Where to Escape the World in These Holidays? Find the Answer in UK!

Where to Escape the World in These Holidays? Find the Answer in UK!
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I think you can agree with us that:

Sometimes it seems better to visit a foreign country than explore your own.

But the truth is, we think, the UK has its very own extraordinary and incredible places for you to escape the world and JUST BE!

We’ll show you 10 superb “little Heaven in Earth (we mean, in UK)” places for your next “Escape the World” trip!

Sometimes you want to go away from the hustles and bustles of the city but you are not sure where you want to travel.

Maybe you fancy a short 2-day trip or you plan for a week away from home. Visit these places in the United Kingdom to escape the world.

Lake District

Lake District

Spanning 912 sq. miles, the Lake District is widely known for its fell mountains and glacial ribbon lakes – 12 of them. It’s home to the highest mountain in England, the Scafell Pike – 3,209 ft, which is why it continues to inspire many visitors by its scenery and magnificent views.

Boat excursions and kayaking across Lake Windermere form part of the outdoor adventures here. If you fancy a walk, there are endless walks around Ullswater, no matter your ability.

Or, you can hike up to the highest point of Helvellyn, the third highest peak in England at 950 meters above sea level.

Lake District

Make sure you are properly equipped to hike the Helvellyn Mountain. Tough hiking boots, hiking staff and a water bottle are essential. A hammock should not miss in your backpack; you’ll need it for your rests in between walks.

The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway

The Causeway coast in Antrim, Northern Ireland is an area covered by 40,000 interlocking basalt columns formed by cooling lava from an ancient volcanic eruption.

The tallest column is about 12 meters and the solidified lava is about 28 meters in the thickest sections.

The huge pillars of varying heights form the entire coastline of the area. It’s hard to believe that the hexagonal stepping stones occurred naturally but that’s the beauty that needs to be witnessed.

northern ireland rocks

The Giant’s Boot, Giant’s Harp, Giant’s eyes and the Giant’s Gate are some of the notable features here, perhaps why some say the columns are the remnants of a causeway built by a giant.

Other creations include the Shepherd’s Steps, the Honey Comb and the Chimney Stacks.

Located next to the sea, the area attracts several species of seabirds while the weathered rocks form a haven to a number of plants.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts beautiful cliff paths stretching 15 miles along the coastline. Take this trail in sturdy hiking boots because the volcanic, slippery rocks are unforgiving.


Snowdonia landscape

The name derives from Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and England at 3560 ft. It is also home to the largest lake in Wales.

Amazing 360-degree views of the mountains, valleys and the coastline below are Snowdonia’s invitations.

Snowdonia is popular as a hiking destination of which many hikers concentrate on mount Snowdon. It can be quite crowded sometimes especially due to the Snowdon Mountain Railway that runs to the summit.

If you don’t like the crowd, there are other high mountains with boulder-strewn summits that you can climb, like the Tryfan. But, this time you have to involve both your hands and feet to take on this mountain.

Snowdonia lake with tree

It’s quite an awesome challenge in the backcountry.

There are also spectacular walks on the lower areas such as the Y Garn, Nantile Ridge and the Cadair Idris.

Generally, the park has 1,479 miles of public footpaths plus the majority of the park is covered by the Freedom to Roam laws. So, take your young, energetic legs and exploit to your ability.

Don’t forget to visit the Pentop Cottage in the woods. It might offer you a place to sleep.

Glenfinnan, Scottish Highlands


Glenfinnan is a village in the Highlands of Scotland that attracts thousands of visitors from around the globe to experience the amazing scenery.

There is a special atmosphere in Glenfinnan that’s brought about the sparse population which makes it a perfect destination away from town.

The area is also famous for the Jacobsite Steam Train that operates the railway line between Fort William and Mallaig, traveling on the Glenfinnan viaduct. The viaduct at Glenfinnan is 100 ft. from the ground and spans 1,000 ft. between the connecting lands.

Glenfinnan bridge

The landscape where the viaduct is situated is popular with filmmakers, including the famous Harry Potter series. The Glenfinnan Monument and Visitor Centre is a must-see.

It honours the Jacobsite clansmen who fought and dedicated their lives in support of Charles Edward Stuart.

If you want to feel the thrill of Glenfinnan, visit there in mid-August to catch up with the Glenfinnan Gathering and Games. The event happens every Saturday closest to 19th August each year.

Hope Valley, Peak District

waterfall in Peak District

The Hope Valley is a walks haven, which gives its nickname, wonderful walking country. It is also a top destination for bikers, hang-gliders, rock climbers, potholers and pony trekkers.

Quiet activities such as angling and bird watching should also not be missed.

Mam Tor, known as the “Shivering Mountain” is the figurehead of Hope Valley. It was once the home of the Iron Age clan and the fort on top of the hill is the only remaining evidence. It’s now the launch pad for hang-gliders.

The Winnats Pass remains the only road leading to the valley from the West. Other roads were swept down by frequent landslides.

Castleton is the place to visit and see the old crafting. The village is also famous for the ancient Garland Ceremony held every May and the Christmas lights.

You’ll also see the Peveril Castle that guards the village. It was built in 1088 by William Peveril, the illegitimate son of William I.

