8 Best & Most Trustworthy Camping Tent Brands 2020 + TOP 21 Tent Reviews

You need to be able to trust a tent.

It’s keeping you safe in the great outdoors, and it has to be prepared to handle the weather conditions you’re camping in.

Whether you’re just getting into camping or you’re a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll want to know what the best tent brands are.

Tents are expensive, and will naturally occupy a large amount of your camping gear budget. You want to make sure the tent you’re purchasing is actually worth all the money you’re going to spend.

You want a tent that can handle anything you throw at it and still stand strong a decade later. A great tent should last a long time.

It’s easier to look at tents in terms of great brands, rather than looking at dozens of tents and judging them individually.

When you find the best camping tent brands, you know that every product they produce will hold true to their mark of quality.


Top Rated Camping Tents

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Coleman 4-Person Sundome Tent5 out of 5 starsbuy from amazon button
ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2-Person Tent4.8 out of 5 starsbuy from amazon button
Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent4.8 out of 5 starsbuy from amazon button
CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent4.5 out of 5 starsbuy from amazon button
Kelty Grand Mesa 2-4 Person Tent4.5 out of 5 starsbuy from amazon button

Different brands design their tents for different lifestyles.

All you need to do is find a brand that speaks to who you are as a camper, and choose the perfect model from their selection.

There are plenty of high-quality outdoor brands which make tents that any outdoorsman would be proud to own. So let’s find yours right here right now!

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Finding the Best Tent Brands

Camping isn’t new.

One of the most important things to consider when trying to find the best camping tent brands is how long the brand has been in business.

Some brands making tents and camp gear have been around for a hundred years.

Over time, they’ve developed a standard of quality that cannot be beaten.

With so many tent brands commercially available, it’s hard to determine which ones are the best camping tent brands. These tent brand reviews will help make your decision process a little easier.

Once you know what you can expect from each of the leading brands, it makes it a lot simpler to browse through their offerings and find a tent you’d love to take with you on your next trip out to the woods.

Whether you’re a solo camper or you travel with your family, you’ll be able to find a brand that caters to your camping needs.

You’ll also want to consider the variety of tents that they offer – just because something is the best tent style for summer camping doesn’t mean that it will be the best tent style in the winter.

TOP 8 Best Camping Tent Brands & 21 Tent Reviews 2020

Reading a few tent brand reviews will help you figure out which tent brand is going to work out best for your next trip.

All of the top tent brands make specialty gear designed for different camping conditions in different parts of the world.

These are the best camping tent brands all around, and every single one has an offering that will be as trustworthy as you need it to be.

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Coleman is one of the best camping tent brands without a doubt, and you’ve probably heard of them before.

Almost every major retailer carries some of their products, even if that retailer doesn’t sell tents. Coleman makes everything that any camper, hiker, fisherman, or backpacker would need to run an entire campsite.

If you want consistency with your brands and products that you know will all work together, Coleman’s offerings are comprehensive enough to provide that for you.

The Coleman brand is based out of Golden, Colorado in the United States. They’ve been around since the early 1900’s, originally manufacturing gasoline lanterns and expanding their product range to include a full host of outdoor equipment.

With Coleman, you’re getting the result of 117 years’ worth of product innovation and development. It’s hard to deny their position as one of the top tent brands in the world.

They have a very large selection of tents that caters to everyone, from solo campers to huge families looking to spend a weekend out in nature.

Sundome 4 Person Tent

The sundome is Coleman’s standout model.

This is a simple and modest 4 person tent rated for 3 seasons. It’s the kind of tent you’d want when taking your family out for a short trip in the wilderness.

It’s one of their most popular options, especially because of the value shoppers get for the money they’re spending.

It’s big enough for four campers but light enough for two campers who want some room to spread out.

It’s more water-resistant than similar tents, and it’s designed for perfect ventilation.

