Find the Best Hammock Tent for You & TOP 12 Hammock Reviews 2021

A regular hammock is okay in perfect weather when there are no bugs around, but a hammock tent is designed to provide the same kind of comfort and safety a hiker or backpacker would get from a traditional hammock.

If you are tired of the tent game and ready to relax in a hammock tent there are a few things to consider before you decide which hammock to get.

Your size, the environment you are sleeping in and the type of trip you want to use the hammock on are the biggest factors when choosing the best hammock tent to call your own.

When you’re trying to pack lightly and move from place to place, a tent can be a little difficult to move around with. Tent poles add weight to your bag and take up a lot more space.

You might want to look for the best hammock tent.

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There are many differences between a hammock and a tent.

Hammocks are easier to carry than tents, and they can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes.

They’ll also keep you further off the ground, which can keep you dry and away from any animals who may feel tempted to wander into a ground level tent.

If you’re interested in the advantages that come with using a hammock tent, you’ll want to read some hammock tent reviews.

Well prepared backpackers will want to find a hammock tent with the right features to help their next trip be a safe and successful one. Consider what you need, and find a hammock tent that will be ideal for you.

Since there is not one hammock that is right for all, there are several things to know and questions a person should ask themselves before buying a tent hammock.

camping hammock with rain fly

What to Consider When Shopping for the Best Hammock Tent

The best backpacking hammock tent will fit both your needs and your budget.

Some hammock tents are designed to handle everything, and others do a few things very well.

Those that are designed with every possible feature will usually be more expensive to purchase, but they’ll be worth it for a frequent user.

If you only occasionally camp in a hammock or you need to purchase one for a trip you’ve planned, you might be able to save a few bucks by finding a model that’s only equipped with the features you need.

How Much Does the Hammock Tent Weigh?

One of the biggest reasons backpackers opt for the best tent hammock rather than a single sleeper tent is because of the weight difference.

There are ultralight models available, and choosing a hammock with fewer features can lighten the load if those features are not needed.

Hammocks alone require minimal hardware for set up – usually, it’s just the hammock, tree straps, and carabiners. This is a lot lighter and easier to pack away than a tent with aluminum or fiberglass poles.

But since we’re opting for a hammock tent for weight reduction, you need to make sure that the hammock you choose is actually lighter than a tent.

Some luxury tent hammocks can weigh about the same as a two-person hiking tent. If the hammock tent has a lot of complicated features, it might even weigh more.

Some manufacturers list the tent weight separate from the bug net and rain fly. Some include those in the weight or the bug net is not detachable and must be included.

Whatever the case, make sure you add the total weight of the tent, bug net, rain fly, cords and hardware to get an accurate total weight so you can get a fair comparison.

Will the Hammock Tent Fit Me?

This hammock is basically your tent. You don’t want it to be too cramped. You need room to move around.

This is especially important if you’re husky or tall. Hammocks have a tendency to turn into a cocoon.

They’ll hold onto the person who is camping inside, and you need to be sure the hammock is spacious enough to hold you. Some people who require more space prefer to purchase a double hammock tent and use it alone.

If you intend to share your hammock tent with another person, you’re going to need a double hammock.

Trying to stuff two people into a single sleeper hammock tent won’t be fun for anyone – the hammock will roll up, and you’ll wind up sleeping on top of each other.

If you aren’t sure, it helps to overestimate the amount of space that you’ll need.

Two person hammocks have an additional advantage besides being able to share the space – you can also use all of that extra space for yourself.

Size is slightly more important than you may think when it comes to a hammock. You need to be able to sleep comfortably.

Hammock tents have a height limit, and a weight limit and you should know what those limits are before you make your decision.

They also have a fabric dimension measurement, width multiplied by height, that is useful to know when comparing hammocks.

The width will also dictate how comfortable the hammock is to use as a lounge or chair because a wide width makes sitting in the hammock more do-able.

independent wolf hammock in dark

How Durable is the Fabric, or What is the Weight?

