Best Wheeled Carry-On Backpacks for Travel & TOP 9 Backpack Reviews 2020

A lot of travelers, myself included, agree that the best way to travel is to travel light and the best way to do that is by simply strapping your most reliable backpack behind you.

Easy-breezy, right?

Traveling with a carry-on backpack lets you pack your travel essentials, gadgets, and clothes in one place. Instantly, you are ready for the road.

Yes. It is definitely convenient, but time will come that carrying the weight on your back all the time won’t be fun anymore.

Gladly, I found the answer – lightweight carry-on backpack with wheels!

I know that shopping for the best travel backpack with wheels requires patience, but don’t fret. I have made it easier for you by listing down and reviewing the best wheeled carry-on backpack 2020.

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What is a Wheeled Backpack?

Just before we dive into my review of the best wheeled carry-on backpack, let me first define what a Wheeled Backpack is and share some of the reasons why you should consider this over the more traditional, strap-only backpacks you have been eagerly wanting to buy.

So, are you ready?

Well, the meaning of a wheeled backpack is pretty straightforward and frankly, a bit literal. It is exactly what it is – a travel carry-on backpack with wheels.

Yes, that simple.

What makes this type of bag so special then? Why does the “wheels” matter?

Unlike traditional backpacks or the more business-looking suitcases, the small carry-on backpack with wheels lets you enjoy the efficiency of a backpack when you need to strap it behind your back and at the same time, gives you the convenience of wheeling it around airports, bus and train stations, or the malls when your back is tired or when your spine needs a breather.

What Are the Reasons Why You Should Use a Wheeled Backpack?

I understand if at this point you’d still prefer to use your backpack. I get it and there is nothing wrong about it. It is completely normal.

I, personally love using my backpack, but hear me out by sharing why you should consider the wheeled version instead.

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It is the best flexible bag ever

There are different kinds of bags for different kinds of purposes. But specifically, for solo traveling, backpacking, business trips, and adventure, or the combination of all, there is no better companion than backpack with wheels.

This type of bag is so flexible.

There is a variety of options you can use it for and there is a couple of different carry options. Like they say, “the more, the better”. Right?

Being able to carry your backpack or roll it sounds like the best way to go. Why choose between two features when you can have both?

The convenience it offers is priceless

I have traveled with a suitcase, a traditional backpack, ana d backpack with wheels so many times and in different occasions.

Among the three, I have never been more comfortable than using the bag that lets me roll it or strap it.


Well, not all places are ideal for backpacks and there are also instances that it is best to leave the suitcases at home. With a backpack with wheels, I don’t have to choose anymore.

If you travel for business and have some free time off in between work, a backpack with wheels is exactly what you need.

Aesthetically, this type of bag fits a business trip and a camping trip. You don’t have to carry two different types of luggage.

It is all in one

This type of bag has the features of your typical backpack, plus more.

It has padded straps, which you can hide instantly to convert it to a suitcase. Most of these backpacks are already water resistant, some are even waterproof.

If not, it usually comes with rain covers. Not only that they come in different colors, but they also come with several pockets.

This kind of bag is best for your body

Whenever I see solo travelers with their backpacks on, I always find the scene kind of cool.


But trust me, at some point for sure, they too complain about back pains. But with the flexibility and convenience a wheeled backpack offers, you can now manage your back pains.

It is certainly best for the body.

As you go on your trip, just listen to your body. If you feel tired of carrying the weight, then roll it.

Even younger travelers prefer rolling their bags instead of solely carrying the weight. So, why shouldn’t you?

TOP 9 Best Wheeled Backpack Reviews 2020

If you are not solved with the idea yet, maybe going over my reviews of the best wheeled backpack for travel will help you decide which is the best wheeled carry-on backpack for you.

Let us begin.

Vx Touring Wheeled Carry-On Backpack by Victorinox

A person’s bag is a whole universe of secrets. What you put in your bag gets you through your hectic day on the road.

Though this bag lies within the more expensive spectrum, Victorinox pulled out all the stops with its Vx Touring wheeled backpack.

For those of you who love bags with simple designs and monochromatic colors, this one is the best travel backpack with wheels for you.

It comes with a number of great features like large padded sleeve compartment that is ideal for laptop, too.