  • Lightweight three season tent is great for most camping trips.
  • Comes with all the accessories you need to get set up.
  • Large entryway makes it easy to get in and out, even with your gear.
  • This tent offers electrical access ports, which are convenient for campers who are using designated campsites that provide electrical hookups.
  • Poles are made of a lightweight fiberglass. They’re stronger than aluminum poles that many budget tents offer without adding a bunch of weight to your camping bag.
  • Tent also comes with a rain fly and a sealed floor to keep campers dry in wet weather, and the rain fly can be removed for stargazing and better ventilation on nights when the sky is clear.
  • Not a good winter tent – it isn’t insulated enough.
  • Lightweight poles can be damaged if you don’t store the tent properly.

Overall, this is a reasonably priced family tent that’s fun for a weekend getaway in relatively nice weather.

It’s easy to set up, easy to carry, and ideal for a family of four. The waterproofing and rainfly will hold up to a small storm as well.

The casual campers will love this tent – they’re exactly the group of people it was designed for.

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

This is a very spacious tent, and it’s one of the most reliable large family tents you’re going to find. It’s a great value compared to the prices of similar 8 person tents.

If you need a tent you can live in for a little while, like for a weeklong trip, this is the kind of tent that’s perfect for the job.

  • Tent is equipped with electrical access ports for long term camping on designated grounds with hookups.
  • Angled windows with awnings keep water from entering the tent.
  • Large enough for several air mattresses. Sleep in comfort.
  • This tent is heavier – it’s definitely designed for car camping.
  • Only rated for three seasons – don’t use it in cold weather.

This tent is basically a palace. If you’re taking some scouts out on a trip or you plan to stay gone for a while, you’ll appreciate how roomy it is as you’ll love the electrical hookups.

You can even plug them into a portable solar panel to get power when you aren’t near a source.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

If you’re planning a long trip with a large family or a lot of camping buddies, you’re going to need a tent that’s big enough for everyone to sleep in.

That’s exactly what the Red Canyon tent is, and it comes at a reasonable price.

You can fit 5 campers with all of their gear or 8 campers just to sleep in this spacious tent.

  • This tent uses Coleman’s signature WeatherTec system to keep the inside nice and dry. The rain fly prevents water from pouring in through the top, and the sealed floor prevents water from seeping in from the ground.
  • Comes with three optional room dividers that can be used to split up the tent for a little more privacy.
  • Comes with an airflow vent system that prevents the tent from getting too hot inside, especially in humid weather.
  • This is a larger tent, so it takes a while to set it up.

This is one of the most affordable large tents you’ll be able to find. It will fit nicely into the budget for a large camping trip.

You’ll appreciate the amount of space and adjustable options you’re getting for weather protection and increased airflow.

You can easily fit a couple of queen air mattresses within this tent for more comfortable sleeping arrangements.

ALPS Mountaineering

ALPS Mountaineering makes rugged, lightweight, and durable gear for people who like to hike while they camp.

ALPS Mountaineering is a brand that uses innovative design and top of the line technology in all of their products. Their designs are very distinct, and you wouldn’t confuse their tents for those of their competitors. They all boast striking silhouettes and small considerations.

ALPS Mountaineering is a newer camping gear brand when compared to the classics like Coleman or Wenzel, having been founded in 1993. While they haven’t been around for a long time, they’ve certainly made a large impact.

Backpackers and hikers have a distinct fondness for their signature designs. They’re newcomers, but they’ve proven with their quality products that they deserve their title as one of the best tent brands.

Most of their tents are designed to be easy to carry in a hiking backpack.

These aren’t family camping tents – they’re reliable tents for solo campers or people who travel in small groups.

When you need lightweight gear that can hold up to a real adventure, ALPS Mountaineering is a great brand to choose.

ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 1.5 Tent

This is a one man tent, and it’s perfect for your next solo journey.

The unique design makes it comfortable, spacious, and portable for your trip through the wilderness in complete solitude. This is a tent you can really rely on.

  • This tent is completely weatherproof and comes with a full coverage fly. You can use it in the snow.
  • Fly can be removed to reveal a breathable mesh shell that will keep your body heat from building up inside the tent.
  • Weighs less than five pounds to carry.
  • This tent may not be big enough for gear storage.

Great solo backpacking tents are hard to find, and this tent is a diamond in the rough.

If you need a tent that you can depend on to keep you safe when you’re traveling on your own, this tent will never let you down.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

This is a single sleeper tent for a solo traveler who needs gear they can depend on.