Heavyweight fabric wears better but tends to weigh more. Lighter fabric is easier to pack, so it is a tradeoff.

You should decide what is important to you and what fits your needs when considering a hammock tent.

One thing to mention here is you will come across single and double layer hammocks. The benefit of a single layer is it weighs less and breathes better for hot weather. But a single layer alone will not keep bugs from biting.

You will need a sleeping bag, sleeping pad or a double layer to keep bugs from biting you through the fabric.

What Weather are You Going to Sleep in?

Are you okay with a basic model, or do you need a waterproof hammock tent?

If you’re going to a dry climate or a mixed climate during its dry season, you might be able to make do without a weatherproof hammock tent.

The only problem with settling is that you might want to travel to a different destination at some point in the future, and you could be likely to encounter nightly rain there.

Weatherproof hammock tents are undoubtedly more versatile. You can take them anywhere, and you can use them no matter what.

You’ll get more use out of a hammock that’s right for every destination at any time of year.

You can never go wrong having a little more protection, and it might be wise to opt for a weatherproof hammock from the beginning.

Hammocks Outside

Can You Get a Package Deal?

Some hammock tents work more like kits. You purchase a base hammock, and everything else needs to be bought separately.

Sometimes, the hammock itself won’t even come with the straps or the hardware you need to set it up. Some hammocks do come with the basics, but weatherproofing rain protectors and insect netting need to be purchased separately.

Sometimes, the best backpacking hammock tent is one that comes with everything. It’s usually cheaper than purchasing all of the accessories, piece by piece – especially if you need or want everything that can be used with your hammock.

If you don’t, you’re better off buying only the hammock and the accessory or two that you require.

The tent hammock reviews will tell you what each hammock comes with, and what you’ll need to purchase separately.

What Features are Included with the Hammock?

Bug Net

A bug net is practically essential. Whenever you’re outside, there’s going to be bugs. Mosquitos, wasps, bees, and no-see-ums can put a premature end to a camping trip.

No one is happy when they’re all bitten up or full of stingers. That’s where the bug net comes in handy.

These nets attach directly to the hammock. They’ll zip you in and keep you safe from anything crawling or flying around your campsite.

Always choose a tent hammock with an attached bug net, rather than trying to hang netting yourself. Bugs can still fly up inside of a net that isn’t attached.

If the hammock does not have a net you can usually purchase one that works with the hammock. If the bug net is attached or integrated, it cannot be removed and adds some weight.


Most tents will come with a removable rain fly to keep campers sheltered from the wet weather.

A lot of tent hammocks come with these rain fly attachments, and they’re easy to set up above the tent.

They clip right to a separate paracord line you run right above your hammock, and they deflect water from your sleeping area.

If rain is a possibility while camping, it’s best to be prepared.

You also want to get the dimensions of the rain fly. Some hammock lovers prefer tarps because they can use larger tarps that give greater coverage, while others like the convenience of the included rain fly.

Cold Weather Considerations

Hiking in Winter

Virtually all hammock tents will need additional equipment for cold weather. Hammocks are notorious for giving campers “cold butt syndrome”.

What’s that?!? Well, when the wind blows, even lightly, it takes the heat with it. Since your bottom presses down on the hammock (even while inside a sleeping bag), this is the place the wind will hit the hardest.

Hammock campers should always take weather into account, as even all in one hammock tents do not automatically come with features to protect from the cold.

Underquilts, under covers, and closed cell foam sleeping pads are the most common equipment used to combat cold weather. Sleeping bags help, but since your bottom compresses the insulation of a sleeping bag you are still prone to the cold in that area.

Some tents have a special storage area for sleeping mats, which tend to slide around if simply placed beneath you.

So if you plan to camp in cold or even just cool weather, you need a plan to keep warm.

A Hammock tent alone is not sufficient, even with a sleeping bag.

Being cold is not only miserable, it can be dangerous and what is comfortable at 9 pm may be freezing by 2 am in the morning as the temperature drops through the night.

