Best Camping Hammock Underquilts and TOP 5 Reviews 2018

While you don’t technically need an underquilt to camp in a hammock, there will always be times where you really wish you had one.

When the weather is less than perfect, you need that underquilt to keep you safe at night.

It’s not like shopping for the same kind of bedding you’d use in your room – selecting the best hammock underquilt is a totally different process.

How to Choose a Hammock Underquilt

Different kinds of camping trips will require different types of underquilts. You might not even need to use an underquilt at all if an alternative seems better for you.

Think about what you can do with your underquilt once you get it.

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Underquilts vs Sleeping Bags

If you don’t want to use an underquilt, or if you need something you can use for both hammock camping and tent camping, a large sleeping bag might do the trick.

Wrapping a sleeping bag around your hammock and zipping yourself in will protect you by putting you in a large cocoon.

This isn’t always convenient – if it’s hot outside, it may be uncomfortable to use a sleeping bag as an underquilt. It’s also a little more inconvenient to get in and out.

Despite the fact that you’re a bit trapped, you’re definitely going to be warm. The bags help preserve body heat, as long as you keep yourself sealed in.

Season Ratings

If you ever plan to camp in winter, you really need to get a four season underquilt. Four seasons means the underquilt is designed to work in winter.

It will have better padding on the inside, and the outside will be water resistant to prevent soaking snow.

Three season hammocks are fine for campers who don’t often venture out into the cold. They’re also great for hammock campers who live in climates that don’t see especially cold winters, where protection from freezing winds won’t be a problem.

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Size Requirements

Underquilts don’t often work well with double hammocks – they’re really only designed for one sleeper.

If you plan on sticking two sleepers in a double hammock, your best bet would be to purchase two sleeping bag style underquilts and link them together, in order to form a double bag.

The sleepers will have more room, and the body heat can be shared evenly between the both of them.

TOP 5 Best Hammock Underquilt Reviews 2018

Every hammock underquilt is designed or a specific purpose. Finding an underquilt that will work with the way you camp, whether you camp all year or only in warmer weather, is what’s most important.

Understanding the differences will help you make an informed choice.

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters – Ember 2 Under Quilt

This is a simple, durable four season underquilt that makes camping around the calendar easy to do.

It’ll keep you a little warmer in the winter, and make your sleep a little more comfortable in the summer.

This is a fairly standard high quality underquilt for your next hammock camping trip. It isn’t fancy – it’s just made extremely well. If you take good care of it, it’ll last for years.


  • Adjustable shock cord helps you adjust how open or closed the underquilt is while allowing you to hang it quickly. You can be as warm as you need to be.
  • Weighs only 25 ounces – some heavy duty underquilts can weigh twice as much.
  • Water resistant exterior is helpful in humid or rainy climates.


  • There isn’t a “middle” setting for tightness with this underquilt. It’s either loose and comfortable or tight and snug.


This is a great general use underquilt. It will work with any kind of hammock at all, as long as they’re the traditional shape.

If you really need quality and weather protection, and you’d prefer something that’s easy to set up, nothing is better than the Ember 2 underquilt.

Snugpak Jungle Blanket

The Jungle Blanket isn’t a traditional underquilt. It’s a heavy duty blanket designed to fit in any kind of hammock, and it’s good enough to be considered three season.

It’s been treated with antibacterial and antimicrobial agents to keep it smelling fresh and prevent the growth of bacteria in damp environments.

The insulation is soft, and it folds easily. It’s lightweight, simple, and it’s no hassle to use it as an underquilt.


  • Can be used with any hammock at all, no matter the size or the shape.
  • It’s not heavy, and it packs away into a compression sack.
  • Can be used for tent camping as well – line the floor of the tent for better insulation or use it as a blanket.


  • This blanket is only rated down to 36 degrees. It may not fare well in a particularly cold winter.


Despite the fact that this is a blanket by another brand, it’s actually the best underquilt for Hennessy hammock use.

It’s long enough to fit perfectly in the unique shape of the Hennessy hammock, and since they don’t make their own underquilts, this one is the best possible substitute.

OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

This is a three season underquilt, and it’s made to be a universal fit for most hammocks. Even if it’s a little too big or a little too small for your hammock, it’s still easy to set up in a way that will make it work perfectly.

The exterior is water repellent, perfect for rainy weather. It’s made of rip stop nylon, so you won’t need to worry about tree branches or other debris damaging the exterior of the underquilt.


  • This isn’t too heavy to use in the spring or summer, when the nights are slightly cool but not freezing. You won’t sweat.
  • One of the most affordable high quality underquilts on the market.
  • Easy elastic strap and carabiner system makes it easy to set up and take down.


  • Not designed for winter camping. You’ll need something much heavier.


This is the best hammock underquilt for campers on a budget.

If you’re only an occasional hammock camper, you probably don’t want to spend tons of money on an underquilt.

This one is good enough to get the job done, and it’s half the price of the more popular brands. Save a few bucks if you know you’re not going to use your underquilt all the time.

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters – Vulcan Underquilt

This is one serious underquilt. It’s very heavy duty, and it’s designed to be the most hardcore underquilt money can possibly buy.

The differential cut construction is designed to keep you snug, conforming to the shape of your body while you’re in the hammock.

Filament fibers form small pockets that draw in and retain body heat, recycling it to keep you warm all night.


  • This underquilt is padded and warm enough that you’ll actually want to hammock camp in the winter.
  • The exterior finish catches water, collects it into drops, and causes it to roll off onto the ground. Light snow or rain isn’t a problem, even without a rain fly.
  • Shock cord suspension makes it easy to hang this underquilt, even though it’s heavy.


  • This is heavier than most underquilts, because it’s rated for winter.
  • This is a pretty expensive underquilt, but you pay a price for cold weather durability.


This is the best underquilt for ENO hammock camping in cold weather.

You can technically use it with any hammock that’s similar in size to an ENO, but the shock cord suspension works best with an ENO system.

Not every camper will need a winter underquilt, but the ones who do cannot afford to go without this one.

Outdoor Vitals Aerie 30F Down Underquilt

This is a sleeping bag style underquilt. It zips directly over the hammock and seals you in.

It’s not always easy to get in and out of a hammock when these are used, but they’re sometimes a lifesaver in wet or cold weather conditions.

The exterior is coated with a rip stop nylon, making this underquilt prepared to face the elements.


  • Since this can be used as either a sleeping bag or an underquilt, you’re getting the most for your money.
  • Grid stitching design evenly distributes the filling, preventing it from shifting around and creating lumps or uneven insulation.
  • Zipper is metal rather than plastic – it won’t break.


  • A little more on the expensive side.


Since this is a sleeping bag and underquilt combination, you’re getting a versatile piece of equipment you can use however you need to use.

If you camp outdoors in extreme weather often, you’re going to get every penny’s worth of use out of this underquilt.

Picking The Perfect Hammock Underquilt For You

When you’re looking for the best hammock underquilt, price is always a factor.

It isn’t worth spending a lot of money on a four season underquilt if you only go hammock camping in tropical climates.

The perfect underquilt will both fit your budget and be designed for your favorite way to camp.

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