It comes with everything you need to set up the tent, and the unique pole system makes it easy to build your sleeping quarters in just a few minutes all by yourself.

It’s not very roomy, but it’s perfect to carry and safe to sleep in.

  • Comes with a vestibule to keep your gear dry in light rain conditions.
  • Sealed floor and rain fly keep you dry while you sleep.
  • Half mesh walls can be exposed for ventilation in hot weather.
  • Not very spacious – it’s only a single sleeper.
  • People over 6 feet 4 inches tall might not fit.

This is a great single person sleeper for a solo backpacker who wants to camp along their stops.

It’s only three pounds and it’s durable enough to protect you on every part of your voyage.

Going it alone has never been better.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent

If it’s just you and your closest traveling companion braving the wild together, you’re going to need a suitable two person tent to take with you on your expedition. The ALPS Mountaineering 2 person Lynx tent should be a top contender.

It’s amazing how durable and reliable this tent can be, especially when you consider how light it is to carry with you.

  • Features 37 square feet of floor space, which is just enough room for two campers to fit comfortably. This helps the tent pack down to a condensed size that’s easy to carry, and it only weighs 6.3 pounds. It’s a great compromise between space and weight.
  • Rain fly offers complete coverage and can be staked to the ground for superior weather protection. This tent will stay strong – even in light snow.
  • Comes with everything you need to get started. You’re getting tent stakes, guy ropes, a gear loft, tent storage pouches, and a carry bag for everything.
  • Gear may not be able to fit inside the tent with the campers.

This is an excellent tent for rugged campers who are looking to keep things light while traveling a long distance.

It’s hard to find backpacking tents that are great quality while staying low in carrying weight. This tent certainly breaks the mold, and you’ll be thankful to have it on your next hike.

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 2 Tent

This tent is designed to perfectly sleep two campers. It utilizes a two-pole design, and the poles are made of sturdy shock-corded fiberglass.

It’s designed for convenience and superior weather protection. The inside boasts 38 square feet of space and a fully coated floor.

  • Two large doors make it easy for campers to get in and out without bothering each other.
  • Awnings above the door provide rain protection, or even a dry place to store gear.
  • Rain fly can easily be detached for better ventilation in hot weather.
  • You might want to purchase a footprint to use with this tent.
  • Won’t hold up to light snow.

This is great scouting, camping, or hiking tent for two people, or a single person and their gear.

It’s lightweight to carry and the rain fly is large enough to really make a difference.

It sets up so quickly and easily that even a youth scout could pitch it alone.



Wenzel is an outdoor gear brand that appeals just as much to campers as they do to tailgaters. They make everything you would need to hold an outdoor event – even side carts you can use to run a camp-style kitchen.

They’re one of the best tent brands because they understand how a whole campsite needs to function, and what role a tent should play in a successful camping trip.

The Wenzel brand has existed for well over 100 years. In that time, they’ve grown to offer several dozen kinds of tents, among their other popular offerings. They make single person tents all the way up to 10 man palace tents, and even then you’ll be sleeping in style.

There’s something in their product line that everyone will be able to enjoy.

If you want something more than just the average tent, you’ll probably find something that appeals to you in Wenzel’s wide line.

Wenzel Sprout Kids Tent – 2 Person

This tent is an excellent way to get little campers excited about adventures in the great outdoors.

It comes with a removable rain fly, as well as internal storage pockets for things like flashlights.

It packs down to weigh just over four pounds, so young campers can carry this tent all on their own.

It’s so easy to set up that they can pitch it themselves with minimal supervision.

  • Ideal size for scout camping groups, such as cub scouts or girl scouts. It’s big enough for every camper to have a buddy and small enough to carry to the campsite.
  • Great addition to a family camping trip. Adults can sleep in the big tent, and children can have their own sleeping quarters.
  • Sealed floors and fine mesh doors keep children safe from insects while they camp.
  • Not large enough to fit teenagers.
  • This tent is best for elementary school-aged children.

This will make any camping trip a little more fun for the kids. It’s light enough to haul along, and it frees up a little more space in the adults’ tent.

If your little one is adventurous and excited about camping, it’s affordable enough to use it as a backyard practice tent.

