TOP 17 Best Camp Stoves for Backpacking 2019 (Reviews, Types and FAQs)

Some of the best backpacking memories come from the much appreciated hot chocolate the end of the day.

But only if it wasn’t a huge hassle to make that hot chocolate, right?

There is a huge range of backpacking stoves to choose from and knowing where to start can be a daunting task.


TOP 15 Best Hiking and Backpacking Headlamps Reviewed 2019

What single piece of equipment could be the difference between staying safe on the trail after dark and getting lost?

Or finding your way around camp and cooking effectively versus fumbling around camp and losing things?

That’s right – your head torch.


TOP 15 Best Backpacking Water Filters For Your Next Trip Reviewed 2019

Having clean water to drink in the backcountry is essential.

We can survive without food for a lot longer than we can survive without water!

But a backpacking water filter needs to fulfill certain requirements.


17 Best Camping & Backpacking Pillows Reviewed 2019 (Sleep Like a Baby)

When you hear the word ‘camping’ – what do you think of?

The great outdoors, tiny tents, backpacking sleeping bags, and roughing it in the wild…?

What about air beds, duvets, sleeping pads, ten-man cabin tents and vehicle support…?

Whatever your definition or experience of camping is, I’m sure you’d want to make it as comfortable as possible.


14 Best First Aid Kits for Hiking, Backpacking or Camping – Only The Essentials!

There’s a certain amount of smug satisfaction one can achieve by being the only person who thought to bring a first aid kit on a camping trip.

And the obvious bonus that it could potentially save a life.


TOP 17 Best Camping Lanterns Reviewed & Compared 2019 + Buyer’s Guide

What do you think is the number one, most essential camping item?

Alright, so a tent is probably up there. Maybe a sleeping bag next.

And almost always in third place will be a flashlight of some description.

But do you know what’s better than a flashlight?


TOP 15 Best Hand Warmers for Backpacking & Outdoors Reviewed 2019

Do you spend any time outdoors in colder weather?

Do you have family who plays sports in sub-zero conditions?

Maybe you suffer from poor circulation or know someone who does?

When the temperature drops and you’re ill-prepared, there’s very little worse than not being able to feel your fingers.


TOP 15 Best Camping Cots Reviewed & Compared 2019 + Quick Buying Guide

In a tent, shivering to my bones, wide awake, lying on the cold ground and convinced I was having a near-death experience.

Do you have a similar tale? Any camper or traveler surely will.

Camping is one of the most liberating, exciting and fun of all outdoor activities.

Unless you’re not prepared.