TOP 17 Best Snowshoes Reviewed 2019 for Your Winter Hiking Adventures

Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular winter sports in the world.

But not everyone is able to do either – which is a great shame because many people can miss out on the wintery majesty of the mountains, especially after a fresh layer of powder.

Let’s take a look at snowshoeing instead.


TOP 12 Best Travel Adapters and Converters Reviewed 2019 for Your Devices

Visiting other countries is one of the most important things we can do in our short lives.

And documenting your trip, staying in touch with friends and family and having access to up-to-date travel info is essential.


TOP 16 Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Travel 2019 – How to Shut the World Out

Don’t you think it’s about time they invented an app that locates where the babies will be sitting on a plane?

Perhaps they should have dedicated flights where it’s babies only?

All joking aside, traveling can be really hard work when you’re trying to keep yourself to yourself and you’ve significant distractions going on all around you.


TOP 18 Best Mountaineering Pants for Men and Women Reviewed 2019

When it comes to the great outdoors, rarely can you experience more challenging terrain or weather conditions than in the mountains.

And if you’re heading up into the roof of the world, you’re going to need the right gear and apparel to see you through.


TOP 15 Best Travel Clothing Brands for 2019 Style and Practicality

Let’s face it, the era of cargo pants and polo shirts have faded.

Travel clothing now needs to be urban and sleek while also being practical and functional.

Too much to ask for?

Not in my books.

And the best travel clothing brands agree with me.


Best Backpacks for Back Pain and Shoulder Pain 2019 + TOP 26 Bags Reviewed

Did you know that it is estimated that a massive 80% of the US population will suffer from back pain at least some point in their lives?

It’s one of the most common ailments we can experience as humans, and it costs a whopping $50 Billion in healthcare costs in America alone.

But aside from the alarming figures, the real downside is that it stops people from doing what they really want to do.


TOP 10 Best Inflatable Tents for Camping Reviewed 2019 for Easy Camping

Isn’t camping just the best?

Spending time outdoors with the family, exploring nature, sleeping under the stars.

And all this can be yours – once you’ve managed to pitch your tent without murdering everyone within 10 feet.


TOP 18 Best Beach Tents Reviewed 2019 – Pop Up and Keep Cool!

Sun, sea, sand, and surf. There are few things in life quite as good as spending time at the beach.

But what about the sunburn?!

That isn’t very pleasant at all.

We, humans, are pretty fragile creatures – especially the younger and the older ones among us – and we need all the protection we can get from that great big ball of fire in the sky.