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The Difference Between A Good Blog and A Blog That Will Fail in 2019

If you do it right, blogging alone could earn you about 10k a month.

Unfortunately, most of those who will be successful, will only make it to earning about 2k a month from blogging.

And the majority will most likely be able to cash-in a couple of dollars. Which means, you won’t be able to do it full time!

So what makes the difference?

Digital Nomads

7 Must Know Tips How Digital Nomads Deal With Productivity

Imagine, that instead of doing work from a crowded, small office, you get to work on your computer while laying on a beach somewhere in Asia!

I mean, what more can you ask for? This is the perfect work environment, right?

Not really!

Digital Nomads

How To Travel The World While Building An Online Business [Ch. 4 of 4]

To get the most out of being a digital nomad, you have to have a successful source of income.

You probably know my thoughts on this topic if you have read the previous parts of this article series.

Digital Nomads

Dark Side of Being a Digital Nomad: Stop Dreaming [Ch. 3 of 4]

Being a digital nomad is all about freedom, adventures and great Instagram posts! Right?


It might seem like it, but the reality hits you hard and soon you realize, that there is a side to being a world traveler and digital nomad, that not many talk about.

Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Jobs That Are Actually Worth Taking On [Ch. 2 of 4]

There is really no doubt, that becoming a digital nomad is a dream for many people out there.

And all it actually takes is finding a job that you can do on the go!

Of course, it should also pay good enough for you to continue your way around the world.

Digital Nomads

The American Dream Is Dead! It’s Now All About The Digital Dream [Ch. 1 of 4]

If you can make it online, you can make it anywhere.

These are the words I stand by when thinking about work/travel relations.

Simply because it is online work that allows you to tear down all boundaries, to let you be exactly where and when you want to be.