Digital Nomads

How to Become a Digital Nomad & Quit Your Boring 9 to 5! (2020 Edition)

If you’re reading this sentence at all, chances are you should only have one answer to this question:

What would your ideal job be?

And what’s the answer?

That’s right – getting paid while traveling (or not travel, simply work from home in your PJs).

Digital Nomads

So You Want to be a Digital Nomad? Read this First and Think Again!

Imagine commuting only to a beach cafe. Or a mountain top retreat. Or a riverside campsite with decent WiFi.

Becoming a digital nomad. Living the dream.

How many people are honestly staring out of rainy office windows in a city of millions of souls contemplating such a life?

Perhaps one of those people is you? In which case – read on.

Digital Nomads

The Difference Between A Good Blog and A Blog That Will Fail in 2020

If you do it right, blogging alone could earn you about 10k a month.

Unfortunately, most of those who will be successful, will only make it to earning about 2k a month from blogging.

And the majority will most likely be able to cash-in a couple of dollars. Which means, you won’t be able to do it full time!

So what makes the difference?

Digital Nomads

7 Must Know Tips How Digital Nomads Deal With Productivity

Imagine, that instead of doing work from a crowded, small office, you get to work on your computer while laying on a beach somewhere in Asia!

I mean, what more can you ask for? This is the perfect work environment, right?

Not really!