TOP 12 Best Camping Blankets to End Your Search for Cozy Evenings

What’s better than snuggling up with a cozy blanket in the evening while the sun goes down and the campfire crackles next to you?

In my opinion, not much!

A camping blanket makes this dream a reality by providing soft and cozy warmth in a lightweight, durable and easy to transport package.

Read on for a list of the best camping blankets and a few key things to consider before you choose your future camping buddy.

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TOP 12 Best Camping Blankets 2021

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket

Review: This camping blanket is increasingly becoming a rival to Rumpl’s well-known camping blankets for its quality and price.

It’s definitely the best lightweight camping blanket for backpackers looking for a lighter weight alternative to a sleeping bag.

The 77” x 50” dimensions are big enough to cover your body completely and the whole things packs up to about half the size of a lightweight sleeping bag, saving you a lot of space in your backpack.


  • Comes in 4 different colors.
  • Extremely lightweight – just 1 lbs. 1 oz.
  • Very compact.
  • Water-resistant ripstop nylon outer.


  • Some consistency issues with the amount of down in each baffle.


This camping blanket is actually good enough to replace your sleeping bag for warm weather camping.

Kelty Bestie Blanket

Review: This is the blanket you’ll want to have on hand to wrap around your shoulders when the temperatures start dropping but you don’t quite want to retire to your tent.

It won’t be big enough to sleep under but it would be a good extra layer on top of your sleeping bag on colder nights.

The Kelty Bestie uses Cloud loft synthetic insulation and a standard ripstop nylon outer so it’s a warm camping blanket but also very lightweight and easy to transport.


  • Very affordable.
  • 5” x 42.5” throw dimensions are ideal for wrapping around you.
  • Very lightweight – 1 lbs. 8 oz.
  • Machine washable and safe to tumble dry.


  • At this price and knowing what it’s designed for, there’s nothing to fault the Kelty Bestie with.


This is a very lightweight but soft and cozy throw-size blanket for an extra layer on chilly evenings.

Puredown Packable Down Throw

Review: This down blanket provides a much lighter and more compact alternative to synthetic blankets, weighing less than 2 lbs. It is basically a lighter-weight version of the quilt you’d use at home but with a more durable polyester shell.

It comes with a drawstring stuff sack that makes it convenient for camping, and the 50” x 70” dimensions are the perfect size for one person.

It’s also machine washable so you won’t be afraid if it gets a little dirty on your trip.


  • Uses responsibly sourced down.
  • Through-stitched baffles prevent the down from shifting.
  • Outer fabric is a soft brushed polyester that won’t slide off your sleeping bag as easily.
  • Good value for money.


  • Not water resistant.


This is a soft and comfortable down blanket that feels like one you’d use at home but is just as great for snuggling up in the tent.

Kelty Shindig Camp Blanket

Review: Another winner from Kelty, this camp blanket has a unique design that might have you puzzling to begin with. But, it works.

It’s a double-size, dual-layer blanket that is designed to be laid out on the ground with the bottom layer to sit or lie on and the top layer to use as a blanket to snuggle under or wrap around you.

When you’re not using the top layer, you can tuck it into the flap at one end, and then have it ready to pull out when the temperature drops.


  • Inner fabric is soft and cozy.
  • Ripstop outer fabric is tear-resistant and won’t attract leaves and debris.
  • Cloud loft insulation is lightweight and warm.
  • Both parts can be completely detached to make 2 separate blankets.


  • Not particularly compact when rolled up.


This is a handy 2-in-1 picnic and cool weather blanket that is ideal for camping trips, being versatile and durable but also soft and warm.

Snugpak Jungle Blanket

Review: Snugpak’s Jungle Blanket is a really popular choice for backpackers, hammock campers and car campers alike.

It uses some of the latest high loft synthetic insulation that manages to replicate down in its warmth, weight and compactness, packing down to a tiny 6” x 6” and weighing just 1.6 lbs.

It’s ideally suited for outdoor use, being easy to clean, water repellent and windproof, and is easily one of the best blankets for camping in 2021.

If you’re keen on more backpacking specific blankets, I have an article specifically dedicated to them here. Some of them are featured on this list as well, but there are also some that are more of a sleeping bag-blanket cross which is an excellent light-weight option.


  • Could be the best blanket for backpacking.
  • Water-repellent outer and antibacterial treatment.
  • Comes with compression stuff sack.
  • 76” x 64” size when open, but tiny when packed away.


