How Hammocks are Changing Travel Experiences

I think we all can agree that ground systems can be inconvenient sometimes and need so much work to setup.

That’s why we think hammocks are the new way to go!

Most people have concerns about the comfort and livability of a hammock but they have probably not tried one.

Hammocks are problem-solvers to common backpacking problems:

wet surfaces, declined grounds and rocky areas, just to mention. Here are the simple reasons why these devices are life changing.

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Compromise on Ruthless Grounds

How Hammocks are Changing Travel Experiences

The ground can be unforgiving sometimes especially if you don’t realize some elements when setting up a tent.

The feeling of hard rocks or tree roots can cause you to turn and toss all night leading to a frustrating sleep.

Still, you might find the softest location and then you’ll fail to notice it’s on a slight decline. Then you’ll sleep uphill, uncomfortable. Especially when you are dealing with bigger four person tents, that take more place on the ground.

You are also prone to the worst when you sleep on the ground; heavy rains can leak inside through the tent floor if your tent is not waterproof enough.

Such won’t happen with a hammock. It’s a game-changer. Actually, you’ll never worry about what’s on the ground beneath you.

Just keep in mind that hammocks might not be ideal for all weather conditions. Of course, you cover set-up with a tarp and hide from the rain. But sleeping in highly windy conditions might not be that comfortable. For this, it would be better to look at the best tents for windy conditions, that are made exactly for the kind of situations.

Girl in the Forest sleeping in a Hammock

You can camp anywhere, anyhow. You’ll be safe over rocks, stumps, and roots.

You can even camp on snow, wet ground and on a hill and you’ll have the same comfort every night notwithstanding what’s underneath you.

Healthy Sleep

sleeping bear

Some people wonder if it’s possible to sleep in a hammock all night. They are skeptical about waking up the next morning with neck and back pain. Wrong!

Millions of people in South America sleep in hammocks every single night. And they wake up healthy every morning. They have slept in hammocks since they were infants.

It’s their tradition and it’s passed from one generation to the next.

Still, have doubts with a hammock?

Sleeping in a hammock even helps to cure insomnia. You’ll sleep like a baby and only wake up to the sounds of birds the following morning.

Even science has it that sleeping in a hammock is one of the healthiest ways to sleep. It’s as well the best alternative to rest on after strenuous activities in the backcountry.

Most people assume that every trip brings you home exhausted, longing to sleep on your bed. It won’t be that way if you’ll sleep in a hammock.

It takes away the ‘I wish I was on my bed right now’ and brings in the ‘this is so cool’.

Bad hammock experiences come down to poorly constructed hammocks or sleeping improperly.

But if you get them right, it’s the most relaxing and comfortable gear you can sleep in while in the countryside.

Better Breathing

breathing hard meme
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This is a major benefit of being in a hammock. Here’s what it’s like to stay inside a tent – you lock yourself in a light, thin and cramped room.

You lose proper airflow while in a tent, even when the windows are open.

Most often you sleep in a cold room and wake up in a condensed and stuffy room. Then you feel like you want to get out of the tent immediately even if you feel tired.

But once you sleep in a hammock, you’ll feel a huge difference.

You breathe fresh air that flows freely around you. You’ll wake up to a refreshing breeze on your face unlike the stale morning atmosphere in a tent.

You’ll feel relaxed and perhaps spend some minutes listening to the wind swish the leaves around you or watch the birds fly between trees.

Probably you’ll see the beautiful sunrise if you wake up on time. And you won’t need to move a muscle, just open your eyes.

sunset and flying birds

Then you’ll be ready to start your day in a good mood and when you’re ready, not because you want to escape an inhabitable space.

Fast Setup

Someone may ask if it’s difficult to find a spot to setup a hammock than a ground system. The answer is no!

When camping on the ground, you must first find a suitable location to pitch your tent, let alone clearing the rocks and other debris.

On the contrary, setting up a hammock is real quick. You don’t even need to identify well-spaced trees, just clip the straps around two trees and you are good.

The tree straps are even adjustable so you can hang it within range and jump in.

hammock tree straps with carabiners

The process takes as little as two minutes – you’ll be done before your friends finish looking for the perfect patch to set their ground systems.

Again with a tent, you have to repeat the process of seeking the perfect patch over the next days due to the changing ground cover and sloping.

And that’s where it loses to a hammock; you can sleep the same way every night.

Hammocks Have the Necessary Outdoor Features

Some people question the privacy of changing clothes in a hammock. Well, once you set up the tarp around your hammock, you’ll have the privacy as well as the ability to stand up straight and change comfortably.

In cold weather, you can set up your hammock rain fly to reflect heat just like it works with a tent.

Underquilts are also great options. They are lightweight stuff designed to provide insulation as well as act as wind barriers when hung directly beneath a hammock.

And when you don’t need to worry about the wind or rain, do away with the tarp and sleep under the stars.

milky way

If the area is infested with bugs, put on the hammock bug net to keep them out. You don’t have to set it up if there are no bugs.

Just like you choose any other camping gear, get the hammock basics right then invest in one with the necessary features.

Hammock accessories are on increased manufacturing to help you camp better.

Count on Versatility

That’s right, hammocks are quite versatile. Tents only serve limited purposes; sleep, change clothes and hide from the rain. You’ll mostly use it at night.

Yet, you carry it with you and go through the hassle of picking the perfect location and setting up.

Outdoor camping with hammock

But, a hammock serves more than a tent. It’s your place to sit anytime you want, relax and read a book or hang out and share travel stories with your companions.

Besides, it’s your ‘chair’ for short day hikes. Set it up anywhere after you’re exhausted trekking or climbing steep terrain.

If you bring a friend or your significant other, you’ll have a place to curl up and swing and stargaze at night. It extends more than the short trips; you can go with it on vacation, use it indoors in winter and hang out in the backyard.

A tent? You’ll pack it away till your next trip.

Wrap Up

Once you wake up in a hammock, you’ll never think otherwise; comfort, relaxation and convenience guaranteed.

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