It’s a great way to create memorable bonding moments in nature.

Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person

This is a pentadome style tent, so it’s easy to set up. It’s designed to sleep three people, but it’s perfect for two people plus the gear they want to keep safe.

The tent is 8.5 x 4 x 8 feet, making it roomy inside. The internal floor is tub style and completely sealed to prevent water from seeping into the tent, and all of the seams are double-stitched and lap felled.

  • Comes with a draining mud mat to keep you from tracking anything into your tent.
  • Weighs 8 pounds, which is relatively light for a three person tent.
  • Large zippered door and added vents keep the air flowing inside.
  • This is best as a good weather tent – it won’t hold back heavy rains.

This is an affordable tent that’s both the right size and the right price for a casual outing.

When you’re going on a summer trip with a couple of people, this is exactly the kind of tent you need.

It’s not especially rugged, but it’s great at doing what it’s supposed to do.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

This tent is basically a house. If you’re looking to set up in the woods with your family or friends and not leave for a while, you’re going to need a tent that you can call home.

The Klondike can sleep 8 people, and it comes with some bonus features that make it feel a little more like a classy outdoor living space.

If you’ll be staying for a long time, get a Klondike.

  • The front portion of the tent serves as a screened in porch, so you’ll have a sheltered place to eat and relax.
  • Beneath the rain fly, almost everything is vented for great air circulation on a hot day.
  • 90 square feet of internal living area is spacious for both campers and gear.
  • Since this is such a large tent, it’s somewhat expensive.
  • Takes a long time to set up.

This tent will stick with you for the long haul. When you’re packing up the van to take everyone out for a week, don’t forget to pack this tent.

It’s perfect for any extended trip when you’ll need a lot of living space, and the price is great for what you get.

Wenzel Kodiak Tent – 9 Person

This is an incredibly spacious tent. A family could live out of it during a multi-night camping trip and have very little to complain about in terms of room and versatility.

This is a 162 square foot tent, which is virtually unheard of even from the best camping tent brands. It uses a steel and ring assembly system that makes it easy to set up – which is very important when it comes to tents of such a staggering size.

  • Features windows that can be open and closed to improve airflow within the tent.
  • Comes with a rain fly and a fully lined floor for weather protection.
  • The frame is made of steel, so it won’t buckle or bow from the weight of the shell like a less durable aluminum fame might.
  • This tent isn’t designed to hold up to snowy conditions.

This is a great affordable roomy tent. If you’re planning to drive up to the campsites and spend a week bonding with your family, this is the tent you’ll want to use as your home base.

It’s spacious, and it will allow you to camp in style and comfort.

Ozark Trail

Ozark trail is one of the leaders in family camping. They make some of the most reliable large tents for group outings.

Their tents are just as perfect for families as they are for groups of friends – many of them have multiple compartments that offer room for privacy.

Ozark is also known for great quality at affordable prices, so planning a large trip on a slim budget doesn’t need to be hard.

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Family Cabin Tent

This is exactly what the name states it is – a portable cabin that can comfortably sleep 10 campers.

It’s massive, and the dividers between the room give everyone a little bit of privacy.

If you need some space to change your clothes, you can close the windows and zip yourself in a side room. This tent has an entry door to each room, so campers and come and go without a hassle.

  • Tent is equipped with an electricity port, so campers can use their devices wherever there’s power access.
  • Room dividers can be added or removed, allowing you to customize the inside of the tent.
  • Taped and reinforced seams are great at keeping light rain out.
  • Takes a long time to set up because of its size.
  • Not designed for severe weather.

This is a great tent when you’re camping with people and everyone wants a little privacy. It’s not like a large group tent where everyone is packed together.

When the dividing walls are zipped in, everyone can nestle into their own little cubby.

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

This tent is absolutely huge. There aren’t many 14 person cabin tents out there to choose from, and this one easily makes the top of the list.

It serves as a complete living quarters, and a group could camp for a few weeks out of this tent.

It even comes with an electrical hookup for use on marked campsites. The rooms could be used however you want them to be used.