Stuff Sack

Most Hammock tents have these; many are attached to the hammock, and a few double as added storage.

The Stuff sack is the hammocks’ own storage bag when not in use.


hammock tree straps with carabiners

If you do not plan to tie the hammock using knots, you will need hardware of some sort. Every hammock needs a suspension system, usually webbing straps, carabiners, and cords.

Some hammock tents we reviewed included the straps and hardware, others hardware only, a few had straps but they were too short, and a few did not include any suspension pieces at all.

Not including suspension equipment is not necessarily a bad thing, some hammock tent users like to customize their webbing to use longer straps for bigger trees or use suspension pieces that are ultra light or take only a few minutes to set up.

Since every hammock needs a suspension system you need to see what is included and how it compares to what others have or don’t have, and you also need to decide if you want to buy your suspension separately.


Some hammocks have storage, some have small zippered bags, some have grommets or loops to hang gear, and some have no storage at all.

If you travel light and don’t need storage, a minimalist hammock tent might be great. If you need storage you may want to opt for a model with built-in storage.

Special Features

Hammock by the Pier

Virtually all hammock tents have their own special features that make the brand unique.

Some hammocks you enter from the bottom and have a Velcro close. Others have extra width to accommodate two people. Others are built long for tall folks.

A few hammock tents are reversible so you can use the bug net or flip it over and use the hammock without the net. A hammock tent might be designed to be as light as possible while another one was made just for young campers or smaller campers.

The list goes on; it’s just a matter of deciding what features you need. Once you have that decided, choosing the right hammock tent for you will be easier.

TOP 12 Best Hammock Tent Reviews 2021

Note: the reviews are not in order of preference. Camping Hammock tents are notone size fits all’ type items.

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to research some hammock tent reviews.

Each hammock comes with a different set of features and a different level of customization. The best backpacking hammock tent will ultimately be the one that’s easily configured for you to use on your next backpacking trip.

Think about what you need, and determine which one will work for you.

The ‘best’ hammock tent is the one that is right for you, and the best setup is the one that suits the location you are camping.

Keep in mind, packing weight is affected by what’s included, as included bug nets and rainfly add weight, but they also add weight when you buy them separately.

Hennessy Hammock Explorer

  • Camper Height Limit: 7’
  • Hammock Weight Limit: 300 lbs
  • Hammock Fabric Measurements: 130″ x 59″
  • Hiking/Packing Weight: 51 oz
  • Fabric/Material Type: 140D Oxford nylon
  • Rainfly Included? Yes
  • Bug Net Included? Built in 30D No-See-Um netting
  • Hardware and/or Straps Included? Yes, Suspending Ropes: 10′ long 1600 lb. test polyester rope; Webbing Straps: 1.5″ x 42″ long black polyester.
  • Special Features or Claim to Fame: Bottom Entry, Velcro closure. The longest we reviewed, a foot longer than the Expedition model. 130” long for tall campers.


  • Fits tall and large people.
  • Has an included rainfly and integrated bug net.


  • This hammock is on the heavy side.
  • The rainfly could be bigger.
  • The bottom entry can be challenging to enter.

Kammok Roo Camping Hammock

  • Camper Height Limit: 6’ 5”
  • Hammock Weight Limit: 500
  • Hammock Fabric Measurements: 120″ x 67″
  • Hiking/Packing Weight: 23oz
  • Fabric/Material Type: 70-denier diamond ripstop nylon fabric
  • Rainfly Included? No
  • Bug Net Included? No
  • Hardware and/or Straps Included? Climbing rated carabineers (22kN) and Dyneema slings for suspension.
  • Special Features or Claim to Fame: Comfortable. Pretty wide for a single person hammock.


  • High Quality stitching.
  • Extra light Dyneema slings for suspension.
  • Good for big and tall campers.


  • Needs custom bug net due to length, bug net not included.
  • No rainfly.

