Guide: Best Camping Hammocks & Backpacking Hammock TOP 8 Reviews 2019

What better feeling than taking the weight off your weary feet after a long day’s hike?

Imagine that, only in your very own portable slice of heaven. Introducing the camping hammock, a place to hang more than just your hat.

And that’s what our goal is for this guide – for you to find your one and only – your best camping hammock – your reliable companion.

Hammock camping is very different from other kinds of camping. And different definitely doesn’t need to be a bad thing.

Camping hammocks can be a great alternative to tents.

Smaller, lighter and often cheaper, they come in all shapes and sizes to suit most travel needs and are particularly suited to a fast-moving excursion somewhere warm.

There’s less of an official home base, and the purpose of using the hammock is to make it easy to traverse long distances in a day.

A tent is heavy and it takes a lot of time to set up, and hammock campers are looking to forego that process in exchange for more hiking time.

Apart from being easier to carry, there are distinct advantages to spending the night in one: it’s arguably more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, can be set up in places tents can’t and being suspended above the ground means that you can avoid some of the creepy crawlies that might otherwise find their way into your bed.

The best camping hammock is one that will allow you to do just all of that.

One of the things you’ll learn quickly is that there are big differences between hammocks.

The best backpacking hammock is very different from the kind of hammock you’d want to use at home.

While some great camping hammocks will serve double duty, they’re definitely designed with a trip away from home in mind.

Man sit in hammock

How to Find the Best Camping Hammock

When you’re looking for a camping hammock, you’ll have a lot of questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you start your search.

A lot of these questions depend on the size of the campers, the amount of people who want to camp together, and the environment in which you’re camping. There are a few hallmarks of a quality backpacking hammock, and you need to know what they are.


Some backpacking hammocks are compact, which makes them a little more convenient to carry. They’ll take up less space in a camping or hiking bag.

If space is more important to you than anything else, you may settle for a smaller hammock.

The only issue with doing that is that taller or heftier people may not be able to sleep comfortably in such a compact hammock.

Hammocks have height limits. Most of them are included in the manufacturer’s specifications.

If a hammock specifies that it’s extra large, this usually means it can comfortably accommodate someone taller than six feet.

If the width is a concern, a double hammock may be more comfortable for a single sleeper.

To Share or Not to Share

If you’re comfortable sharing a hammock with your traveling companion, you’re going to need to get a double hammock.

If not, any additional people on the trip will need to carry their own hammocks.

Some hammocks that are sized to share are still a little cramped, so be sure to check measurements. Some solo campers prefer double hammocks simply for the extra room.


Hammocks can be made of a variety of materials. Outside of taffeta and nylon, there are also rope hammocks and canvas hammocks.

Rope hammocks offer no protection and easily get tangled up, making them very inconvenient for use on a hiking trip. Canvas hammocks are extraordinarily heavy – they’re designed to be erected in one place and left there for a long time.

Parachute hammocks are made of different varieties of taffeta and nylon. Cheap taffeta and nylon snag easily. Falling twigs and tree bark can damage these hammocks. They’re less expensive, but they’re also more likely to fall apart.

Durable materials are still lightweight, though they’ll cost a little more.

It’s worth the investment to purchase a hammock you know will last for years, rather than settling for one that will only last a trip or two before coming apart.


There’s no point in purchasing a single stitched hammock – it will fall apart on you the second it gets windy outside. You want your hammock to be at least double stitched, though triple stitched is best.

The seams need to be strong to distribute the durability across the entire surface of your hammock. Weak seams can lead to a torn fabric that can’t be repaired.

The seams are one of the most important parts of the construction of a hammock. Never settle for anything that’s been haphazardly sewn together.

Every seam should be reinforced. It’s the combination of these seams and the hammock material that make a hammock reliable.


Hammocks come with different kinds of tree straps. Some of them come with ropes. Ropes are a little harder to use than straps, but you have more options when you’re using a rope.

The hammock can be manually tied any way you want to set it up. Some people prefer that option, but it’s a little less convenient for others.

The most important thing to consider about fixed loop straps is the length. Longer straps offer more possibilities.

If you’re going to an area where trees aren’t densely populated, longer straps may come in handy.

The longer the straps, the more wiggle room you have. Short straps work fine in heavily wooded areas – you’ll always be able to find a place to put up your hammock in a forest or on a nature trail.

camping hammock and lake

Features to Look for In the Best Backpacking Hammock

Outside of basic hammock features and accessories, you’ll also want to consider the kinds of extras you might need.

Some hammocks come with bonus features, and other hammock brands will require you to purchase these features separately.

Not everyone will need them, but those who do will appreciate having them.

Bug Nets

Bug nets for hammocks can be a real lifesaver against mosquitos and no-see-ums. These nets zip the camper completely into the hammock, and they’re easy to set up.

