TOP 5 Best Snowboarding Backpack Reviews 2022 & 5 Reasons You Need a Backpack

More and more snowboarders are wearing snowboarding backpacks these days.

But why? Won’t a backpack just get in the way?

Maybe, maybe not.

Take a look at these 5 reasons we believe you need a snowboarding backpack this season. Plus we reveal the best backpack for snowboarding we found.

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5 Reasons You Need a Snowboarding Backpack

snowboarder with backpack

More time on the mountain

Having a snowboarding backpack allows you to maximize your available shredding time.

Even if you have a season pass, your time is still valuable and limited, so don’t waste it on trips to the car or lodge to get food, water or change goggles.

Keep water, snacks, lunch, different lenses, a lighter layer of clothes or whatever so you cut down on the trips you need to take away from the action.

Even if you do plan to stop for lunch, shredding burns some serious calories and having a snack or small meal handy can be a lifesaver.

Not to mention, if you want to shred during lunchtime you can have more of the mountain to yourself, so packing a lunch allows you to enjoy a little more peace.

Better maneuverability

snowboarder on mountain

It seems counterintuitive that having a backpack strapped to your back will help with maneuverability, but think about it.

If you don’t wear a backpack, where do all your extra gear, camera, snacks, and wallet go?

In your pockets, right?

Having all those items in your pockets inhibits your ability to bend at the waist and bring your legs up. You don’t bend your back the same way so a pack up top has less of an effect than bulky items in your pocket.

Keep in mind, a snowboarding backpack does not have to be huge, they can be adjusted to fit snugly and carry weight at the hips so they can barely be felt.

Be better prepared

You will be better prepared if you carry a backpack. Even if you check the weather ahead of time, it may change. Having extra lenses if the clouds burn off or a change of clothes if the day becomes warmer are very convenient.

If you have a small problem with your board, you should have the tools necessary to deal with loose screws or a popped strap right on the mountain.

Being better prepared maximizes your time on the mountain.

If you are filming or going into the backcountry

This should be a no brainer but if you are going into the backcountry you need a place to carry your avalanche gear. A snowboarding backpack is perfect for carrying your beacon, probes, shovels, etc.

If you are filming you need to carry your camera, travel tripod and other accessories, so a backpack is a must-have.

To protect your gear

Sure you could put your camera, phone and goggles in your pockets, but you are risking these items by doing so.

Snowboarding backpacks are designed with specially lined and dedicated goggle pouches so you can toss them in and not work about scratches.

The best snowboarding backpacks also have secure zippered pockets for valuables so you do not need to worry about the falling out as you Ollie.

These specialized backpacks have other features as well, pockets to keep your water bottle upright, and straps to carry your board, to name a few. They are really quite handy.

TOP 5 Best Snowboard Backpack Reviews 2022

Dakine Mission Backpack

This insanely popular snowboarding backpack earns its popularity because it is designed with all the best features a snowboarding backpack should have; It is made of durable rip stop fabric.

The sturdy straps on the back hold your board. The front compartment opens up to some awesome organization features not normally seen in snowboarding backpacks.

It has a zippered pouch, fleece-lined sleeves for wallet, keys, cards and phone. The side of the backpack has one fleece-lined sunglass or goggle pocket. Another zippered pocket sits beneath that.

The other side of the bag has another fleece-lined pocket. The main compartment has a laptop sleeve that can accommodate a 15” laptop, and a fleece-lined tablet sleeve. This backpack has a hip belt to carry weight at the hips, keeping the load off your shoulders and keeping you comfortable.

This is something many other snowboarding backpacks do not have, and if you have never tried a backpack with hip straps you are missing out on how comfortable you could be wearing a backpack.


  • Tons of great snowboarding features, many fleece lined zippered pockets, and a hip belt to hold weight at your hips.


  • You don’t have one- yet!


A winner for a reason, this pack has everything you need for a day at the resort.

It is comfortable, has plenty of fleece-lined storage and allows you to comfortably carry weight at the hips.

The best snowboard backpack, hands down.

BURTON Apollo Pack

This is a compact snowboarding backpack with a large zippered pocket on the front that reaches to the bottom of the pack.

It has contoured lightly padded shoulder straps, a sternum strap.

The pack has a laptop and tablet sleeve so it can be used on and off the mountain.

Internal zippered mesh pocket with a key strap, this pocket can be used for snowboarding and ski goggles, or to separate clothes.


  • The pack is small and has several large pockets.
  • It can be used for snowboarding and school or office.
  • Comes in many colors and patterns.


  • No hip strap to place the weight at the hips.


A great compact backpack that is versatile and gets the job done.

CamelBak Phantom Ski Pack

This small 20 liter camelback ski backpack is big on features and great for snowboarding too. It has the famous camelback hydration system and straps for your board.

The hip straps and lumbar system keep the weight of this small pack centered on your hips, so it is out of the way and comfortable, like wearing nothing at all.

Being able to keep the weight off your shoulders lessens fatigue so you will be able to shred longer and harder.

The backpack has compression straps that double as ski straps.

The front has a wet bag that is plastic lined to keep wet items separate from the rest of the items. The main compartment panel opens completely so it is just as easy to access items on the bottom as the top.

The backpack has a goggle pocket at the top. It is fleece lined and located in a position where the goggles are protected if you wipe out.


  • Hip straps to keep weight at the hips.
  • Small size.
  • Hydration system compatible.


  • The plastic clips seem too lightweight.


Stay hydrated and comfortable with a pack that holds weight at the hips and has an integrated camelback hydration system.

One of the best snowboard backpacks with a built in hydration system.

Burton Kilo Backpack

This bag is a larger 27 liter capacity backpack for extended trips on the mountain.

The backpack has two front straps for your snowboard. Small front zipper pocket to store valuable securely behind your board.

Two zippered side pockets big enough for water bottles. Top goggle pocket with fleece on one side to put the goggles with the lenses facing the fleece. The main compartment has a wide mouth panel opening for easy access to the main compartment.

The bag has a laptop and tablet sleeve that are lightly padded. The main compartment has one zippered mesh bag that could hold keys or a phone.

The back panel is padded. Padded contoured shoulder strap, with sternum strap. The bag also has compression straps to make it more compact.


  • Goggle pouch and snowboard clips.
  • Large capacity.
  • Several storage pockets and organization that can take you from school or office, to the mountain.


  • Goggle pocket only has fleece on one side.


A versatile snowboarding backpack that has features for both work and play.

Dakine Heli Pro Backpack

This 20 liter backpack is just the right size for a day on the mountain. The pack has vertical straps for your board.

The top board straps hook into clips so when they are not being used they do not just dangle around. Bonus!

The bottom board strap is hidden like a turtle head inside a fabric pocket. This means there are fewer straps hanging from the bag. A+! There is a zippered front pocket with a sleeve inside for phones or whatever.

The Heli pro has a fleece-lined pouch to store your goggles without scratching them. This pack also works for skis.

It has a sneakily hidden strap on the top corner and another strap at the opposing corner, which allows you to hang your skis on the diagonal from the bag.

The main compartment has a stretch sleeve which is pretty big. The backpack is hydration system compatible.

The backpack also has an included rescue whistle. The dimensions are 21 by 12 by 8 so it could also be used as carry on for domestic flights if you are traveling to your snowboard resort.


  • Carries both a board and skis.
  • Has a dedicated goggle pouch.
  • Straps do not dangle.


  • The organization pocket on the inside should be zippered to secure items during flips and moves, otherwise whatever is in their falls out.


A well-designed bag with great features for the mountain. One of the best snowboarding backpacks we reviewed.

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