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock Camper

  • Camper Height Limit: 6’ 7”
  • Hammock Weight Limit: 400
  • Hammock Fabric Measurements: 126” x 60”
  • Hiking/Packing Weight: 35oz
  • Fabric/Material Type: 70D Parachute Nylon
  • Rainfly Included? No
  • Bug Net Included? Yes
  • Hardware and/or Straps Included? Starter rope kit, net suspension kit, and Nautical-Grade carabiners.
  • Special features or claim to fame: Ultra-fine mesh bug net to keep mosquitoes out.


  • The fabric is silky.
  • Has a double sided zipper to open from the inside or outside.
  • Has multiple tie outs.
  • Two inside storage bags.
  • Can be flipped and a sleeping pad inserted to act as a weather barrier if no bug net is needed.


  • Bug net is not removable.
  • Rainfly not included.

Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

  • Camper Height Limit: 6’
  • Hammock Weight Limit: 400 lbs
  • Hammock Fabric Measurements:112” x 74”
  • Hiking/Packing Weight: 19oz
  • Fabric/Material Type: 70D high tenacity breathable nylon taffeta
  • Rainfly Included? No
  • Bug Net Included? No
  • Hardware and/or Straps Included? No
  • Special Features or Claim to Fame: Ultralight for being a double wide at only 19 oz and 74” wide.


  • Two person, extra wide hammock.
  • Has two small side pockets.


  • Must purchase suspension straps, hardware, bug net and rain fly separately.
  • Shorter than many other hammocks at 112”.

Hennessy Hammock Scout Series

  • Camper Height Limit: 5’ 8”
  • Hammock Weight Limit: 150 lbs
  • Hammock Fabric Measurements: 112″ x 59″
  • Hiking/packing Weight: 34 oz
  • Fabric/Material Type: 70d polyurethane coated polyester ripstop fabric
  • Rainfly Included? Yes
  • Bug Net Included? Yes
  • Hardware and/or straps included? Low stretch 42″ long x 1 1/2″ wide polyester webbing.
  • Special features or claim to fame: A hammock tent for young campers and those who have a smaller stature, hence the name ‘Scout’.


  • Bottom entry ideal for smaller individuals, children or young teens.
  • Velcro closure.
  • Can be used as a chair/lounge.
  • Bug net and rain fly included.
  • Heavy-weight fabric is very durable.


  • Straps are a bit short in the event of large trees so it’s likely you will have to purchase longer straps.
  • The hammock may be too short for those who are fully 5’8″.
  • Not an ultralight hammock tent.

Hammock Bliss No-See-Um No More

  • Camper Height Limit: 6’ 5”
  • Hammock Weight Limit: 350
  • Hammock Fabric Measurements: 118″ x 59″
  • Hiking/Packing Weight: 28 oz
  • Fabric/Material Type: Lightweight parachute nylon
  • Rainfly Included? No
  • Bug Net Included? Yes
  • Hardware and/or Straps Included? 100″ of 6mm Climbing Rope Included Per Side For Easy Set Up. Also includes suspension line for the bug net.
  • Special Features or Claim to Fame: Large netted sleeping area with its own suspension. 2100 Holes Per Square Inch NoSeeUm Netting.


  • Four inside pockets, plus four utility loops to hang gear.
  • Double zipper opens from the inside and from the outside.
  • Reversible, just flip if you do not need the bug net.


  • Suspension ropes are a bit short, you may need to buy longer straps.
  • No rainfly included.
  • You will need to take the time to tie out the bug netting.

Eclypse II Camping Hammock

This hammock only comes in olive green. It weighs about 1 pound and is designed for a single person weighing up to 400 pounds.

It measures 108 inches long and 53 inches wide. It’s constructed out of 210 RipStop nylon, which is much more durable than the average strength parachute nylon that most companies use to make their hammocks.

This hammock is big, comfy, and rugged.

This is a very affordable hammock tent that offers some great features. It’s more than just a budget hammock – it promises great performance at a bargain price.