  • The design of the tent is perfect for things like scout trips, where a lot of kids would need space.
  • This is easier to assemble than most large tents because of its cross shape.
  • Rain fly can easily be removed to promote air circulation when it’s hot outside.
  • Tent would require a large footprint if you want to use one.
  • This is a very heavy tent.

This is the perfect large tent for extreme campers.

If you want to get lost out in nature for a long period of time – even a month – you’ll be happy to call this tent your home base.

It’s like having a portable apartment that you can bring wherever you desire to go.

three camping tents on top of mountain

CORE Equipment

CORE Equipment creates tents that make it easier to get outdoors with family and friends. They’ve especially stormed the market of large tents with products ranging from 3-person to 12-person tents.

This brand from the heart of the Midwest United States comprises a team of camping enthusiasts committed to helping everyone discover the wonders of the backcountry.

With such kind of desire, you can trust that their tents have been designed with a hiker’s needs in mind.

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

As the title suggests, this tent accommodates up to 9 persons on a 14 ‘x 9’ floor plan.

As big as it sounds, this tent goes up within seconds due to its unique, pre-assembled design that integrates the poles and tent as one unit.

A notable feature of this tent is a removable rainfly of which you can do without in warm weather. In wet weather, CORE H2O Block Technology used in making the fabric does a great job at repelling water off the tent.

  • The large cabin tent can be divided into separate living and sleeping rooms using a provided room divider. Still, you can choose to have one large interior.
  • An extremely spacious interior that holds 2 queen size air mattresses. It also has a good height for changing clothes and children can play inside freely.
  • Instant set up and take down; simply unpack, unfold and extend and vice versa.
  • It provides awesome views of the surroundings when used without the rainfly.
  • Some of its parts are quite flimsy, so the tent is not quite durable.

The CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a top choice for family or group camping.

There is so much to celebrate of this tent, including a pre-assembled frame, spacious interior, and room divider.

It doesn’t seem very long-lasting but you’ll still enjoy life inside this tent.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Having dimensions of 11 by 9 feet, this tent can accommodate up to 6 people with everyone having sufficient space.

It weighs about 22 pounds when fully packed yet it’s still manageable on transit.

With its integrated frame system, the tent sets up within seconds. This is done in very simple steps; unpack the tent, unfold its legs and extend it until the poles click into their ideal positions.

This tent has interesting features for users, such as; door and window seals which are resistant to rain, and adjustable air intake vents which draw in cool and fresh air from the ground.

The hot air inside the tent is released outside using the mesh ceiling. Fully taped rainfly and water repellent fabrics block water from leaking into the tent.

  • Since it can accommodate up to 6 people, the tent is fit for couples with families or a large number of friends going out for camping.
  • Having a large wall organizer and a gear loft with lantern hook, items can be kept well, clean and neat off the floor.
  • Has transparent windows for stunning panoramic views of the surrounding. S
  • The tent provides so much interior space for comfortable sitting, sleeping or even walking within.
  • This tent can be a little bit difficult to pack back into the case since the zipper at the bottom of the case needs to be expanded for easy packing process.

If you plan to go camping with family and friends, this 6-person tent can be a great alternative to individual 1 or 2-person tents.

It combines straightforward setup, great protection against elements and superb ventilation – all the basics you need when camping. Don’t forget the extras such as gear rack and carry bag.


Kelty makes a range of tents varying from 1-person to 8-person tents.

Not just that, they have a range of complementary products that cater to all your outdoor needs. These include backpacks, sleeping bags, and kids gear.

For those kinds of people who like brand matching stuff in the house, the Kelty is the perfect companion when you get outdoors.

From trekking poles and lighting equipment to camp furniture, the Kelty brand is the way to go.

Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Tent

This tent offers outstanding value and performance that results from a solid construction and practical design.

It is a freestanding dome that sets up with a simple 2 pole set that is also easy to take down and pack. In addition, it uses Kelty’s huge pole clips for quick, secure set up anytime.

Featuring large mesh panels, this is the kind of tent you want in those clear nights for stargazing. Its no-see-um mesh body also helps in keeping the bugs out and reducing condensation.

It also comes with a fly that simply buckles to the tent when needed. The tent’s external guy points and noiseless zipper pulls become handy in those windy nights.