Most of them come with a thin rope that’s tied above the hammock, and the net is clipped to this line to hold it up while you’re sleeping inside.

If your hammock doesn’t come with one, many manufacturers sell them as an optional accessory.

Weather Protection

You shouldn’t camp in wet weather without a rain fly. This is usually similar to a tarp, and it creates an enclosure above the hammock.

Some all-weather hammocks come with an attached rain fly or tarp for maximum waterproofing.

You can also purchase and install separate rain fly attachments for wet weather camping.

Know The Hammock

Most available camping hammocks can be divided into three main types but there are also others that don’t fit neatly into these categories, including a tent-hammock hybrid.

Each of these has their good and bad points, so it’s worth having your travel scenario in mind when deciding which would be the best portable hammock.

Camping Hammock in the Forest

Ultralight backpacking hammocks

Smaller, lighter (of course) and more compact. These take up very little space so are perfect for a quick trip, or for hanging out in during the day.

They are also pretty basic.

You won’t find any added extras like integrated mosquito netting or rainfly here. When considering an ultralight hammock, bear in mind that the smaller the hammock, the less comfortable it will be.

It’s worth weighing up how important comfort vs. weight is to you.

dry bag white and hammock in background

Parachute nylon backpacking hammocks

Durable with a little bit of extra give, these are the most common type on the market.

Plus it is not unusual for the best parachute hammocks to be sold out quickly by the most adventurous backpackers.

Being made of nylon means they are less absorbent than cotton hammocks and dry quickly if they do get wet.

They can be big enough for one person or two, but make sure you double-check the dimensions and weight limits as they can vary a huge amount depending on the manufacturer.

Again, there aren’t a lot of integrated extras with these so you may need to shell out a bit more to make your camping hammock fit for the terrain.

Independent Wolf Hammock and Forest

Expedition hammocks

For the Bear Grylls out there. Tough, sturdy and engineered to withstand the elements, these hammocks are made of top-quality materials to keep you protected and comfortable in the roughest terrains and this is reflected in the price tag.

Truly the best hammocks for camping.

They often come with built-in extras like mosquito netting, rainfly, and guy-lines which gives the hammock a bit more room.

Most won’t come with any padding or insulation though so if you are traveling through cooler climates.

hammock and nature

What to Consider

There are two main considerations to bear in mind when choosing the best outdoor hammock for you:

Where you are going and for how long

This will largely dictate which of the three types are more suited for your trip. You can afford to go smaller and lighter if your trip is a short one somewhere warm.

Cooler, rainier climates will need a sturdier hammock. Likewise, if you’re going somewhere bug-infested, make sure you have mosquito netting.

How big you are

Make sure you check the dimensions of any hammock you are thinking of buying. If you are on the larger side, buy a more spacious one to give you ample room to maneuver.

Also, check how much weight the hammock is designed to bear. Overloading the hammock could damage it, and puts you at more risk of falling out.

Trying to skimp on strength and size for the sake of saving some weight may result in a poor night’s sleep at best, and a miserable trip at worst.

TOP 8 Best Camping & Backpacking Hammock Reviews 2019

Not all parachute hammocks are the same. When you’re looking for the best parachute hammock, you’ll have special considerations to make.

By reading backpacking hammock reviews, you’ll be able to tell what makes each of these styles so great.

The only thing standing between you and the best hiking hammock for your next trip is a little research into the top contenders.

Here, we’ll review the best backpacking hammocks in for every budget and camping situation.

Soon you’ll be ready to set up your own hanging home under the stars.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

  • Hammock size: 118 x 59 in
  • Weight: 2lbs 12oz
  • Holds up to: 250lbs

A firm favorite with hikers and backpackers, this durable expedition hammock is pricier than the others but worth it.

It comes with almost everything you need: integrated mosquito netting, rain fly, support rope and a stuff sack, and, with practice, can be set up in five minutes or less.

The straps are even thoughtfully designed with webbing so as not to damage the trees that you hang the hammock from.

The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series is available with two closures – zipper or slightly cheaper velcro. Both work well and keep the hammock shut if you toss and turn in the night.

The asymmetrical design allows you to lie flat in the hammock, avoiding the problem with morning ‘banana back’.

Sturdy and made with a high-quality material, this hammock could last you for years to come.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series
Although consistently highly reviewed, it is worth noting this hammock does not do well in cooler climates without extra insulation.

Tall campers might also find it a little bit of a squeeze and the bottom-entry system can make it a bit of a pain to get in and out of repeatedly in the night (for those who might need to frequently answer the call of nature).

If you know you’ll be using it regularly, you can’t go too wrong with the Hennessy.

Rated one of the best camping hammocks out there, this one outperforms many others on the market but the hefty price tag means this is a real investment.

Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) DoubleNest

Eagles Nest is a top-rated hammock brand, and they’ve earned their spot on the list.

