Deuter vs Osprey Backpack Comparison – Which One is Better? The Debate Ends Here!

Are you considering getting a hiking backpack and are having a difficult time choosing which brand to pick in the battle of Deuter vs Osprey?

No worries, we understand you completely.

Deuter and Osprey are two of the most popular sporting backpack brands on the market. Some people are very loyal to one brand or another.

Read on to see our take on these two popular backpack manufacturers.


Find the Best Hammock Tent for You & TOP 12 Hammock Reviews 2019

A regular hammock is okay in perfect weather when there are no bugs around, but a hammock tent is designed to provide the same kind of comfort and safety a hiker or backpacker would get from a traditional hammock.


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Finding the best 3 person tent can be overwhelming. It’s even time-consuming for three people to discuss, argue then agree on the tent they want to buy.

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Hammock vs Tent – Which Option is Better for Backpacking & Camping?

A trip outdoors is almost as complicated as an ordinary vacation when you consider the amount of planning that’s involved in the process.

One of the most important things to plan is your accommodations.

If you’re out in the woods, you aren’t likely to find a cozy hotel.

This brings you into the hammock vs tent debate.


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However, the multi-tool we’re all familiar with was first conceptualized as recently as 1984, when Tim Letterman invented his “pocket survival tool”.


3 Season vs. 4 Season Tent – What is the Difference?

A tent is an essential gear that you need to have on a backpacking trip. Tents come in different shapes, sizes and styles.

Some accommodate only one person while others can host even more than 4 hikers. Choosing between 3 season vs. 4 season tent might be confusing especially to beginners.


How To Backpack with a Hammock Not a Tent – Backpacker Story

Backpacking is one of the best ways to experience nature and tents are the typical form of shelter.

Yet, camping tents have their drawbacks so it comes as no surprise that they’re slowly losing popularity to the much lighter and much more versatile hammock.

If you haven’t yet given up your bulky, heavy tent for the hammock then this article is for you!


A Quick Guide: How to Find the Best Sleeping Bag Stuff Sack?

So you’ve bought a good sleeping bag for yourself to go on a hiking trip.


But what if the sleeping bag will be wet before you get to your camping spot?

Here come the sleeping bag stuff sacks.

The stuff sacks for backpacking are bags made out of nylon or other similar waterproof or water-resistant materials that are invaluable for organizing your hiking gear.