Hennessy Hammock vs. ENO Hammock – Which One is for You?

Most hammocks look a lot alike, and that’s why it can sometimes be hard to choose what kind of hammock will work best for you.

The Hennessy Hammock vs ENO debate – which one is better?

Let’s find out, shall we?

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About Hennessy

Hennessy has been making hammocks since 1999. The brand’s founder Tom designed their unique style of the hammock that features many patented gimmicks, such as their signature bottom entrance and asymmetrical shape.

Just about all of Hennessy’s hammocks are designs you won’t be able to find from other brands because they’re revolutionized the way that hammocks are made.

There’s nothing else like a Hennessy, and that’s exactly why so many people are loyal to the brand.

About ENO

ENO, short for Eagle’s Nest Outfitters, was founded in 1999. They were originally a brand created to sell hammocks at music festivals and outdoor events.

The brand grew quickly, and they expanded their offerings to include everyone who would benefit from a hammock.

Now, their line includes a lot of popular camping gear, designed to be versatile, high quality, and affordable for most outdoor enthusiasts.

Their parachute style hammocks are among the most popular in the world.

Independent Wolf Orange Camping Hammock

Hennessy Pros and Cons

Even though Hennessy has been an innovative and revolutionary brand in terms of what they’ve done with hammocks, everything comes with upsides and downsides.

There’s a lot to celebrate about Hennessy, but there are also a few bones to pick.

Hennessy Pros

  • Asymmetrical design of the Hennessy hammock prevents it from “curling up”. The hammock will lay flat, and you’ll never feel like you’re stuck in a cocoon.
  • Hennessy hammocks come bundled with their accessories. You’re getting a rainfly and a bug net with every hammock, and you won’t need to purchase anything separately.
  • Bottom or side entry keeps you secure and safe while you camp. Bugs and critters won’t be able to get inside, because you’re always closed in the hammock.
  • This hammock is the closest things to a single person tent you can get without poles or the large carry weight. If you’re the kind of person who prefers tent camping, Hennessy hammocks are a great alternative.
  • Low weight is perfect for backpackers – even those who are going on long trips. It won’t weigh you down.

Hennessy Cons

  • Weight limit on the Hennessy hammock is fairly low. The maximum weight is 250 pounds. Even if you fit within the weight limit, you probably won’t be able to store any of your gear in your hammock with you.
  • The asymmetrical design and required components make a Hennessy hammock a little harder than most to set up. You can’t just clip it and be done with it – you need to run and stake the lines that give the hammock its shape.
  • Hennessy hammocks are a lot more expensive than the hammocks their competitors make. This is mostly because they’re bundled with the accessories you need to use with them, and their patented designs make them a little more expensive to produce.
  • Hennessy hammocks only come in olive green. This is perfect for hunters who want to blend in with their environments, but not the best color for campers who may venture off and have a difficult time finding their way back.

ENO Pros and Cons

ENO is a popular and accessible hammock brand.

Their classic design makes them favorites for everything from laying out to enjoy a book in the backyard, to taking the family on a two-night camping trip in the woods when the weather is nice.

There’s a lot to love about ENO, but there are still a few things that could be better.

ENO Pros

  • ENO’s color range is fantastic. This is where ENO comes out ahead in the ENO vs Hennessy battle. Multiple campers won’t have to worry about getting their gear mixed up, because everyone will be able to have a different color. Their bright shades also make their hammocks easy to find in the woods.
  • ENO hammocks have very high weight limits – their popular double nest hammock can support up to 400 pounds in weight. This is perfect for a single camper and some gear, or even two people sharing a single hammock.
  • ENO hammocks can be set up in just a few minutes. The included carabiners clip right onto the straps, and that’s it. You’re all done. They’re easy enough to set up that you’ll want to use them to take a 20-minute break from hiking. There’s no hassle.
  • ENO is an eco-friendly brand. They use up all of their material in an attempt to prevent creating waste. They care about the planet. If you’re a green traveler, ENO is a great choice for you.

ENO Cons

  • All of ENO’s accessories are sold separately. If you want a bug net or a rain fly, you need to buy the ones you want to use with your hammock and set them up separately.
  • The hammock plus the accessories combined weigh a little over four pounds. This might be a little hefty for something like a hiking trip, where weight is a major concern.
  • ENO hammocks don’t come with tree straps. They offer several different kinds of straps, and you’ll need to pick the ones you want and buy them unless you plan to hang your hammock with rope.

Red Independent Wolf Hammock in Forest

Who Wins the Hennessy Hammock vs ENO Hammock Battle?

There are great things and not so great things about both hammocks.

The winner of the Hennessy hammock vs ENO hammock battle is whichever one is going to work the best for you on your next hammock camping trip.

Smart shoppers might approach the situation a little differently after carefully examining all of the facts.

Hennessy hammocks are more for people who are camping in all kinds of weather environments. The quality is great, but they’re harder to set up.

Their lower weight limit means that some campers might not be able to use them. They’ll work really well for some people, but they aren’t as “for everyone” as many other hammock brands.

ENO hammocks are a great staple, but they’re a little more expensive.

Unless you need something like a double hammock or you absolutely need to have a certain color, you can always save the money and go for something just as reliable for a lesser price.

ENO is great, but it isn’t always necessary to make the splurge on one of their hammocks.

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