable around others.

When you travel alone, you break the social code and get out of the usual comfort zone.

You go to new places on your own, where no one knows you or understands your language, you get used to being alone, encounter some challenges along the way, you cope well and you get back home in one whole piece.

That’s something to feel great about!

Yet, is it safe to travel alone? You ask.

Let me clear the air on this issue of safety and put your mind at ease.

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What you need to know

Traveling alone can be as safe as you make it.

Here are some simple tips:

Whether you’re going to a familiar or unfamiliar place, whether you are a man or a woman, traveling alone is safe as long as you keep in mind some crucial tips for traveling alone.

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Some of these tips are just a matter of common sense, such as informing a family member of your whereabouts and making sure that you get to your destination in broad daylight.

If you want to go to a new country, ensuring that you’ve got the right documents through your government agency will go a long way to keep you out of trouble while in a foreign state. Not just that, it makes it easier to follow you up just in case you get lost in unknown places.

You might also consider signing up for large tour groups to help alleviate loneliness and get an easy way to meet people, and even make a few friends.

Plus, being in a group offers some sense of protection from potential stalkers.

Joining a pub crawl is another great way to have fun while traveling alone but even so you must have a brake on your drinking.

Most importantly, you can’t waste yourself drinking in a group of strangers. It’s an easy stupid thing to do with close friends because chances are that they’ll cope with your behavior but you can’t be sure with people that you just met.

Do you have travel insurance?

If you thought insurance is only for cars, houses and expensive assets, think again.

Safety on the road and insurance go hand in hand because you never know the trouble that might befall you on your trip.

If you lose your documents or luggage for whatever reason, travel insurance can cover your loss.

Perhaps you accidentally injure another person or damage someone’s property, travel insurance can help you compensate the casualty or pay for property damage.

Some travel insurance policies even cover extreme sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping and cycle touring. So if you get involved in these activities in some far way land and the unexpected happens, your travel insurance coverage can save a lot in medical coverage and such.

You can always get a suitable travel insurance coverage depending on your needs, and make sure to check what is covered and what isn’t.

For instance, don’t go about drinking and driving and hope your insurance will cover you in case of an accident. Most, if not all travel insurance policies do not cover excessive drinking. Just a heads up.

Is it safe for women to travel alone?

Well, this issue has been debated for so long but I think women can travel alone, with reasonable precautions.

They can also stay safe by following the safety tips mentioned above.

Let’s face it, there are places that men can go and cope, while women can’t. How about you take a look at some of the best and safest places for women to travel alone?

A country such as Iceland is known to be very peaceful and any woman can rest assured of enjoying her trip there without any trouble.

Canada is another top destination for traveling-alone women as the locals are known to be quite friendly.

Cities such as Amsterdam, New York, Copenhagen and Bali are also favorable to women who want to try solo trips.

So, is it safe to travel alone as a woman?

Yes, depending on where you want to go. You can’t fly to some places in the Middle East (no offense but some places here still don’t value women) and expect to feel safe.

But, for all those nice places I’ve mentioned, you can expect to feel safe and have as much fun.

Why should any woman bother?

There are several benefits that come with traveling alone.

First, it builds your confidence. By traveling alone and back, it simply means that you made it on your own.

When you go alone, you are independent in all aspects, from decision making to things to do. It won’t be surprising that your female friends will start regarding you as an Alpha female because of it.

Another thing that comes with solo traveling is freedom. You get to do what pleases you without anybody’s approval. It’s also a chance to meet other women and get a whole new perspective about life.

Women, instead of dwelling on, “is it safe to travel to travel alone as a woman”, how about you pack your gear and take that solo trip?

In Conclusion

Traveling alone can be rewarding in ways that you can’t imagine. If you’ve ever thought of going on a solo trip, I encourage you to do so.

Most people tend to think that there’s a monster out there waiting to devour a solo traveler, but it’s the complete opposite.

There are wonderful places out there waiting for you to discover; there are interesting people out there waiting for you to meet them, and there’s something inside you waiting to unleash if you give it some lone time.

I’ve gone places all alone and it’s been safe all along. But, don’t take my word for it, get your free eBook with all the safety tips for traveling alone here: and go see the world for yourself!

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Get all 50 safety tips for traveling alone in one complete PDF

Get all mentioned 50 traveling alone tips for men and women in one ebook for FREE. Save the PDF on your device and read offline while flying to your solo adventure. Have a safe trip!

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