Best Travel Makeup Bags & Cosmetic Cases + TOP 13 Bag Reviews 2021

Traveling can be stressful enough without having a chaotic makeup bag to deal with.

You want to be able to find what you’re looking for without rummaging.

And, it can be very helpful if your makeup bag is all set to go through security without having to reorganize everything.

A good travel makeup bag can help to make traveling a breeze.

This article will recommend some excellent choices to help you choose the best travel makeup bag for your purposes.

We’ll go roughly in size order, starting with the clutches and moving up to the beasts at the end.

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TOP 13 Best Travel Makeup Bag Reviews 2021

LeSportsac Classic Cosmetic Clutch

The Classic Cosmetic Clutch from LeSportsac is one of my favorites. The minimalist in me loves the simplicity, the small size, and super stylish exterior.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup so this is perfect for a bit of mascara, eyeshadow and lip gloss with room for some other travel essentials like Kleenex and hand sanitizer or a tube of moisturizer to counter that drying airport air con.


  • The perfect size for minimalist travelers (8” x 5.7”).
  • Very durable and reliable LeSportsac quality, made of tough ripstop nylon.
  • 2 separate zip compartments allow for some basic organization.


  • Likely not big enough for someone who likes to carry a lot of makeup.


Unless you’re looking for something bigger, what’s not to love about this cute clutch?

A good size for the essentials, top quality materials that will last a very long time and a range of colors and patterns to choose from.

Sephora Collection Overnighter Makeup Bag

Sephora is known for making classic, well-designed makeup bags and their Overnighter is no exception.

Designed especially for travel, it has just enough space for one of everything and is lightweight, compact and convenient to carry.


  • One mesh divider lets you organize the basics.
  • 11” wide makes this a medium sized bag.
  • The quilted faux leather exterior is durable and stylish.
  • The price is reasonable for the quality of this clutch.


  • Minimal options for organizing things in different pockets.


This is the best travel makeup case for the light traveler who just wants the essentials in a compact, convenient but very stylish package.

ProCase Makeup Bag

This is another beautiful wee clutch that makes the list due to its high quality and popularity.

This 10.2” x 7” x 4” case is a pretty good size for a clutch style and will hold all of the essential travel makeup that you’d need for a short trip.


  • It is made of water-resistant, lightweight material that is durable and easy to clean.
  • The black outer with polished gold zipper is sleek and stylish.
  • One main compartment holds all of the staple products while a zippered interior pocket provides a safe place for small or valuable items.


  • Limited interior pockets may be frustrating if you’re looking for a case with a place for everything.


This is another makeup bag for the girl who travels light and is looking for a beautifully designed, good quality clutch to keep a small number of essential items safe and protected.

TSA Approved Toiletry Bags

This isn’t the most conventional route when thinking about travel makeup bags, but it just might work for you.

These clear plastic pouches are all set to go through security with your liquids and gels.

This is also an environmentally friendly option as it saves using the single-use plastic bags that they provide you with at airport security.


  • The 2 pack means you can keep all of your liquids and gels in one, and compacts and brushes in the other.
  • The durable plastic will last a long time and keep your makeup safe and secure while protecting the rest of your luggage from leaks and spillages.
  • The see-through plastic can also be really convenient when you’re looking for something. You won’t have to rummage for long when you can see through the case!


  • No individual pockets for organizing things but I’m not convinced they’re necessary in this case.


These clear plastic pouches manage to be practical and pretty good looking at the same time and are the ideal choice for the hand luggage traveler.

I can personally vouch for using this style of bag long term when traveling.

Vera Bradley Iconic Cosmetic Case

At 7” high and 9” wide, this is a pretty sizable clutch style bag with a separate size pocket and a beautiful quilted exterior.

The advantage this has over the small pouch style clutches above that this bag is free standing, so you can dive into it from the top while it’s sitting on a shelf without having to hold it to stop everything from falling out.


  • PVC lined interior is spill proof and easy to wipe clean.
  • The soft case means that if you’re not filling it up completely, it will compress and not take up space in your suitcase.
  • It’s lightweight, compact, and convenient to travel with.


  • Just 2 compartments.


This is a beautiful makeup case, with a practical design and convenient shape so that the zip opens along the top.

The best cosmetics bag for travel if you want a reasonable size but lightweight, compressible, easy access style.

Casper & Coal Travel Cosmetic Bag

If you’re into to the natural vibe, this canvas bag is one very, very good looking makeup case.

It is a beautiful circular design that keeps everything conveniently standing upright for easy access and prevention of leaks and spills.

The canvas drawstring top closes up snugly to keep everything safe and secure inside for travel.


  • The simple drawstring design means there’s less to go wrong or break, and no fiddly zips or buckles to deal with.
  • The high-quality canvas and nylon construction is very durable and machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • 3 mesh pockets and 3 elasticated straps keep your cosmetics organized in the main compartment.


  • If you use makeup brushes, the elastic bands inside aren’t small enough to hold one makeup brush so you’d need to put a few in together to hold them securely.


