ENO Hammock Review – Is It The Best Camping Hammock 2021

If you’ve never read an ENO hammock review before, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Eagles Nest Outfitters is known around the world for producing high-quality camping hammocks that utilize the latest technology in their construction.

This is a brand that’s long been established for having top-notch products, and anyone would be lucky to own an ENO hammock.

If you’re on the market for a new hammock, you’ll really want to consider one of ENO’s two core models.

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What Makes ENO Hammocks Different?

ENO is most known for the versatility of their hammocks. While they only have a few core models, two of them are designed to be completely customizable.

You add your own accessories, and you even choose the kind of straps or suspension system you’d like to use.

Where most other hammocks come in a preconfigured kit that users have to learn to love or leave, ENO puts the customer completely in control.

Their core hammocks are all strong, stitched for your safety, and designed with the most durable materials available. Rather than producing an inexpensive product that’s merely “good enough”, ENO strives to make each of their hammocks the best on the market.

It’s that commitment to high-quality products that makes ENO so great.

ENO’s Accessories

Since ENO hammocks are highly customizable, their accessories as just as important as the hammocks themselves.

The hammocks serve as a canvas, and you get to pick and choose everything that surrounds that hammock.

You’re only buying the accessories that you need, and you don’t have to settle for generic fitting replacements. ENO manufacturers almost everything you could ever want to use with your hammock.

Rain Protection

A rain fly, sometimes called a rain tarp, is a necessity for hammock camping in rainy environments. Without it, your hammock will fill with water and you’ll get soaked.

ENO makes a wide variety of rain protection tarps in a whole host of sizes. Their ProFly rain tarp is designed to be the most durable, and it comes in a whole host of different sizes.

The FastFly rain tarp is designed for light rains, and is easy to put up. The HouseFly rain tarp is completely encompassing, and will even keep your gear dry during a heavy storm.

Hammock Quilts

ENO offers both top quilts and underquilts for hammocks. These are inserts that go in or around your hammock, and they offer a fair bit of insulation.

While it’s never a wise idea to go hammock camping during heavy snowfall, there’s no reason cold weather has to stop you. These quilts will keep you warm and shielded from chilly winter winds when you’re looking to camp during the offseason.

Some people simply use these quilts because they’re nice and comfy – they make an excellent alternative to a hammock sleeping pad.

Sleeping Pads and Sleeves

ENO makes sleeping pads and mattresses that are designed to fit directly inside of a hammock for added comfort. The sleeves keep these pads and mattresses from sliding around as you sleep.

They’ll slightly prevent the hammock from folding up on you as you sleep, creating that banana or cocoon shape that naturally occurs when someone lays in a hammock.

They’re the next best thing to a spreader bar, and they’ll keep you extra cozy.

Bug Nets

If you’re purchasing one of the core models of ENO’s hammocks, you might want to add a bug net to your purchase.

These nets will keep you safe from stinging or biting insects while you’re camping.

They’re easy to install, and they surround the hammock with a fine mesh that will promote air flow while blocking out even the smallest insects.

Many outdoor enthusiasts will consider a great bug net to be an absolute must. Unlike cheaper bug net accessories, this wraps around the entire hammock. There will be no place for bugs to fly up and inside of the enclosure, so you’ll always be protected.


ENO makes pillows sized specifically for use with their hammocks. Regular camping pillows generally won’t fit right inside of a hammock, and the exterior material of a regular pillow will cause it to slip and slide around during the night.

A hammock pillow will stay put, and it’s perfect for outdoor use. It’s lined with a breathable material that won’t get wet, preventing mold growth and keeping the pillow comfortable and fluffy for a long time.

Gear Slings

ENO’s Underbelly gear sling is perfect for campers who don’t want to leave their gear sitting on the ground. This sling is convenient in wet climates, especially if you’re hanging it beneath your hammock after you’ve put up a rain fly.

These aren’t a necessary part of the camping experience, but they’re very convenient. You’ll especially appreciate them if you’re camping high up off the ground and you’ll want to easy access your gear without having to climb down.

Suspension Systems and Tree Straps

ENO offers their customers several ways to install their hammocks.

They have traditional rope style suspension systems for people who prefer to camp the old fashioned way, or people who will need to get creative with the way they’re hanging their hammock in an unusual environment, such as a mountaintop.

Their strap systems come in several different varieties, most notably a basic and a premium system.

Their basic system, the Slap Strap Pro Hammock Suspension System only offers a few connection points, but it’s made to be as easy as possible for most beginners to figure out.

The Atlas Hammock Suspension System offers many more connection points, and you can do virtually anything with it.

Full Kits

If you’re looking to get a hammock with absolutely everything included, you can purchase one of ENO’s OneLink Sleep System kits.