  • Not long enough to use like a quilt for taller people but fine for a second layer.


If you’re looking for super lightweight and compact extra layer that will handle the elements, this your camping blanket.

Lightspeed Outdoors Sundown Camp Blanket

Review: This camping blanket feels like a cross between your quilt from home and your sleeping bag, but it’s more durable than both.

It uses polyester insulation that has all of the properties of down but will cope with more washes so you can be confident that you’ll be able to use it again and again.

It’s 55” x 77” and packs down into the small stuff sack included.


  • Silky ripstop nylon outer fabric feels like a sleeping bag but is more durable.
  • Wind and water-resistant.
  • Includes a built-in stash pocket to hold the carry case so it won’t get lost.
  • Can double as a camp pillow when rolled up!


  • Only comes in one color – love it or hate it.
  • The outer material may be too slippery to stay on top of your sleeping bag.


This is a reasonably lightweight but warm and cozy synthetic camping blanket to keep on hand for car camping trips.

The Big Blue Mtn Synthetic Blanket

Review: Similar to the above Sundown blanket but with even more slippery outer fabric, this is a cozy and lightweight synthetic quilt that will be a valuable and versatile addition to your camp kit.

It weighs just 23 oz. and fluffs up to a cozy 1.5” thickness. It’s also water-resistant and quick drying so well suited to rainy conditions.


  • 20D ripstop nylon and polyester insulation can handle getting damp.
  • Packs into a 12” x 6” pouch.
  • Machine washable and tumble dryer safe.
  • Good quality and value for money.


  • Slippery material will slide off your sleeping bag if using as a second layer at night.


This could be the best blanket for winter camping if you’re looking for an extra layer to put over your sleeping bag but that won’t fail if it gets a little damp.

You’ll need to tuck under the sides though so it doesn’t slide off!

Sorison Puffy Blanket

Review: This is another great synthetic quilt-like blanket, though not as affordable. Sorison’s puffy blanket uses Atomicloft synthetic insulation and a water repellent ripstop nylon shell.

It is designed for outdoor use so is durable, easy to wash, easy to pack and reasonably lightweight at 2.8 lbs.

The synthetic insulation will still keep you warm even if it gets a little damp, and, you can feel good about supporting a worthy cause as part of the proceeds from the blanket are donated to charity.


  • Includes a hidden pocket with a YKK zipper.
  • Machine washable.
  • Durable and water-resistant.
  • 54” x 80” dimensions are slightly longer than most.


  • Expensive.
  • Slippery.


This is a top-of-the-line synthetic camping blanket that will cope with the outdoors while remaining cozy and warm. It’s one of the best blankets for camping in 2021.

Zefabak Camping Down Blanket

Review: The Zefabak blanket is a lightweight down blanket that basically feels like a sleeping bag.

It has a 20D ripstop nylon outer shell which is soft but durable, and the insulation has a ratio of 90% down to 10% feathers which makes it especially lightweight and warm.

It packs down into a really tiny stuff sack making it really convenient to carry, and it has clips which can convert it from a simple blanket into a poncho.


  • Comes in three different weights/warmth levels based on amount of down fill.
  • 75” x 51”.
  • Could be used as a hammock quilt or under-blanket.
  • Very lightweight – just 1.46 lbs. for the mid-weight.


  • The baffles are through-stitched which means you will eventually get some migration of the down after washing.


This is an excellent quality, lightweight and very packable down camping blanket at a good price.

Rumpl The Original Puffy Blanket

Review: Rumple’s made a name for itself in the camping blanket world. Some people love their blankets, other’s reckon they’re over-priced. I’ll leave it up to you to decide truly for yourself, but this list wouldn’t be complete without a Rumpl blanket.

It is a little heavy at 3.1 lbs. for the 1-person size, but this isn’t an issue if you’re car camping, and some people appreciate having a little weight on them at night.

The Original has synthetic insulation but there is a down option too which is lighter and more compact.


  • Water repellent 20D ripstop nylon outer.
  • Machine washable and tumble dryer safe.
  • Water-resistant 20D ripstop nylon outer shell.
  • Comes in a range of colors.


  • Not as lightweight as you might expect.
  • A little pricey.


This is a popular blanket of reliable quality provided you don’t mind the price.

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co. Merino Blanket

Review: Moving on to a different class of blanket…

Are wool blankets good for camping? Well, heavy woolen blankets won’t suit everyone’s camping style, but if you have the space and won’t be carrying it far, it is a super warm and cozy option.

