The Difference Between A Good Blog and A Blog That Will Fail in 2020

If you do it right, blogging alone could earn you about 10k a month.

Unfortunately, most of those who will be successful, will only make it to earning about 2k a month from blogging.

And the majority will most likely be able to cash-in a couple of dollars. Which means, you won’t be able to do it full time!

So what makes the difference?

Why are some blogs so god damn successful, while others keep on failing?

I mean, it seems simple to follow the most popular suggestions on successful blog writing: write better content, post more frequently, use SEO, create a nice design, follow your passion etc,

Simple! Isn’t it?

Well, not really! As I said, it is clear that not all of us can make it happen.

Personally I got to a Plato earning about 3k from one blog and I couldn’t figure out how to go above that and hit the 10k mark. Then I started to research what makes other websites better than others.

This got me to thinking and after a while, I got to noticing 5 distinct things that can make a difference. Of course, I focused on myself as a traveling blogger and the niche I am currently in.

But I’m sure that this will also work for you.


…if you are ready to change your approach to blogging and earn some actual money from the blog you create, listen up.

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A personality behind the blog

Get people to like you!

They will then like your content. What is more, you will have an audience that is engaged with your content and what you do besides writing the blog!

It’s just like building a brand.

Just, in this case, your name is the brand.

Take the famous Youtuber Casey Neistat for an example. I know, he’s not writing a blog and is a vlogger. But the same thing goes for blogging and just about any other form of content creation for that matter.

Casey’s name is a brand that stands for what being a Youtuber is all about. And he is well recognized for that. Every video he uploads is a long-awaited story for which people will take a break at work, just to watch.

When working on your blog, don’t forget to build the blog around who you are.

Over time, this will become one of the keys to your success. If people find you likable, interesting and worth engaging with, they will.

And this right here is the kind of engagement you can’t buy!

Use metrics that matter

So you want to make money from your blog.

Start paying attention to things that matter!

quality content meme

Most bloggers tend to concentrate on attracting huge numbers of page visitors by posting everyday, thru clickbait or any other way that helps them get the numbers up.

But the numbers don’t mean much, if your visitors don’t take action.

Let me put it this way! 7 customers from 100 visitors, is better than 0 customers from 700 visitors.

What actually matters, are the actions your visitors make once they are on your page.

So instead of creating lots of content, that simply generates traffic, focus on creating quality content that makes your visitors want to take action.

This will result in two things:

  • A clear picture of the metrics showing you what is happening when.
  • Engagement from your audience that is turning page visitors into customers.

I will talk more about quality content later on.

So what about the metrics?

Well, forget about the number of monthly visitors, the size of your e-mail list and the number of people who have opened your new, daily article.

Instead, focus on how many people are ready to subscribe after reading the post, then how many people open your e-mails and take action from there, and of course, actually buy your product.

Follow this path and improve it, to make even more of your page visitors go through the whole process.

In other words!

  • If people visit your page, read it, but don’t subscribe, improve your content.
  • If they subscribe, but don’t open your email, improve your e-mail titles.
  • If they open your e-mails, but don’t take action, improve your e-mail marketing tactics.
  • If they take action, but don’t buy whatever you offer, make the offer better or improve your content, so they would understand the necessity of this product or service.

And so on!

So spend more time understanding the numbers you have already and give back exactly what attracts them. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Which leads us to the quality of your content itself!

High-quality content that matters to your audience and your page

One too many times I have seen someone telling upcoming bloggers to post as often as they can.

If we keep in mind the metrics I mentioned and the fact that you want to build a brand-like page, you need to focus on quality.

You can post as frequently as you want, the traffic to your site will still be generated by a couple of the highest quality articles.

Don’t believe me? Open Google Analytics and check your website.

There are some great examples of sites, that won’t post very often, but will be able to generate impressive traffic. Take a look at or These guys don’t talk much, but when they do, people listen!

This means you have to create content that gives your readers practical advice.


In short, what is high-quality content?

To understand that, start by remembering this: your readers care about themselves.

