Best Backpacks for Back Pain and Shoulder Pain + TOP 16 Reviewed 2018

It’s not always possible to use rolling luggage for everything.

If you love to hike, but your back or shoulders always feel awful after you lug around your gear, you can’t start rolling it up a hill.

Back pain and shoulder pain are both potentially serious issues that need to be dealt with, but they shouldn’t keep you from getting out in nature and experiencing the world.


9 Best Hammock Brands & My 13 Top Camping Hammocks for 2018 [Honest Reviews]

Just hanging around and relaxing in the wild must be one of the best feelings ever.

It’s you, maybe some of your travel partners and mother nature. What more to ask for?

A good hammock maybe! You know, to hang out! (get it?)


Best Pocket Knife: Complete Guide, Best Brands & TOP 22 Knives Reviews 2018

When it comes to utility, few can come close to the knife.

As one of the first tools made by man, the humble knife is used to hunt and prepare food, cut materials to make them usable construction material, open sealed containers, and even serve as a defensive weapon against threats.

If you want all that utility available whenever you are, then you need the best pocket knife for you.


Best Hiking Backpacks: Buying Guide & TOP 16 Hiking Backpack Reviews 2018

Efficiency is the secret to a good backpacking experience.

You need to make sure you have everything you will need for the trek, but you also have to pack light so you can spend more energy on walking instead of dealing with heavy luggage.

Basically, aside from careful planning, you need the best hiking backpack that will suit your needs.


Best Sling Backpacks for Travel & TOP 10 Sling Bag Reviews 2018

Sometimes you might prefer to use a sling backpack for travel as opposed to the double-strap dedicated backpack.

Backpacks make a great alternative to a purse, briefcase or computer bag when you need to get to your gear while on the go

Choosing the right backpack includes choosing a bag that fits your style, mode of travel and life philosophy.


Deuter vs Osprey Backpack Comparison – Which One is Better? The Debate Ends Here!

Are you considering getting a hiking backpack and are having a difficult time choosing which brand to pick in the battle of Deuter vs Osprey?

No worries, we understand you completely.

Deuter and Osprey are two of the most popular sporting backpack brands on the market. Some people are very loyal to one brand or another.

Read on to see our take on these two popular backpack manufacturers.


Find the Best Hammock Tent for You & TOP 12 Hammock Reviews 2018

A regular hammock is okay in perfect weather when there are no bugs around, but a hammock tent is designed to provide the same kind of comfort and safety a hiker or backpacker would get from a traditional hammock.


Best One Person Backpacking Tents for Your Next Solo Trip & TOP 8 Reviews 2018

A one person backpacking tent is the most ideal for solo trips.

But, don’t just pop into any store and pick any mediocre tent because you have no one else to care about.

Your comfort, convenience and protection matters a lot and only the best one person tent can deliver.


Best 2 Person Backpacking Tents: Buyer’s Guide with TOP 10 Reviews 2018

Whether you’re traveling with your favorite adventure companion, your best friend, your sibling, or your significant other, one thing will always be true:

you need to find the best 2 person tent for your trip.

….or you can buy double camping hammock.