  • Provides a lot of room for gear storage and overall interior organization; there’s one 6 sq.ft vestibule and multiple mesh storage pockets.
  • Offers total weather protection thanks to its factory taped seams and a full coverage UV resistant polyester fly.
  • It comes with a small, flat storage bag that saves space in any pack.
  • It is a bit snug for 2 larger persons to sleep in comfortably. Its 82’’ length is good but the width of 58’’ doesn’t offer a lot of extra room.

The Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Tent is an excellent tent for the money. Beginners can find joy in this tent that’s easy to pitch, offers great ventilation and pretty lightweight in the pack.

Furthermore, you can use this tent almost all-year round.

Kelty TN 3 Person Tent

Designed for 3 campers for 3-season use, this tent comes with a trademark stargazing fly for nighttime views, extra-large doors for easy entry/exit and a creative snap-clip technology with color coded clip construction for quick and effortless set up every time.

Indeed, every other tent comes with a rainfly yet most are designed like a roof that simply covers the top of the tent.

The Kelty TN 3 can boast with its rollback rainfly that completely covers the tent to ensure a complete waterproof shelter in times of rain showers.

Other tent features include taped floor seams, internal storage pockets, and taped floor seams. The fly features fly seams, 2 vestibules, airflow vents, noiseless zipper pulls, guy out points and welded clear windows.

  • Comes with a unique full coverage rainfly that’s easy to use.
  • Allows easy pitching and take down because of its straightforward color-coded construction.
  • Its 2 vestibules and other small internal storage pockets offer plenty of storage for storing outdoor gear and organizing other items.
  • The tent allows great ventilation since the entire body has a mesh construction.
  • This tent is a little bit small for 3 people unless you sleep really close next to each other. Otherwise, it can be perfect for 2 people.

The Kelty TN 3 Person Tent comes packed with awesome features that makes life easier outdoors.

With a rainfly like no other, innovative set up technology and lightweight design, this tent is worth every penny.

Big Agnes

Also known as The Mother of Comfort, the Big Agnes specializes in making sleeping bags and pads, insulated costumes and ultralight tents.

Being faster and ready for whatever nature throws your way is important while you’re away from home.

Big Agnes takes pride in making ultralight tents using the lightest fabrics and materials available. The outcomes are top quality tents with great space to weight ratio.

According to the brand, their urge to sleep under the stars and breathe fresh mountain air is what continues to motivate them in making the best gear possible.

Big Agnes Copper Spur Backpacking Tent

This ultralight backpacking tent is truly easy to pack, set-up and inhabit during camping. This tent features single door and vestibule, large living space, storm flaps on entry zipper and it’s made of nylon fabric, which is extremely lightweight.

It is a perfect tent for 1 or 2 people and can be used in all type of weather without giving you any problems.

Setting up this tent is quick since the poles are snap to deal with while the stakes are sturdy and easily plant the tent firmly into the ground. The poles feature hubs that add strength to the tent.

The air vents at the top allow the tent to breathe thus no condensation can occur. This keeps the tent fly as clean as possible. It weighs up to 3.2 pounds and covers an area of 29 square feet. It is a 3-season tent.

  • Has a decent floor size for sleeping 2 campers.
  • Offers enough headroom for sitting upright or changing clothes.
  • Easy to carry due to its lightweight.
  • Excellent ventilation.
  • Made of high-quality materials for maximum durability.
  • This tent shows signs of wear from its fabric material since it tears very easily.
  • It is expensive due to the fabric materials it is made of.

The Cooper Spur Backpacking Tent is fantastic because of its sturdiness, thanks to the silicone treated nylon tent material and 1200mm waterproof polyurethane coating used on the floor.

It is quite on the expensive side but then you can be sure it’ll last through several seasons.

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL Tent

This tent is designed with a vertical door and steeper walls. It is a 1-person, 3 season tent made from high-quality materials.

There’s a vestibule featuring storm flaps on vestibule zipper, Velcro taps which get connected to the fly during set up process, reflective guylines and webbing on the tent corners, combined with 11 superlight aluminum J stakes.

This tent weighs 2.1 pounds when packed with everything, so it’s quite ideal for hiking and backpacking trips. Its internal mesh pockets will also be highly appreciated.

