Best Portable Hammocks with Stand for Your Next Trip & Reviews 2021

There are plenty of great camping hammocks to take on your trip, but the majority of them require trees to hook up.

If you aren’t going out into the woods, you won’t be able to use any of these hammocks.

Hammocks with stands will allow you to relax or camp just about anywhere.

Whether you’re taking a trip to a festival or camping out in the desert, you’ll need to find the best hammock with stand to accompany you on your trip.

These kinds of hammocks are different from traditional hammocks, so you’ll need to understand exactly what those differences mean.

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How to Choose the Best Hammock With Stand

The three most important things to consider when shopping for a portable hammock with a stand are the size of the hammock bed, the total weight of the hammock, and how easy it is to set up.

If your hammock is cramped, heavy, and difficult to put together, you’re not going to have a very fun trip.

You need to know how you’re going to transport the hammock you get, and whether or not you’ll need help to set it up at its new destination.

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Hammock Bed Size

Size counts for a lot. If two people are going to be sharing the hammock, you’re going to need something with a larger bed.

If it’s just you, you can pick a hammock bed that’s as large or as small as you’ll need to feel comfortable.

When you’re going to put two people in the hammock, the more space you have, the better off you’ll be. Hammocks have a tendency to cocoon up, so you’ll need all the room you can get.

Total Weight

Quality hammock stands are typically made of steel, which is heavy.

You need that steel to keep your hammock safely suspended, and opting for something that weighs less would be compromising on quality.

You can expect a portable hammock to weigh somewhere between 25 and 35 pounds, depending on whether the stand is fixed or folding.

If you can’t carry that much weight with you, you may not want to purchase a hammock that comes with a stand.

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Ease of Assembly

You need to take the hammock apart and put it back together if you intend on transporting it in a carrying bag. The most convenient way to do this is to choose a hammock with poles that lock together.

This eliminates the need for tools in the assembly process. If your vehicle is large enough and you can get some help lifting the hammock, you may not need to take it apart at all.

Think about the way you intend to transport the hammock when you’re making your final decision.

TOP 4 Best Portable Hammocks with Stands 2021

There are many inexpensive portable hammocks with stands on the market.

Often, these hammock beds are made of lower quality materials that can break down in the sun.

Even worse is hammocks with stands that aren’t made of durable steel.

The last thing you want is a hammock frame that will bend, dent, rust, and corrode.

You want to make sure you can depend on the hammock you’re purchasing. It needs to be able to safely hold your weight, and it’s not worth compromising just to save a few bucks.

Reading a few portable hammock reviews will help you understand what kind of quality you need.

Best Choice Products Double Hammock With Steel Stand

This hammock is affordable and durable.

It comes in four different color combinations. It can hold up to 2 adults for a combined weight total of up to 450 pounds.

The stand is made of resin-coated steel, so the bars won’t bend and the poles won’t rust if you leave it outside in the rain.

The length of the bed is a comfortable 76 inches with a 57 inch width, making it compact enough to be portable, and spacious enough to be comfortable.

All of these hammocks are handcrafted for quality assurance.


  • Since the hammock bed is constructed of 100% cotton, it’s resistant to the elements – including harmful UV rays. This makes this the best outdoor hammock with stand. You can leave it outside year round and it won’t break down.
  • This hammock comes with a carrying case that has the assembly instructions printed on the outside. No matter where you bring your hammock, you won’t have to worry about forgetting the directions to put it back together.
  • The design of the frame makes this as good of a travel hammock as it is a permanent hammock. It will stay up no matter where you put it, whether you need it for long term use or temporary use.


  • Unlike some portable hammocks, this one doesn’t utilize a folding design. While this makes the frame a little sturdier, it also means it will take longer to set this hammock up.


This hammock’s versatile design makes it the best outdoor hammock with stand. The materials used to construct it are ideal for a wide variety of weather conditions.

You can put it in your living room, on your back porch, or pack it up and take it to a tailgating party during a sporting event. It’s affordable, and the quality is outstanding for the price.

Double Hammock With Space Saving Steel Stand

This is an all cotton hammock that can hold up to 2 adults with a combined weight of 450 pounds. The metal frame’s legs are tipped with a slip-proof rubber that will prevent the hammock from sliding around on wet or tiled surfaces.

You can lay on it vertically or sit in it horizontally, and it will be just as comfortable either way.