These kits come with a hammock, a rain fly, a bug net, straps, lines, and stakes.

It’s everything you could possibly need to have a great camping trip, all included in a single package at a slightly discounted price. Going this way is a wise idea for the budget-conscious camper.

Though you’ll have fewer customization options, you can’t beat the deal you’re getting when you opt for a full kit. It’s every essential accessory, and a reliable hammock bundled together.

Most Popular ENO Hammocks

With the exception of ENO’s hammocks that come bundled in their OneLink Sleep System kits, none of their core models come with a suspension system. You’ll have to choose that yourself.

They have three main basic models, and each of them can be used for a different purpose. All of the core models come with carabiners and a carrying sack.

They all come in different sizes and different colors. The only limit is your imagination.

Eagles Nest Outfitters – SingleNest Hammock

This ENO hammock review is for the single nest hammock. It comes in different color configurations, including bright variants for better visibility from a distance.

The SingleNest hammock can support up to 400 pounds of user weight, and measures 9 feet and 4 inches long by 4 feet and 7 inches wide. It packs down to a 4 inch by 5 inch size for easy carry, similar to the size and shape of a standard softball.

This hammock only weighs one pound.

It’s made of 70D nylon taffeta, which is one of the strongest lightweight materials on the market. It breathes well in hot weather, and dries quickly when it gets damp.

You won’t have to worry about sticks and twigs ripping through the surface of this hammock either, thanks to the durability of the material.


  • This is an ideal size for a camper over 6 feet tall. Many budget hammocks don’t easily accommodate tall people, and this one does.
  • With a tested weight of up to 400 pounds, virtually everyone can use this hammock.
  • This is ideal for solo campers who want to keep the weight of their carry bag down, but don’t want to sacrifice on the quality of their supplies.


  • Like many single hammocks, this isn’t very wide. It’s wide enough to comfortably accommodate one camper, as long as that camper doesn’t require a lot of space. If you find that you get slightly claustrophobic, you may want to consider getting a double for yourself.


This is a great investment for the solo camper. It’s affordable when you consider the quality of the hammock that you’re getting. It’s easy to carry, and it takes up almost no space at all.

If you like to go on hiking trips alone, or go with friends who all carry their own gear, everyone should have an ENO SingleNest hammock on hand.

You’ll want to bring this to the beach with you, or set it up in your back yard when you want to soak up the sun on a nice day. It’s a great place to relax.

Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

This ENO hammock review is for the double nest hammock. It comes in an astounding 50 different color combinations, so you’ll be able to find one that works for you whether you’re a hunter or a camper.

The DoubleNest can handle up to 400 pounds of weight, and it measures 9 feet and 4 inches long by 6 feet and 2 inches wide. It packs down to weigh a mere 1 pound and 3 ounces, taking up the same amount of space as a large grapefruit.

Like all of ENO’s hammocks, this is made of high tenacity 70D nylon taffeta, which is one of the strongest, quickest drying, most breathable materials used in hammock making.

All of the steams are held together with triple interlocking stitching for maximum safety. This hammock is easy to maintain and reliable to use.


  • This hammock is big enough for two campers to share. If you’re a parent who is taking a small child with you, you’ll both be able to comfortably fit inside a single hammock. You’ll sleep well knowing your child is safe with you. It’s also great for couples who want to camp together, thanks to its spacious interior.
  • This is a great hammock for a single user who wants a little more space to move around. If you lay in the center, the edges won’t curl up as much. You’ll be able to stretch out with ease.
  • This is one of the largest double hammocks on the market. If you’ve tried others and found them too cramped, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the surface area of the DoubleNest.


  • Since this hammock is only rated for up to 400 pounds, two 200 pound people might push its limits a little. In that case, each person would need to get their own DoubleNest.


This is the best double hammock on the market. A great double hammock can be hard to find, and if you’ve had trouble in the past, there’s no reason to look any further.

This is very affordable for what it is, and it’s only slightly more than their SingleNest hammock.

If you simply want a little extra space, it won’t break the bank to go up a size and enjoy all of that extra room. In fact, many solo campers purchase the DoubleNest to use all by themselves.

It helps to know that two can safely use it, but one will have plenty of room to sprawl out.

Which ENO Hammock Should You Buy?

Each ENO hammock review lists the specifications of the model of the brand’s most well known hammocks.

You should always choose your hammock based on size, and consider the accessories later.

An ENO hammock is more than just a place to sleep – it’s a fully customizable camping experience. You can do whatever you want with your ENO hammock, and that’s the beauty of it all.

Whether you buy everything piece by piece or opt for one of ENO’s kits, you can always rest easy knowing you’re getting the best quality money could buy.

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