Best Portable Travel Coffee Makers: Quick Guide & TOP 11 Reviews 2021

Don’t you think that having a good cup of coffee in the morning is one of the best ways you can start your day?

It’s like the human version of jump leads.

But when you’re camping, you might struggle to get a decent cup of joe unless you bring all the gear with you. And I’m not talking about a jar of instant here!

This is where the best travel coffee maker could really come in handy and it just so happens I’ve been reviewing a bunch to see what’s out there.

Take a look at my top 11 picks to find out what could be the best portable coffee maker for you.

Below the review, you’ll find a handy guide of what to look out for too.

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TOP 11 Best Travel Coffe Makers of 2021

Primula Single Serve Coffee Brew Buddy

This little number from Primula is a shoe-in for the best travel mug coffee maker on the list. It packs down to next to nothing, saving you loads of space.

You just add your coffee grounds to the filter in the mug (because you’ve already packed several bags of them) and pour over hot water.

You’ll have a delicious cup of coffee inside 30 seconds – brewed to however strong your taste.

It’s super easy to clean too, which means it’s the perfect coffee maker for when you’re on the go.


  • Easily the smallest and most practical of the options here – it’s got “travel coffee maker” written all over it.
  • You can’t go wrong with the price – they’re practically paying YOU to buy one!


  • Only brews for one – you’ll need extra if you’re traveling with two or more.
  • It’s just the cup and filter – you’ll need to provide everything else – including sourcing the hot water. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem at good campsites, or if you pack a portable kettle.


For price, size, simplicity, and ease of use, this offering gets my vote.

And it’s not just for campers too – folks have been keeping this in their desk drawers at work to enjoy their preferred bean at break time!

AdirChef Grab N’ Go Personal Coffee Maker

This is an eco-friendly coffee maker that doesn’t need replacement filters. It comes with a travel mug/flask that is secure, meaning you can enjoy your morning cup while rushing out the door.

It’s a compact design that you can take anywhere – all you’d need to do is find an electrical outlet.

AdirChef even offer the option to purchase a custom-made travel pouch – which would be well worth a little bit of extra cash if you’re taking this machine camping or hiking.

Brews in under 4 minutes – so you’re not hanging around.


  • I’m a big fan of the size – and it being able to pack into the travel pouch. Although that’s sold separately, I feel it would also be a useful purchase if using this product while traveling.
  • Auto shut-off is a nice touch when it’s finished brewing.
  • It’s also a really great price.
  • Comes in a variety of colors – not something you’d necessarily want in your coffee maker – but fun nonetheless!


  • It might not stand up to much of a beating, so look elsewhere if you need something more rugged.


All in all, it’s a cracking little coffee maker that will get the job done.

It’s great for space saving in the home too.

Black & Decker Brew ‘N Go Personal Coffee Maker

The Brew ‘n Go series from power tool stalwarts Black & Decker is an extremely popular choice for many on-the-go coffee drinkers.

It’s from a name you can trust, so you know you’re getting a good quality product.

No need for paper filters and a one-touch operation ensures you’ll have your morning cup in no time.


  • Another great coffee maker at a price anyone can afford.
  • Super compact size – perfect for space-saving in your kitchen or traveling – which is what we’d all want it for!
  • Includes a stainless-steel travel mug that fits into most car cup holders.


  • The 15-ounce travel mug might be a little on the small side for some.


At this price, you might want to buy several – especially as it comes from such a reputable company.

A top-quality travel coffee maker that seems to have cornered the popular vote.

Presto MyJo Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Presto coffee maker just might be the best portable coffee maker for camping on this list.

All you need to do is add hot water.

You fill the reservoir with hot water and then either add a scoop of your own choice of bean – or a disposable single-use pot. Then you manually pump or press the hot water through and over your own cup or travel mug.


  • Compact, light and endlessly portable – this will fit into your carry-on backpack with ease.
  • Can be heated in a microwave which is a bonus.
  • Nice to have the option of using your own coffee grounds or a single-use pot.


  • Doesn’t come with its own travel mug.
  • I’m personally not a fan of single-use pots – it creates too much plastic waste. Purchasing replacements can be a hassle and costly too.


This is a terrific little coffee maker that is just right for camping, but I’d only use my own coffee and not the wasteful single-use pot if I were to make this my purchase.