What I mean by that is they are here for a reason. Your audience is a group of people, who have a common problem. The only thing you can do, is to help them solve this problem.

You could be the nicest, best-looking person there is, but if you can’t practically help your audience, they will soon forget about you.

So what you should do is avoid talking about yourself all the time, resolve a problem your audience deals with and give them extra value. Then, go the extra mile and put all of that, plus some extra information in a single e-book.

Most importantly, instead of posting 6 different articles about something we all know about SEO for example, create a single piece of content, which your readers can use as an overall guide.

And the same goes for any topic you want to talk about.

Of course, keep in mind, that who you are as a brand should go hand in hand with what you create your content around.

Target a specific niche, with laser-focused interests.

You will never be the best at everything.

And instead of trying to be, focus on something that you are truly great at.

These are the kind of skills that your audience is interested in learning from you.

Of course, you can talk about a bit of everything. But there is a little chance you will be able to provide your readers with the actual value this way.

However, when you are focused on a specific niche and the content you create is laser-focused on in-depth knowledge of this niche, there is a lot to learn from you.

And this is exactly what your readers want and need!

Just to remind you, this is where your traffic will also come from.

Why is this important?

Look at it this way. Would you trust your doctor to help you with fixing your car? No! Because you only trust him with things related to your health. (and the other way around)

People trust you more, if you are an expert in a specific niche. So focus on the thing that you are best at. And write the best piece of content there is, using common knowledge, pure theory, your experience, your own knowledge, your skills etc,

Don’t get me wrong, there are more things you can offer to your readers. But if you want to be considered an expert at something, make it something specific.

What do I mean by that?

Don’t just create a travel blog, create a travel blog that focuses on only one specific audience like:

  • travel blog for families with kids
  • travel blog for seniors
  • travel blog for those with limited mobility
  • travel blog for those who travel with bicycle

Do you want to create a blog about fitness? Be specific:

  • CrossFit blog for those over 50
  • fitness after pregnancy
  • Zumba for seniors

Money is in the back-end of your blog

It’s no secret that you can earn some more from placing banners and all sorts of ads throughout your blog.

However, the most successful bloggers will actually earn their income in the backend via special offers, different courses and programs that they won’t present to their first-time readers.

Once you have established yourself as a trusted blogger who’s helping readers solve their specific problems, readers will return to your page and will trust you with more than that.

You see, the content you create is there to establish trust!

This is why I talked about the 4 previous points before getting to making sales. Because the sales will take place in the back-end not directly by promoting a deal within your content.

Let’s take this website as an example.

I focus on solo travel! And I know very well that the number 1 problem for solo travelers is safety. Not finding their destinations or choosing a hotel!

That is why I have created one e-book including 50 solo travel safety tips, which could encourage people to go at it.

So far, there is nothing I offer to sell to my readers.

Then after many automated emails, I direct travelers to the most common problem: how to afford to travel more frequently. Or in this blog’s context: how to become a digital nomad and quit your 9-to-5.

And this is where I am feeling truly comfortable at. Therefore I know that I can give advice that actually matters to my readers.

And only in the end, when talking to those who are truly serious about making money while traveling, I can make an offer. An offer, that most of you won’t leave on the table, because you now know, that I know what I am talking about.

take my money meme

There is no secret that my offer is a course on Amazon Affiliate Marketing, which includes everything one might need to know in order to build a successful blog but I never promote this course directly to the first time readers who are looking for more information about solo travel.

If you are interested to learn how to build on this backend concept, I recommend you read the book “DotCom Secrets” by Russell Brunson. This is one of the best marketing books I have ever read.

Why am I telling you this?

This concept is not the most common among bloggers. There is no doubt about that!

But it sure as hell is effective! And it allows your blog to succeed, while giving you the chance to earn some actual money.

For each one of you, there will be some specifics that need to be adapted.

I mean, the same exact formula does not work for everyone. But the road to take is the same.

Build trust: give, give, give, give, give.

Once your readers recognize and trust you, give them an offer they can’t resist.