The bug net is the standout feature of this hammock. It costs the same as a hammock that doesn’t include one, so you’re saving money rather than having to purchase one separately.

  • Camper Height Limit: 6’ 2”
  • Hammock Weight Limit: 400
  • Hammock Fabric Measurements: 108″ x 53″
  • Hiking/Packing Weight: 20 oz
  • Fabric/Material Type: Ripstop 210 nylon
  • Rainfly Included? No
  • Bug Net Included? Yes
  • Hardware and/or Straps Included? Includes ropes and carabiners.
  • Special Features or Claim to Fame: Professional grade 210 ripstop nylon with .5mm rip blocking threads, and with triple-stitching gives you a safe sleep.


  • Comes with a mosquito net. All you need to do is run a line above your hammock and use the simple Velcro straps to elevate the netting. It only takes a minute to get the bug net ready.
  • Hammock material is a special RipStop nylon fabric that includes extra thick rip blocking fibers within the material. You won’t need to worry about your hammock getting damaged by tree debris.
  • All of the weight bearing points are triple stitched for extra reinforcement.
  • Comes with carabiners and hammock straps. The loops are triple stitched for maximum durability. You can use this hammock right out of the box.
  • The hammock is lightweight and takes up little to no space in a hiking bag. It’s easy to carry with you.


  • Doesn’t come with a rain fly. You’ll need to purchase one separately for hammock camping trips in wet weather.

TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock & Straps

  • Camper Height Limit: 6’ 7”
  • Hammock Weight Limit: 400
  • Hammock Fabric Measurements: 120″ x 79″
  • Hiking/Packing Weight: 20 oz
  • Fabric/Material Type: Tear-Resistant Nylon
  • Rainfly Included? No
  • Bug Net Included? No
  • Hardware and/or Straps Included? Includes 9-foot long ropes and wire gate carabiners.
  • Special Features or Claim to Fame: Compression straps allow the hammock bag to be packed even smaller and more ergonomic.


  • Comes with both a carrying bag for the hammock and an attached accessory pouch to hold your hammock straps and gear. This makes the hammock easy to store and transport.
  • This is a roomy family camping style hammock. If you’re taking your whole family on a hiking trip and you’d like to camp out, this hammock makes it easy. It’s sized perfectly for a couple, or for parents with small children.
  • Nylon material is heavy-weight and snag proof. The seams are stronger in this thicker nylon, so you won’t need to worry about tears or snags.


  • Mosquito net and rain fly need to be purchased separately.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

  • Camper Height Limit: 6’ 7”
  • Hammock Weight Limit: 275
  • Hammock Sleeping Area: 90″ x 42″
  • Hiking/Packing Weight: 68 oz
  • Fabric/Material Type: Waterproof ripstop nylon and polyester
  • Rainfly Included? Yes
  • Bug Net Included? Yes
  • Hardware and/or Straps Included? Straps sold separately.
  • Special Features or Claim to Fame: A patented design with a unique arch pole/spreader bar system.


  • The design of this hammock incorporates a flat bottom. You won’t have to roll around or get folded up when you sleep. You can stretch your legs thanks to the reinforced floor of the hammock.
  • The hammock comes with both a full enclosure bug net and a complete rainfly. You’ll always stay dry and safe inside.
  • Since the bottom is flat, this can either be used as a hammock suspended between two trees or laid directly on the ground as a tent. No other hammock is quite as versatile.


  • Since this hammock uses advanced technology, it’s a little more expensive.

Out Topper Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

This is an army style tent hammock, and it comes in your choice of military green or camouflage. It can hold up to 330 pounds of user weight.

The sleeping surface is 102 inches long and 55 inches wide, which is standard for most single sleeper hammocks.

The hammock itself is made of parachute grade nylon, which breathes easily and dries quickly when wet. The combined carry weight is about a pound and a half.