This is one beautifully designed makeup bag that is well suited for someone who travels light and likes the natural look.

WuHua Double Layer Portable Makeup Bag

This is a makeup bag for the organization junkies on a budget. There are pockets and compartments galore allowing you to keep everything in its place, and all for a very affordable price.

The bag zips closed into a 7.1” x 3.1” x 4.7” oblong shape but opens into 2 halves with 2 zips, separated by a center compartment.


  • A transparent Velcro pocket makes the perfect storage place for brushes, keeping them completely enclosed and the bristles protected.
  • The double-layer design results in effectively 4 separate compartments with additional smaller pockets for optimum organization.
  • Tough nylon material is durable and water-resistant.
  • This is a very affordable bag.


  • This isn’t exactly a compact bag once packed down, so if you like to travel light, this isn’t for you.


This is the best makeup organizer travel bag.

Plus, it’s also a cheap bag, so if affordability is what you’re after, that’s another reason to go for this baby.

Rownyeon Portable Travel Makeup Bag

This is another no-frills makeup bag with plenty of pockets and compartments that get the job done effectively and at a very affordable price.

The train case style has one main compartment with Velcro movable dividers and a lid with elastic brush and pencil holders.


  • 8” x 9.1” x 3.5” is a good size for a decent haul of makeup.
  • Moveable dividers make for a customizable interior so that you can fit all of your favorite products.
  • Plenty of elasticated pockets on the lid allow for all of your brushes to be safely stowed behind a Velcro flap.
  • Oxford material is durable and waterproof while the padded interior is shake-proof to keep your makeup protected.


  • It may not be as durable as a more expensive case.


This makeup case is a bargain, and at this price, you can’t really go wrong. This is the best makeup case for girls traveling on a budget.

Habe Travel Makeup Bag with Mirror

This Habe Makeup Bag is a slightly more expensive but more durable version of the Rownyeon above.

So if you’re in the market for a slightly better quality case that will go the distance, this is one of the best makeup cases for travel.


  • Stretchy brush holders in the lid have space for extra-long brushes and a protective Velcro flap over them.
  • Adjustable dividers in the main compartment make for customizable compartments.
  • There is a built-in mirror in the lid for convenient touch-ups on the road.
  • The material is high quality and durable, 100% vegan, and the walls are shockproof providing extra protection for your makeup.


  • Unfortunately, the mirror isn’t removable.


This is the best makeup bag for travel if you’re looking for something with a good balance of quality, value for money, organization, and size.

It ticks all the boxes.

PurseN Lexi Travel Organizer

The Lexi Travel Organizer is easily the best makeup bag for travel 2021.

It is so well designed that I can’t find fault with it. It’s a little on the pricey side but its quality and durability make it a worthwhile spend.


  • The interior consists of a ring binder system with clear zip up pouches that clip into the binder for easy removal. The pouches hold a good amount of products allowing you to organize your makeup easily.
  • Each pouch can be taken out and traveled with by itself for extra versatility.
  • The whole case unzips around the sides and expands upwards to increase its capacity as you fill-up the pouches.
  • Made of very good quality faux leather, this is one top quality case.


  • I can’t find a con for this case.


If quality, ease of organization and versatility are what you’re after, this case has it all.

The clear pouches and ring binder design is simply ingenious. It is the best travel bag for makeup and brushes due to its fantastic pouches.

Professional Makeup Train Case

This waterproof and shockproof makeup case is the one to go for if size is your priority but you don’t have a huge budget.

It is affordable, protective and pretty durable for the price.

10.3” x 9” x 3.6” is a good sized case for travel so you should have no trouble fitting everything in for your trip provided you don’t try and take your entire makeup collection.


  • Adjustable dividers mean you can customize the compartments to the sizes you want to fit your makeup.
  • The hard shell exterior is waterproof and shockproof to protect your makeup from bumps and rain showers while on the move.
  • The soft pockets in the lid hold brushes perfectly so that you can have everything in the same case.
  • The interior is designed to cope with spills, not that this should happen in this case, being waterproof and easy to clean.
  • It’s affordable!


  • Will smell a little of glue for the first few days until you’ve aired it out.


This is the best makeup bag with compartments owing to its impressive durability for a very affordable price, and customizable compartments.

Sleeko TSA Compliant Hanging Toiletry Bag

The Sleeko Hanging Toiletry Bag is the best travel makeup toiletry bag. It has space for all of your makeup AND toiletries in conveniently organized pockets and pouches, and it hangs for ultra-convenient access once set up in your hotel room.


  • It comes with a clear TSA approved toiletry bag that sits conveniently in one of the pockets when hanging and can be taken out easily to go through security.
  • Another removable padded case makes an ideal makeup case, keeping your makeup separate from the rest of your toiletries if you prefer.
  • The whole thing packs down to a compact size and then easily unrolls to hang up with its built-in hook once you arrive.
  • An additional 3 pockets and 2 mesh pouches make convenient storage for small items.


