TOP 12 Best Backpacking Tents Under $200 for Hikers on a Budget

Outdoor gear can be expensive, right?

Especially once you add up the boots, the pack, the stove, the rain jacket… Unfortunately you usually have to spend a bit to get quality that is worthy of outdoor conditions.

Luckily, choosing a tent doesn’t have to destroy your bank account.


TOP 10 Best Wheeled Backpacks for Europe Travel 2020 + Buying Guide

Planning a trip to Europe can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Think of planning a budget, figuring out the route, putting together essentials, and packing your travel backpack.

It can be quite a task, but, with the best wheeled backpack for Europe travel, you can take care of the parking part and tick off that from your to-do-list.


TOP 15 Best Bug and Mosquito Repellents for Camping Reviewed 2020

A camping trip is about the fun, the outdoors, and the campfire until you have a swarm of insects buzzing around your tent.

Mosquitoes and bugs in general can be annoying, let alone the stingy, itchy bites.

But, with the best mosquito repellent, you can keep them at bay and enjoy your camping experience.


TOP 9 Best Wheeled Carry-on Backpacks for Travel Reviewed 2020

Carrying your heavy backpack further than you anticipated (because plans always change when you’re traveling!) can put a real dampener on your experience, right?

This is especially the case if you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain!

Enter: the wheeled backpack. A genius hybrid of rolling luggage and a regular backpack.


The 6 Best Bear Canisters & Bear Bags for Backpacking Reviewed 2020

Backpacking and camping in bear territory can seem daunting at first, especially if you’ve not purchased a bear canister to keep the grizzlies away from camp and out of your food!

With the correct equipment on hand (don’t forget your bear spray) you should be able to backpack through bear country and set up camp without any worries!