This is a utility hammock tent. It’s more like an important piece of equipment than it is like a luxury place to sleep. If your main aim is to find a hammock that will work like a simple piece of gear, you’ll appreciate this hammock tent.

The price is low, the features are basic, and there’s nothing complicated about it.


  • This hammock features an incorporated mosquito net that’s easy to hang. It will even protect you against those pesky no see ems.
  • Comes with rope and carabiners for hanging the hammock, as well as paracord to help you hang your mosquito net.
  • This hammock is designed specifically for hiking and backpacking. It’s made to be lightweight, easy to hang, and easy to carry. If you’re going on a long hiking trip and want to keep the weight of your load down, you’re going to enjoy this hammock.


  • Doesn’t come with any weather protection accessories, like a rain fly.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

Hennessy is a top of the line hammock company, and the Expedition model is the one that stands at the forefront.

It’s designed to hold campers up to 6 feet tall, weighing up to 250 pounds.

This hammock weighs slightly less than 3 pounds to carry and packs down to a 4 inch by 7 inches by 9 inches size that nestles right into your camping backpack.

It comes in army green, and it’s made of a durable 210D Oxford nylon material with 70D polyurethane accessories.

The Hennessy Expedition is an incredibly popular hammock tent – there isn’t a single camper in the world who can’t make use of it. It’s easy to carry, and you can take it anywhere. This is an all occasion hammock.

Everything you’ll ever need is included – it’s an entire campsite in a convenient carrying bag. You can’t beat the value for money, and the quality is far greater than average. You’ll be able to use this hammock tent for years.


  • Full coverage, fully zippered mosquito net provides excellent protection from insects and pests of all sizes.
  • This hammock comes with a wide coverage rainfly that tops the whole hammock with a little extra room. This makes it easy to store your gear beneath the hammock. As long as it’s elevated above the ground, it will stay dry.
  • Comes with the polyester ropes and the webbing straps you need to install the hammock, the bug net, and the rain fly. It’s ready to go right out of the package – no accessories required.


  • This is an expensive hammock because it comes with all of the accessories. When you break down the costs, it’s actually a good deal, but if you don’t want a bug net or a rain fly, you’re still going to be paying more for them.

G4Free Portable & Foldable Camping Hammock

The bed portion of this hammock is 110 inches long by 50 inches wide. This hammock has a weight limit of 400 pounds, which is on the higher end as far as tent hammocks go.

It weighs a mere 28 ounces, making it easy to carry on your next camping trip. The material is a lightweight parachute nylon which dries quickly when wet and can resist mildew and rot.

It comes in brown, emerald, and bright green color schemes and packs away into a small, compact bag.

This is an easy to use bug-proof hammock for a beginner or casual camper. If you need an easy use hammock for your next backpacking trip, this will satisfy all of your basic requirements.

It’s simple to use, and it will keep you safe from the sting of insects during the night. You don’t have to fuss with complicated lines to hang the netting – all you have to do is prop it open and you’re ready for a great night’s rest.


  • Comes with a mosquito net that’s easy to prop up. It features two hoops to suspend it without a separate line, and it zips and unzips on one side to allow campers easy access in and out of the hammock.
  • Comes with the carabiners and suspension ropes you need to hang your hammock. You don’t need to purchase hanging gear separately.
  • Incorporated mosquito net can be folded down when not in use. It’s easy to put up and easy down, and you’re not committed to using it if you don’t want to.


  • This hammock tent doesn’t include a rain fly.

Choosing Your Hammock Tent

The best hammock tent depends on the camper and the conditions in which they’re going to be camping.

Think about what features will make your life easier when you’re out in nature, and pick or build a hammock that will provide you with everything you need.

If you aren’t sure, it’s always better to be a little over prepared. You never know what you might need until you find yourself backpacking without it.

Having all of the accessories you need will turn your hammock tent into a versatile piece of equipment that you can use for any trip.

We hope that our guide has given you some ideas to mull over as you decide which is the best hammock tent for you.

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