  • If you fill one part of it to capacity with large toiletry bottles, you’ll have limited space in the rest of it for other items if you want it to close securely.


This is a great travel makeup case if you want something that can handle some toiletries too, and with the convenience of hanging up at your destination.

Monstina Large Travel Makeup Train Case

This is one serious makeup case, designed for makeup artists carrying a serious amount of makeup on the road.

16.5” x 12” x 5.5” is very large, so if this is the sort of size you’re looking for, this is the bag for you.


  • Comes with a shoulder strap and a strap for attaching to the handle of a wheeled suitcase for easy transportation.
  • Padded inner layer protects against vibration.
  • Durable Oxford material outer.
  • All of the pockets, pouches, and compartments you could possibly dream of.


  • Definitely way too big for the average traveler, but you know, just keeping the options open.


For ladies who are really serious about their makeup, this is the best large travel makeup bag, and it is very large.

women travel makeup bag with brushes

Now that you’ve seen the list of what I recommend. How should you choose the best travel makeup bag for you?

There are different things to bear in mind when choosing the best travel makeup bag.

Some things, like wanting your makeup to be protected and well organized, I think most of us can agree on.

Other things are more of a personal preference.

For instance, do you want to be able to use the same bag to go through airport security? If so, a clear bag that fits within the size restrictions of the airline you travel with will save you a lot of hassle transferring everything.

Or, is your travel makeup bag going to be checked into your luggage and if so, do you want it to be large enough to hold things like sunscreen and shower gel?

This section will list and explain the main things to consider when picking out a travel makeup bag.

How Should You Choose a “GOOD” Travel Makeup Bag for You?


Size is probably going to the biggest deciding factor in what makeup bag you end up with.

And what size you need depends on how much makeup you wear, what sort of trip you’re going on and for how long.

A beach holiday in South East Asia would probably require less makeup compared to urban exploration of Paris or Rome.

Luckily, there are makeup bags to suit all size requirements, from cute little clutches that will just have room for essentials and easily fit in your carry-on bag, to larger, more heavy duty cases of the kind you’d want if you were going to a business conference.


In this case, I think we can all agree that lighter is better.

After all, why would you want the case that is holding your makeup to eat into the weight allowance that could be taken up by more makeup instead?

Then again, things are never quite that simple.

Lighter can mean less sturdy and mean either the bag will fall apart after a certain amount of traveling, or your makeup will suffer from being dragged along a street of European cobbles without a protective enough case around it.

So, it looks like it comes down to a compromise of weight, protectiveness, and durability.


Well, who am I to tell you what color your makeup case should be?

I can’t even decide for myself half of the time.

But, depending on what the rest of your things look like, you may want something that blends in and keeps with a certain style.

On the other hand, you might want a bold color that stands out so that you always know where your makeup case is and don’t have to hunt for it.


This is again mostly personal preference, but some materials will be more durable than others.

A good quality faux leather may be more durable and attractive than a cheap nylon.

But good quality nylon will definitely be a better choice than cheap pleather which will look tacky very quickly.

Quality Counts!

Number of Pockets/Compartments

Us girls love pockets in our makeup cases!

You can organize everything easily in its own little compartment and always be able to find what you’re looking for without having to rummage.

Pockets can also help to stop things from leaking if you keep your bag the right way up when you travel.

In general, it seems the more the better when it comes to pockets, without going into overdrive of course.

The pockets also need to be big enough to fit larger items so that you’re not just left with a bunch of tiny pockets that your bigger things won’t fit into.

Practicality vs. Style

Practically should trump style when it comes to travel.

But luckily, there are enough well-designed travel makeup bags on the market these days that you should be able to get something that ticks both boxes!


makeup for women

Can I bring makeup in my carry-on luggage?

Yes! But it depends on how much you’re carrying, and you’ll need to separate the gels and liquids from everything else to go through security.

How much makeup can I bring in my carry-on luggage?

Most airlines won’t let you carry over 1L worth of liquids or gels (and remember they must be in containers of 100ml or less).

But there should be no limit on compacts, and obviously brushes and sponges. Tweezers and nail clippers are usually ok, while nail files are usually not ok.

Check with your airline to be sure!

Will a soft-shelled makeup bag get crushed in my suitcase?

That depends on how you pack and how full your makeup bag is. If your makeup bag is reasonably full and you pack it carefully between soft items in your suitcase, it should be fine if your suitcase isn’t in danger of being completely crushed.

What’s the difference between a travel makeup bag and a regular makeup bag?

A travel makeup bag will generally be lighter and more portable with more pockets that zip close rather than open compartments. It will usually have some conveniently placed handles and be designed to protect your makeup rather than just store it.


So, there you have it…

Hopefully, this has provided you with a helpful guide for choosing the best travel makeup bag.

All of the bags above will be great options and I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all bases so there should be something there for everyone!

Be sure to comment below if you’ve tried any of these bags and have any thoughts on them.

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