There are three rivers that define the valley; River Noe, Peak Water and River Derwent. Apart from being angling grounds, they are awesome recreational centers of Hope Valley. There are bicycles for hire in case you want to explore the pine-clad slopes.

Brecon Beacons

brecon beacons

The Brecon Beacons is the perfect place to visit for full week trips or even more. There is so much to do for all types of travelers plus food and drinks to indulge in.

Rare outdoor activities like paddle sports, extreme kayaking, rock climbing and abseiling are common here.

You can choose to sleep in the grand backcountry hotels or camp in the National Park. Of course, camping is the ideal getaway option plus you’ll enjoy stargazing at night from inside your tent. Just make sure to carry one with a stargazing fly.

Actually, you can see the Milky Way on a clear night in the Park. Meteor showers, bright nebulas, and major constellations are enough to make you starry-eyed.

The Park even boasts of having the highest quality dark skies in the entire UK.

There are walks with varied landscapes and for all levels of ability within the Park.

waterfall in brecon beacons

Hikers and backpackers have always chosen the prominent twin summits of Pen-y-Fan and Corn Du and you can take this challenge too.

The Brecon Beacons is also the perfect destination for horse lovers. With over 600 miles of tracks, across acres of land and moors and fields, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the wildlife in one of the best riding in the UK.

Glen Nevis, Scottish Highlands

scotland Ben Nevis

The Glen Nevis offers a fantastic range of outdoor activities plus sightseeing opportunities. It spans over 30 acres of beautiful grounds with trees, hedges and shrubs that complement the surrounding.

Glen Nevis has five dedicated fields for tents so you’ll find a perfect place to pitch your tent. As well, you can book one of their already existing pitches.

Enjoy camping in the heart of stunning highland scenery.

You can explore the many footpaths that wind through the forest and alongside River Nevis. There are hiking routes for all levels of ability.

Whether you want to trek the riverside, meander through the forest or climb Ben Nevis, you’ll find a walk that’s perfect for your day.

Ben Nevis mountain

Backpacking trips from Glasgow to Fort William are also possible if you are interested in a long-distance route.

There are also places for climbing, abseiling, skiing and snowboarding if you want to take on extra challenges.

After a busy day in Glen Davis, relax at the nearby restaurant and bar and sample traditional Highland hospitality. Alternatively, you can take your hammock and find a perfect location in the woods to lose yourself.

The Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Located just off England’s South coast, the Isle of Wight is the perfect destination throughout the year. It’s accessible via the Isle of Wight Ferry.

There are many ways to experience the Island. No matter what interests you in your travels, you’ll find something that suits your needs.

If you like basking on sandy beaches, the Island has the best beaches in Europe.

The Isle of Wight is widely recognized by the famous Needles Rocks and the Trinity Lighthouse. There are great shops at the Needles Landmark Attraction where you can find a wide range of souvenirs that suits all budgets.

Isle of Wight

If you like to camp, there is a wide selection of campsites to choose from. You’ll also find several footpaths that lead through the farms, fields and woods.

Some campsites are near fishing lakes while others adjoin farms where you can meet friendly farm animals.

You can also have a few more home comforts by glamping in a yurt with a shower room and woodburning stove. You may also want to take a walk through the Ventnor Botanic Gardens in whatever season.

There are numerous activities to do and places to visit in Isle of Wight which you must be seen to be appreciated.

White Cliffs of Dover

White Cliffs of Dover

There are many reasons to visit the White Cliffs of Dover. Many people avoid traveling in winter but this is the perfect place for a winter walk. Make sure to dress warm and experience the calmness of a foggy cliff top trek.

On the clearest sunny days, you can amble across the cliffs and enjoy stunning views across the channel. You may even see the Eiffel Tower in France.

white cliffs

Even in the worst weather, the view from atop Visitor Centre is breathtaking. You can watch the ferries haul in the ferocity of a storm and as the waves crash against the sea wall.

Still, you can escape the rain and the wind with a bowl of traditional soup or a mug of hot chocolate.

There is plenty of flora and fauna in the area. The abundance of wildflowers especially attracts butterflies and birds. Historical sites like the two wrecks at the base of the cliffs are also worth staring.

The tour guides can help you explore more historical features.

Dartmoor, Devon


Situated in the heart of Devon, England, Dartmoor National Park is a landscape of granite tors, stunning views, and wooded valleys.

There are fast flowing rivers plus rugged, open spaces where you can walk and run to your heart’s content.

There are also gentle, quiet areas which are perfect for a picnic. Take a trek across the windswept moors or go for short strolls through the hidden woods. Try on the moderate or hard routes if you are a confident hiker.

If you just want to play cool, find a nice location to tie a hammock and relax while watching the herd of ponies graze together. You can also wonder at the marble museum, travel back in time in a steam train or visit one of the Park’s visitor centers and study the history of Dartmoor.


The UK is a top tourist destination for many people from around the world because of the historic sites, old castles, phenomenal countryside and remarkable museums.

Drag out of the busy schedules and go lose yourself in the listed top UK backcountry places.

Don’t forget to carry the appropriate gear for the activities you plan to do.

Any places we’ve missed, which you think should have been on the list, please leave down in the comment section! And we will add it to this article! 🙂