  • Its design maximizes the floor area and headroom leading to a more spacious room, so you get to be more comfortable.
  • It is very light and compact, therefore, carrying around is not a problem.
  • Double walls keep internal condensation almost zero since the moisture is captured by the rain fly.
  • Takes a lot of time to dry when wet.

This tent is perfect for solo hiking and backpacking adventures.

You’ll love the ease of use, compact size, and little weight. However, for a one-person tent, it’s quite expensive at its price. In any case, it’s better off than some cheap tent that wouldn’t last through the seasons.


Eureka brand has been around for over 100 years. Formerly known as Eureka Tent and Awning Company, their first products were canvas such as the wagon covers, horse blankets, store awnings, American flags and camping tents.

Today, they are a leading American tent manufacturer, designing tents that are easy to set up, lightweight and durable, and still deliver great value for the investment.

Eureka! Solitaire Tent

This tent has an awesome design for sleeping and perhaps keeping a few hiking gears.

Weighing less than 3 pounds, it provides hikers and campers with a fully practical solution to outdoor living.

It comes with 6.3mm fiberglass frame that is shock-corded for quick set up. Nylon pole sleeves along with ring and pin system also speed up pitching. The tent body features a large mesh roof for ventilation and is attached with a full coverage fly.

  • Great design for outstanding protection – it has an inner net tent with a waterproof floor and an external rainfly. Even more, both are attached together for fast pitching.
  • It has a zipper at the center that allows easy entry and exit. This is useful when the fly is rolled back, otherwise, you can always use the side entry.
  • The tent’s tunnel design can handle some serious winds and it’s perfect for sleeping straight.
  • It has 2 internal storage pockets plus a flashlight loop to your things organized when you nestle to sleep.
  • It is fairly priced.
  • It doesn’t offer a good headroom; it’s hard to sit upright in this bivy tent.

The Eureka! Solitare Tent is an inexpensive tent that is perfect for solo backpacking trips.

It is a great alternative to some other one-person tents that cost more than twice its price.

This would be an excellent choice for backpackers who spend a lot of time trekking and only camp when night falls – of course when it’s time to rest. A great recommendation for thru-hiking.

Eureka! Apex 2XT Two-Person Tent

This is a new tent from Eureka brand and has already gained popularity among backpacking enthusiasts. It’s designed for two persons, for three season trips to the backcountry.

In case you are eager to know if it can suit you, the floor size is 7 feet, 5 inches x 4 feet, 11 inches. The center height is 3 feet, 7.5 inches which sounds to offer enough headroom while sitting upright.

This tent is quite sturdy and waterproof, so protection in inclement weather is guaranteed. Wall and fly fabrics feature 70D Polyester taffeta 800mm coating while the fly features 75D Storm Shield Polyester 800mm coating.

In addition, external guy points help keep this tent in place in high winds.

  • Allows you to organize your stuff well. The tent has 2 internal mesh storage pockets, a clothesline, and a flashlight loop.
  • Quick and easy to set up with its fiberglass frame, pole attachments, ring and frame attachments, and color-coded webbing.
  • It has 2 doors for convenient entry/exit without feeling congested.
  • It allows good ventilation via one no-see-um mesh wall and 2 large windows.
  • Durable bottom – the tent can park on a variety of surfaces and still remain in great shape.

The Eureka! Apex 2XT Two-Person Tent is definitely perfect for two individuals.

Easy setup, lightweight design, roomy interior and durable floor are some of the best highlights of this tent.

This is another affordable choice for 2 people camping from the Eureka brand.

Choosing the Best Tent Brand for You

The best tent brands all have standout features. These features and lifestyle considerations are the things that set every brand apart.

If convenience and affordability are important to you, you’d probably be a happy camper in a Coleman tent. If you appreciate compact design and portability, you might like the offerings of ALPS Mountaineering the most.

Any tent you choose from one of the best tent brands is going to last you a long time.

What matters the most is choosing a tent that you can carry without difficulty – especially a tent that’s rated for the appropriate seasons.

If you’re ever unsure where and when you might use your tent, make sure you get one that’s rated for everything that life might throw your way.

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