  • Hammock size: 112 x 74in
  • Weight: 1lbs 3oz
  • Holds up to: 400lbs

One of the leading hammocks on the market, this lightweight nylon parachute has the benefit of being big enough for two if required but makes for a luxurious night’s sleep when accommodating one.

The spaciousness belies how well it folds down for transport: the ENO DoubleNest can be packed down to the size of a grapefruit.

It is simply constructed with very little extras, which, although you may need to buy a few accessories also means it can be a versatile piece of kit.

Eagles Nest Outfitters - DoubleNest Hammock

Easy to get in and out of, it’s great for day-lounging as well as night sleeping. The ENO DoubleNest is available in a rainbow of color combinations, useful if you happen to be camping where there are lots of other hammocks around.

At the lowest price point some of the necessities, like hammock tree straps, are not included, but it does come with carabiners.

As with most nylon parachutes, this hammock is a fair-weather friend and will not protect you from the elements.

There is no mosquito netting or rain fly and the thin material means it will not insulate you from the cold.

The light materials also mean it can be fairly delicate and prone to tear if not carefully used. Be gentle with this giant.

This is a good-looking, versatile hammock for when you need options.

Great for lounging and camping, it’s small when folded but big enough for two when set-up.

Although the price is on the higher end, you may still need to shell out for extras such as tree straps.

Grand Trunk Ultralight

  • Hammock size: 114 x 54in
  • Weight: 12oz
  • Holds up to: 200lbs

Cheap and cheerful, consider this your starter-pack camping hammock. It’s incredibly light, at only 12 ounces, and easy to transport if you already have a backpack heaving with the kit.

It is a great budget buy if you want to try out backpacking with a hammock but aren’t sure if it is something you want to invest in.

Even if you decide not to sleep in it, the Grand Trunk Ultralight still makes for a great place to put your feet up during the day.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

It comes with S-hooks rather than carabiners, which makes for a simpler albeit less secure setup. It also doesn’t come with any straps so even though it’s very affordable, you may need to spend a little extra on these.

The low price does mean a compromise on the material. The Grand Trunk Ultralight is small and will not put up with a lot of stress and strain.

No harsh terrains or extreme campsites for this hammock and it’s definitely not one for the heavy camper.

Still, this is a good option for those wanting to give camping hammocks a try.

It’s small, very affordable and a great place to start when experimenting with camping hammocks.

Kammok Roo

  • Hammock size: 120 x 67in
  • Weight: 1lbs 7oz
  • Holds up to: 500lbs

Once you’ve tried camping hammocks and decided that it is definitely the only way to travel, the Kammok Roo is an upgrade from Economy class to First.

Arguably one of the softest, most comfortable yet sturdiest nylon parachutes out there, you will certainly feel the difference with this solidly-constructed hammock.

Good quality stitching and ripstop fabric make this hammock tougher than most.

It is large and comfortably sleeps one but will stretch to two and will hold a weight of up to 500 lbs. Once you’ve purchased the straps to go with it, this hammock is a breeze to setup and easy to transport. It is so well-made that it even comes with a lifetime warranty.

Kammok Roo Camping Hammock Carabines

All this luxury comes at a price. Compared to other double parachutes, the Kammok Roo is far from cheap and you will need to splash even more cash on straps, mosquito netting and a rainfly.

As well as being expensive, it is also heavier than other double hammocks so if your bursting backpack is already weighing you down, you’ll need to think hard about whether a comfortable night’s sleep is something you’re willing to sacrifice.

If a good night’s sleep is top of your list and you don’t mind paying extra to get it, the Kammok Roo is for you.

This soft but strong camping hammock is not only built to last but made to love.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

  • Hammock size: 90 x 42in
  • Weight: 4lbs 4oz
  • Holds up to: 275lbs

So you’ve read through this entire article and still can’t decide if camping hammocks are for you.

Sure, they seem nifty and there are some interesting points but the thought of spending the night suspended a few feet off the ground doesn’t sound like the most appealing or comfortable idea.

Enter the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge.

This cross between a camping hammock and a tent could be the answer.

With pole arches that create a roof out of built-in mosquito netting, the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge can be suspended like a hammock when needed but also happily sits on the ground like a tent giving you the best of both.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

The arch poles are detachable and turns the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge into an ordinary open-air camping hammock but use them and the spreader bars attached to make the hammock flat and taut.

No more suffering from ‘banana back’ in the morning. The arch poles also make the hammock feel roomier than others that come with built-in mosquito netting.

But here’s the catch: it’s heavy. And expensive. And, compared to traditional camping hammocks, fussy to set up with all the poles and bars.

It can be a bit unstable and prone to flipping over relatively easily because of its flat construction. Unless you secure the corners, sleeping in it can be a challenge if you toss and turn a lot in the night.