Espro Travel Coffee Press

The Espro coffee maker is a classic French press design and it looks really sleek and sexy! It’s one beautiful piece of kit!

Works as any regular press through its patented double filter – so you don’t get any grinds in your brew. Nobody wants their teeth covered in sludge when starting the day.

The thermal flask will keep your beverage hot for hours.


  • It’s a lovely design that will slip into any hiking backpack like a water bottle.
  • Solidly made – you don’t need to worry about this falling apart.
  • Comes in a variety of colors – although you will pay extra for the funkier ones.


  • A little fiddly to clean if I’m being picky.


I can’t fault this travel coffee press much at all, save that we’re moving on up the price scale.

You knew that was going to happen though, didn’t you?

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

If you thought the Black & Decker offering was raking in the reviews, check out the Aeropress entry! This device was invented back in 2005 and it’s been cleaning up in the ratings ever since.

It can make a delicious espresso shot with its unique French press style. You can then adapt this to your taste, be it Americano, cappuccino, latte…just go wild!

Comes with its own travel bag so you can pack it up with ease and stash it in your luggage or backpack.


  • One of the best coffee makers on the market – period. Since its conception, it has garnered outstanding reviews around the web.
  • Really easy to clean.
  • Take it anywhere – the travel tote back is a great bonus.


  • Needs replacement filters.


A seriously impressive piece of kit, the Aeropress is worth checking out even if you’re not going camping. I’m 99% convinced I’m buying one of these just for the sake of it!

Mounchain Portable Coffee Maker

The Mounchain entry on our list is a battery-operated coffee maker, so you don’t need to worry about finding a socket – but you might need to worry about finding replacement batteries at some point!

It uses two AAA cells to press either your chosen brand or a single-use pod. You have to add the hot water yourself.

It’s an extremely lightweight and portable design and includes a coffee cup to press your beverage into.


  • I like how portable this device is – fits easily into the side mesh of any backpack.
  • Battery operation takes the effort out of pressing the coffee.


  • Batteries will need replacing after around 100 cups of coffee. You should be pretty wired after that though.


A nice touch having the battery operation, this coffee maker might be a good option for a solo camper.

Remember though – the batteries are for operating the French press alone. They don’t heat the water in this particular model.

Asobu Coldbrew Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Here’s an alternative option if you’re not fussy about having your coffee hot. The Asobu Coldbrew is a really stylish device that gives you amazing iced coffee every time.

It takes time to brew though, so it’s not the option for an instant cup. You need to pregame and let it sit for 12-24 hours.

Easy enough to do if you prepare it the night before with your chosen bean and some cold water.

The airtight flask ensures your coffee stays fresh and cold for hours.


  • No need to worry about heating water, batteries or electrical devices.
  • Iced coffee is apparently better for you apparently. According to some men in white coats anyway.
  • The coffee maker is a really beautiful, futuristic-looking appliance. Anyone visiting is guaranteed to inquire as to what it is.


  • Cold coffee anyone? Seriously though, this device is clearly not for everyone.
  • Takes an eternity to brew. Well, 24-hours, but that’s a lifetime in the coffee making world.


A fun and funky alternative to a hot cuppa, this is a stylish pick if you’re looking for something a little different.

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker

Ahhhh, Coleman. I bet you were wondering when they were going to show up?!

The camping kings are no strangers to quality products for making life easier when we’re venturing into the great outdoors, and their propane travel coffee maker is a prime example.

Attaches to a mini gas stove (sold separately) so you can heat your water pretty much anywhere on the planet. Works even in extreme conditions.

Makes 10 cups worth of java – so it’s great if you’re part of a family or larger group. Or you just like getting jacked up on loads of caffeine alone.


  • Genuinely portable.
  • The large capacity is a real advantage.
  • Packs up nice and neat in its own carrying case.
  • You know it’s going to be a quality piece of kit from Coleman.


  • Only works if you have the propane gas cylinder – and they can be quite pricey.


This would be my top pick if I was part of a family or group camping trip, but since I travel solo most of the time it’s not quite right for me.

Still, it’s a top-drawer effort from an outdoor name you can trust.

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Now, this is where we start to get really serious when it comes to parting with our hard-earned cash.

This portable espresso maker is tiny, yet it will provide up to 18 bars of pressure for you to squeeze out a perfect shot of the good stuff.