The whole hammock weighs 30 pounds, so it’s easy to transport by car if you plan on taking it with you to an outdoor event. It packs down into a carrying case for easy hauling, and will slide into the bed of a truck, the trunk of a car, or the back of an SUV with ease.


  • Because the frame is so compact, you don’t necessarily have to disassemble this hammock to transport it. If you have a truck or an SUV, two people could easily lift the entire assembled hammock into the vehicle. This is the best portable hammock with stand for people who don’t want to take down the stand.
  • You don’t need any tools to assemble the stand. This is the best hammock stand for people who don’t like to build things. The steel stand snaps together with joints, and the washers are easily screwed on by hand.
  • Materials are designed to withstand rigorous use. The cotton bed is safe to get wet, and will dry under the sun. The sun won’t warp cotton or cause it to thin out over time. Since the frame is made of steel, it won’t bend as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit.


This hammock is inexpensive, easy to use, durable, and safe. There are no bells and whistles, and there doesn’t need to be.

You can grab it and go whenever you need to. It’s great indoors next to a bay window, and it’s also great at an outdoor music festival or along a parade route.

Whenever you want to be comfortable outdoors, this hammock won’t let you down.

Guide Gear Portable Folding Hammock

This is a single user hammock, rated for weights of up to 225 pounds. It measures 7 feet and 10 inches long, and stands 27 inches high.

The whole hammock weighs about 26.5 pounds to carry, making it slightly more portable than models with fixed steel stands.

The bed is made of a soft, comfortable cotton jersey material. The hammock and frame pack down into a convenient carrying bag, which is included with the purchase of the hammock.


  • This stand folds and unfolds, making it easy to use and put away in a matter of minutes. It’s the best hammock stand for people who don’t want to assemble anything. It’s grab and go, and it’s always ready to use.
  • The carrying case features straps that convert it into a backpack. This makes it easier to carry the hammock for a longer distance. Although the weight is substantial, it’s easier to climb up a high hill with this hammock when you’re wearing it on your back.
  • Some foldable hammocks feature beds that are fixed in place. This one actually pivots and swings like a traditional hammock would.


  • The weight limit is slightly on the lower side. If you weigh more than 225 pounds, you may not be able to use it.


This hammock is very inexpensive, and one of the easiest portable hammocks to use. There’s no hassle involved. Fold it and unfold it, and the job is done.

Since it folds down to such a compact size, it’s easy to store when you’re not using it. It will fit right into a closet or slide under a bed until the next time you’re ready to take it out.

This is the best hammock for someone who only intends to use it on outings. If you don’t want a hammock to use every day, you’re saving money and space by opting for this folding model.

Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

This hammock comes in different color combinations, and is a little more spacious than similar hammocks. The hammock bed is 94 inches long by 63 inches wide, giving you a little more room than the majority of portable double hammocks.

It comes in your choice of three different fabrics: cotton, polyester, and sunbrella. Two people can fit inside of this hammock for a combined weight of up to 450 pounds.

The steel frame is powder-coated and weatherproof to prevent corrosion, and the hammock comes with a carrying case.


  • The stand is fully adjustable for different heights and widths. Users can select the setting they feel is the most comfortable. If you want to be higher up above the ground, all you need to do is move the setting to a different spot.
  • The loops at the end of the hammock are already knotted and affixed together. You won’t need to retie them or create a stronger knot. It’s already durable enough for use and ready to install.
  • Weighing in at 32 pounds, this hammock is easy to transport. It’s even easy to pull around to different areas of an open field or yard to chase the shade as the sun moves across the sky.


  • The hammock bed is not designed to be used without the stand. You’ll need to purchase a separate accessory kit if you intend to use it like a regular hammock.


This portable hammock is stylish and easy to use. It’s also a little bit bigger than similar models, helping it accommodate two users a little more comfortably.

The fabric is soft and comfortable, allowing users to snuggle in for a nice nap or a good night’s sleep on a car camping trip.

It’s affordable, easy to set up, and nice to look at.

Picking The Best Portable Hammock With Stand For You

The best portable hammock with stand should be versatile, comfortable, and easy for you to transport. You should be able to use this hammock both at home and away.

It all depends on the kinds of places you’re going, and the way you intend to get your camping hammock from point A to point B. All of these models are versatile and all of them are high quality.

Even if you only choose a particular hammock because you enjoy the design of the bed, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

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