Again, you will need to buy add-ons like straps and, as with most hammocks, you will need extra insulation if you are taking it somewhere cold.

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

This is a double hammock, making it ideal for a two-person hammock hiking trip.

Whether you want to share this hammock or simply enjoy a spacious hammock all for yourself, you’ll find that this one meets your requirements.

It comes in eight different color combinations, some of which provide high visibility which will help you relocate your campsite if you’ve wandered off to fish or hunt.

  • Hammock size: 118 x 78in
  • Weight: 24oz
  • Holds up to: 500lbs

The hammock comes with rope straps and carabiners. You don’t need to purchase any of the necessary hardware separately. It’s the whole package right out of the bag.

Although, it doesn’t come with any netting or rain proofing accessories. If you’re sleeping in a climate with a lot of mosquitos or during a time of year where they may be rainfall, you’ll want to purchase these things separately.

Carabiners feature a flat edge with no sharp components, and the rope is three times the thickness of other ropes. All of your equipment will be safe and durable, less prone to snags or weakening over time.

This is the best outdoor hammock for your two-person hiking trip. It’s lightweight and spacious enough for a taller, huskier camper to sleep comfortably by themselves.

The high weight limit and the extra-durable ropes make this hammock reliable, which is exactly what you need for a long hiking trip.

If space is of the utmost importance to you, you won’t find a better model.

Enjoydeal Portable Parachute Fabric Hammock

This one’s meant for a solo sleeper.

It weighs a little over a pound to carry, adding virtually no weight to your camping bag. This hammock packs down to the smallest possible size to help you save room.

It comes in three colors – olive, camouflage, and blue with white. The camouflage option is perfect for hiking trips where the traveler intends to do a little hunting.

  • Hammock size: 98 x 47in
  • Weight: about 16oz
  • Holds up to: 246lbs

Comes with a full coverage mosquito net that offers a tight seal. It’s easy to erect the net, and nothing’s going to get through. Camp safe from pesky mosquitos and no see ems.

Designed to be as portable as possible. This is the perfect one-man hammock just for sleep. If you want to move around a lot and start the next leg of your hike the minute you wake up, this hammock is easy to take down and put away.

Comes with the ropes you need to hang the hammock.

Although, on the negative side we have to mention that this hammock is very compact, so taller or heavier hikers may not be able to use it.

The setup doesn’t use clips. It’s all hung with ropes. This might take a little longer, but it will also allow you to hang a hammock in places where that previously may not have been possible.

The advantage of the mosquito net will certainly come in handy, and though the rope system is a little more complicated, it maximizes the possibilities.

This is a utility hammock with a lot of promise.

Wise Owl Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammock

Wise Owl offers both a single and a double hammock. The single is 9 and a half feet long by 4 and a half feet wide.

The double is 10 feet long by 6 and a half feet wide. The weight capacity on the higher end sits at 400 pounds. There are different color varieties in each size, and these hammocks are designed to rival those manufactured by ENO.

The single hammock weighs 1 pound for easy carry, and the double weighs 1 pound and 10 ounces. These are very lightweight and undoubtedly easy to take with you on any hiking trip.

The generous length of this hammock is perfect for taller hikers. Where some hammocks force campers to curl up into an uncomfortable position to sleep, this hammock is lengthy enough to allow campers to stretch out.

The hammock is constructed of 210T nylon, which is the exact same kind of nylon that skydivers use for parachuting. It’s exceptionally strong, exceptionally soft, and it won’t be torn apart by rough winds.

All of the stitching is triple interlocked. Most inexpensive hammock brands settle for double stitching, but this one goes the extra mile.

For the same price as one of those inexpensive hammocks, you’re getting an extra layer of durability.

But keep in mind this hammock doesn’t come with straps – you’ll need to purchase straps and other accessories separately. This is only the hammock and the carry bag.

If you want the quality of an ENO hammock on a budget, this Wise Owl Outfitters hammock is going to become a quick favorite.

You’re getting virtually the same hammock for a fraction of a price.

This is a great choice for people who prioritize comfort when shopping for a hammock.

Deciding on the Best Hammock for Camping

The best camping hammock won’t be the same for everyone. Some people are searching for the best backpacking hammock for a two-person trip, while others prefer to travel solo.

The best hammock for you will offer a versatile blend of comfort, durability, and utility. It largely depends on what your priorities are while you’re camping.

Every trip is different – all you need is a hammock that will be able to complement your trips to all of the places you love to camp.

That being said, the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge could be the gateway to camping hammocks if you aren’t sure about leaving behind the security of a tent. It is not a cheap experiment, but then again not many other products out there will do the job of both.

While it is on the heavy side for a hammock, it is still fairly light for a tent.

We hope we’ve helped and delivered truly the best backpacking hammock reviews.