It’s effectively like having one of those expensive, counter-top espresso machines in the palm of your hand.


  • Perfect for travel, this is a great option for when you’re on the road.
  • Bright and colorful design.
  • Known to produce delicious shots of espresso every time.


  • You’ll need to fill it with piping hot water if you want the best results.
  • Can be a bit of a pain to pump by hand.
  • Price will put off most casual coffee drinkers.


It’s a terrific option for travel – but only if you’re really serious about your espresso.

CISNO Automated Portable Espresso Machine

Finally, we arrive at the higher end of travel coffee makers with this option from Cisno. Be prepared to dig deep if you’re thinking of adding this to your travel kit.

This machine is the only one on the list that boils the water itself. It comes with a removable, rechargeable lithium battery that will heat your water to 194°F/90°C.

Bear in mind it only uses the Nespresso pods – I don’t believe you can use your own grounds with this particular model.


  • As portable as they come – it’s the only device here that heats the water too.
  • Stylish design.
  • Offers 80 cups per charge.


  • Only uses the Nespresso pods – I believe I’ve made my feelings clear on these!
  • The price will put most people off.


It’s not perfect by a long stretch, but this some serious hardware for those hardcore espresso drinkers out there.

What to Look for in the Best Travel Coffee Maker 2021

Unless you’re already an expert, you might need to arm yourselves with a little bit of info on what to look for in the products.

Here then, is your handy guide to finding the best travel coffee maker for you.

girl drinking coffee in campsite


Perhaps the number one consideration is how much space is it going to take up – or rather – how much space do you have available. This all depends on how you’re traveling.

Hiking and camping in the backwoods is totally different to tour driving round established campsites.

Make your choice depending on how you’re going to use it – but remember that it doesn’t need to be a large product to make good coffee.

My gut instinct would be to go for something as portable and lightweight as possible.

Power Supply

Another important decision to make is how would you like your water to be heated?

Portable coffee makers come with a variety of power supply options.

Once again it all boils down (sorry) to how you’re traveling.

Do you want a battery-operated machine, something that needs an electrical outlet or makes use of your gas stove?

And that has a knock-on effect when it comes to ensuring you have the right facilities to make your coffee in the first place – so choose wisely.

The Style

No, I’m not necessarily talking about how beautiful a coffee maker looks (although some of them are really rather attractive) I’m talking more about how you actually brew the coffee.

There are three main types to look for when choosing the best portable coffee maker.

Espresso style, filter/pour over and French press.

Whichever one you choose is purely about taste but the operation and brewing times will be different for each one – so that’s something to bear in mind.

travel girl with cup of coffee

Brewing Time

Coffee on the go should be just that – you don’t want to be hanging around for an age while you’re waiting for the actual beans to grow.

The best portable travel coffee maker won’t take longer than five minutes to get your beverage to your lips.

Of course, if you’ve got all the time in the world, then, by all means, you can opt for a slower machine.

Good things come to those who wait after all.


We hate it, but it’s got to be done.

Otherwise, you’ll be vacuuming coffee grinds out of the seams of your backpack for months to come.

Keep in mind the practicalities of cleaning the product when you’re making your choice.

Some can be rinsed quickly and easily at any sink, while others might take a little more elbow grease to come up gleaming.

It once again comes down to how you’re traveling.


How many cups are you making?

Obviously, if you’re in a traveling party of two or more, you’re going to want to think about other people and opt for a coffee maker that caters for everyone.

Otherwise, you might be waiting a while to brew several cups on a one-cup machine – and if you’re the type of person to fly into a fit of rage before you’ve had your morning hit – this isn’t going to be a good idea!


Finally, as with most purchases, the price can seriously affect your decision making. And never more so than with coffee makers – portable or otherwise.

These items range in value from next to nothing to having to re-mortgage your home in order to afford one.

Don’t always go for the most expensive option though – even if you can afford it.

With a portable coffee maker, you need to take everything into consideration and go for the best all-around fit.

Happy Brewing!

All this talk about coffee has made me want to go and brew myself a cup, but before I do, I hope that I’ve given you some decent advice and options to help you choose the best travel coffee maker for you.

Let me know in the comments which machine you’re thinking of going for and why. It’s always nice to hear the reasons people eventually choose the gear they do.

And if you don’t fancy any of these picks, then you can always just have a cup of tea instead!

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