  • It is made of rugged abrasion resistant and water-resistant fabrics.
  • The zipper is also water-resistant.
  • It comes with padded compartments to keep your gadgets scratch-free.
  • The back panel transforms into a backpack that comes with fully padded shoulder straps.
  • The straps come with load adjusters for a customized fit and have breathable mesh for extra breathability
  • Don’t need the wheels out yet? Well, this also comes with a zip out wheel cover to hide the wheels when you don’t need to roll them.
  • The backpack also has several carry options. Apart from the straps and wheels, it also has several handles at the top, at the bottom, and on the side.
  • The bags monopole comes with three adjustable points, which also slides smoothly.


  • It is ideal for those who want to spend extra on a bag.
  • Though solid, the monopole has the tendency to wiggle.


Regardless of how you carry it, this bag is one of the best carry-on backpacks with wheels that will fit all your travel needs.

High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a multifunctional bag that doesn’t look like a business travel backpack, then the High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Backpack is for you.

The bag that comes in colors of black, gray, and navy blue is ideal for students who want to carry heavy books or for travelers who want to go on a short vacation.

Anyone regardless of gender can use this bag, too.


  • It is flexible and comes with a handle on top, straps at the bag, and two rolling wheels and a monopole.
  • When used, the wheels will certainly hold the majority of the weight.
  • The bag comes with different compartments including a padded sleeve for your gadgets.
  • It has zippered compartment pockets to organize your stuff.
  • Durable and sturdy.


  • Like most carry-on backpacks, if overfilled, this bag may not fit within an airline regulation.
  • You will need to use rain cover to protect it from the rain.


Overall, though you may need to add rain cover for protection, this bag is a good choice for traveling students who do not want to break the bank for a bag.

Racini Nylon Waterproof Rolling Backpack

Like the previous bag, Racini Nylon Waterproof Rolling Backpack is a multifunctional backpack that you can easily convert into a wheeled backpack.

It is ideal for business trips but it’s also good for outdoor usage.


  • Waterproof backpack that uses nylon water-resistant and tear-resistant fabric.
  • It comes with multiple pockets for better organization.
  • The straps make it a comfortable carry-on backpack.
  • Unlike the other bags, this one has four durable wheels.
  • It is budget-friendly.


  • It is light but not as lightweight as other bags.
  • The wheels are not ideal for bumpy roads and require regular lubrication.


Though not ultralight, if you are an occasional traveler and a student at the same time, this one is a good catch.

Tumi Merge Wheeled Backpack

Tumi’s 4-wheeled backpack is a perfect travel buddy for those who take security as a primary requirement for a bag.

Created by a trusted bag manufacturer, there is no doubt why this bag comes with the Tumi Tracer, an exclusive, complimentary program that helps customers reunite with bags in case the bags get lost or stolen.


  • It is simple but functional and versatile.
  • The bag is made of ballistic nylon that makes it durable.
  • The retractable fabric panel keeps your clothes clean when the bag is used as a backpack.
  • It is small and ideal as carry-on.


  • It is expensive.
  • The bag only comes with few color options.


This bag is on the small side. Consider getting this one not for the price, but for its simplicity, security feature, and durability. This is no doubt one of the best carry-on backpacks.

Osprey Meridian Wheeled Luggage

Setting aside budget, I would go for the Osprey Meridian Wheeled Backpack as my ultimate travel backpack.

This bag is arguably at the top of the list if we talk about price but there are reasons why.

With this bag, you got a fully functioning daypack that is removable. It is like having two bags in one. The bag comes with its own suspension system as well.

That is not all. Read on to the Pros and Cons to know more.


  • The bag has durable two wheels and a very durable frame to ensure it will last long.
  • The wheels are not the regular type as they are bigger giving it more clearance between the ground and the bottom of the bag.
  • The bag is made of high-quality materials.
  • Unlike other bags, this one has a built-in frame and durable chassis that can hold it so well.
  • The suspension system at the back is the best for your back.
  • The shoulder straps are nicely contoured and well-padded to keep you comfortable.


  • When fully loaded, the bag can be pretty heavy.
  • It is expensive.


Despite it being a little too pricy, I would still go for this bag because I know it will be worth the money.

The comfort it gives and the flexibility it has speaks a lot about its quality.

Osprey Packs Sojourn Wheeled Luggage

Another convertible backpack from Osprey that lands on this list and is up for our review is Osprey Pack Sojourn.

As expected, this bag is also one of the most expensive wheeled backpacks by Osprey but is definitely highly rated for its durability.

It is also a perfect companion for when you need a light load and a carry-on. Like Meridian, it has a solid, reliable frame and chassis to keep your back comfortable.

What else to expect from this bag? Get to the Pros and Cons.


  • It comes in different sizes, but the 22-Inch/45-Liter size is the perfect one as a carry-on.
  • The wheels are bigger and provide better clearance than other bags.
  • It has better back suspension system and the straps make carrying it lighter.
  • The padded side handles add more value to it and make carrying on planes easier.
  • The bag’s multiple pockets, both inside and out, allow you to organize your clothes and travel stuff better.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • It also comes with compression straps to secure the load and adjust the size.


  • It is expensive.
  • It has limited color options.


All the pros listed above are definitely worth the price. For comfort and durability, I will not hesitate getting this bag. It is definitely one of the best wheeled backpacks for travel.

Osprey Ozone Wheeled Carry-on Backpack

I know you will agree with me if I say that Europe is one of the best, if not the best place for outdoors activity.

The old continent is known for its centuries-old fortresses, ruins of castles, amazing landscape, which collectively makes the old continent an ideal place for backpacking, hiking, trekking, and camping.

So, for those of you who are planning to backpack Europe, make sure your bag is ready. If not, then, Osprey’s Ozone Wheeled Carry-on is one of the best lightweight carry backpacks you can take on your trip.

Apart from it being so light, it also comes with several carry options, which of course include the wheels, which will make your trip comfortable.

The flexibility through the variety of options it has, and more, makes it one of the best wheeled backpacks for Europe travel.


  • It is one of the lightest backpacks among Osprey’s Ozone series.
  • Though carry-on sizes vary per airline, this bag hits most of US carry-on requirements.
  • It comes with reliable wheels that you can use on challenging terrain and surfaces.
  • The bag is durable and water-resistant.
  • The handle of the bag extends smoothly.
  • The side padded handles make it easy for you to re-position the bag.
  • The design is simple, but comes with compartments ideal for outdoor usage.


  • It is expensive.


Sometimes, the price makes or breaks our decision for anything we want to buy, but quality should matter more.

In the long run, buying bags like this one, though a bit pricier than the rest, is still cheaper than to buy cheap bags that need replacement more frequently.

High Sierra AT7 Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

High Sierra AT comes in different sizes to fit your needs. What is cool about this bag is the fact that its main compartment expands in case you need to add more travel essentials.

If you are not traveling, its sport-inspired design lets you convert this bag into a duffle gym bag.

On the go, you can either strap this on your back or let the wheels roll.


  • The bag comes with multiple grab handles for easy transport.
  • It is not two, but three bags in one – backpack, wheeled bag, and a duffle bag.
  • It has easy smooth-running rolling wheels.
  • The bag also comes with several compartments.
  • The straps can be easily hidden if used as a duffle bag or a wheeled bag.


  • The zipper could stick when frequently used and may break easily.


Of all the backpacks I reviewed, the High Sierra AT7 Rolling Bag is the only one that transforms into a duffel bag, which I find very innovative and functional.

It will come handy during instances when you just want to tuck away the straps. The more carry options the better.

Samsonite Wheeled Backpack

Samsonite is one of the most trusted brands when we talk about bags and suitcases. Its Wheeled Backpack that is made of Ripstop fabric is known for its durability and exemptional strength.

While I was researching for convertible bags, this bag came as one of the cheapest. It is easy for the pocket, but there are mixed feelings about it overall.

This one may not be ideal for long outdoor travel, but should be a good travel buddy when you are on a short trip.


  • Its mesh pocket is ideal to store candies and snacks.
  • The bag has a laptop compartment.
  • It is also resistant to tears and pulls.
  • Its size meets most airline requirements.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It costs cheaper than other bags.


  • There is not much clearance between the ground and the bag.
  • The wheels are small.
  • The handle is not meant for very heavy luggage.


Overall, if you are planning a short trip and you wouldn’t need to bring a lot of items, this bag is a good choice. It is as durable as you want it to be.


There you have it. With my list of the best wheeled backpacks for travel and backpack reviews, I hope I made it easier for you to pick the one that suits your needs.

Ultimately, I may or may not influence your purchasing decision because your choice would still revolve around your taste, budget, and the reason why you want to buy a wheeled bag in the first place.

However, my goal is not to persuade you to buy, but to help you decide better by filtering the list as there are a gazillion of options available online.

Know what you need and get what you want. Be an intelligent traveler.

If you find this article helpful or if you have comments or questions, let us know on the comment section below.