You do of course have to be careful to keep it dry as it won’t be much good to you wet, and you’ll want to avoid getting it covered with leaves and twigs too.

But, if these things aren’t an issue, you’ll be rewarded with an extremely warm blanket!

This Merino camp blanket is durable, warm and the kind of blanket that will last you forever if you look after it.


  • 80% virgin merino wool and 20% acrylic for durability.
  • Dense, tight weave also adds to warmth and durability.
  • Merino is soft to the touch and not itchy.
  • Made of untreated wool.


  • Heavy – 4 lbs. (But this might not be a con for everyone).


If you appreciate quality, this is definitely one of the best wool blankets for camping.

Desert Breeze Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket

Review: This is another great wool option for a warm and heavier duty blanket. Desert Breeze’s blanket is made in Peru out of 100% virgin wool, 50% alpaca, 50% sheep.

It weighs just under 6 lbs. so it’s not a lightweight option, but this is a good thing when it comes to wool.


  • Extremely soft and not itchy to touch.
  • Alpaca wool is known for its high insulating properties.
  • Machine washable on a gentle, wool wash.
  • Made in a family-owned mill in Peru.


  • Has a lanolin smell at first but this dissipates quickly and is a sign of natural wool so this is not a bad thing!


This is an example of the best cold weather camping blanket due to the superior insulating qualities of alpaca and merino wool, and could be the warmest blanket for camping.

What Makes a Good Camping Blanket?

Camping blankets can be a much-appreciated addition to your camping kit.

It might not just be a case of an extra layer to put on top of your sleeping bag on cooler nights, but something to snuggle up with in the evenings (or mornings) while you drink your hot chocolate (or coffee) and watch the sunset (or rise!).

But, not all blankets are equal when it comes to their suitability for camping.

Yes, you could just chuck in that old bobbled blanket from the back of your cupboard. And yes, that would probably be fine.

But, there are a few key advantages to getting a more camping specific blanket.

Firstly, camping blankets are often really lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and pack.

They are also often made with some easy to clean or moderately water repellent material so that a little rain or spillage isn’t a problem.

They are typically more durable and will handle being machine washed multiple times.

Some will double as a summer sleeping bag on really warm nights, or a hammock over/under quilt.

And, camping blankets made with synthetic insulation are designed so that even if they get a little wet, they will still help to keep you warm and will dry quickly.


I think you should be!

But there are a few things to consider…

woman watching mountains in camping blanket

Weight and Portability

Firstly, are you backpacking or car camping?

If you’re backpacking, you’re going to want something lightweight and compact.

If you’re car camping, this doesn’t matter so much and you can get away with a bulkier, heavier blanket.

Outer Material

Many camping specific blankets come with a ripstop nylon shell, similar to your sleeping bag.

The advantage of the ripstop nylon outer shells is that things like animal hair, grass and twigs won’t stick.

You’ll be able to quickly brush off any debris when packing up and not have to worry about picking off half of the forest later.

But, on the other hand, the slippery nature of ripstop nylon means that it is… slippery.

It can be hard to keep that second layer on top of you if it’s made of the same material as your sleeping bag and keeps sliding off.

If it’s large enough, you can remedy this by tucking the sides under your sleeping mat.

But if you roll over a lot in the night, you might just end up with the blanket sitting patiently beside you.

If you think this might annoy you, some camping blankets are made with a less slippery, brushed polyester material that might be a better option.

Woman and dog warm near campfire in forest


There are three broad categories of blanket type here:

Down, synthetic and wool.

  • Down is very popular for its impressive warmth to weight ratio. But, it tends to be less useful (ie. useless), when it gets damp. It takes a (very) long time to dry out and loses its insulating properties as the feathers get stuck together.
  • Synthetic is great for camping because while it’s slightly heavier and bulkier, this doesn’t matter so much when you’re car camping. It will still provide some warmth if it gets a little damp. And, if there any accidents, it will dry out quickly so it won’t be redundant for the rest of your trip.
  • Woolen blankets are very warm and can provide that comforting weight that synthetic or down blankets won’t. But, they’re also fairly useless if they get wet. Also, unless you get very good quality wool, it will likely be scratchy against your skin as well.

A Few More Things…

Lastly, bear in mind that when you say camping blanket, some websites think this equals picnic blanket and recommend waterproof nylon coated blankets.

These are great for putting on the ground to sit on. But they’re not going to be what you want to snuggle up with for sleeping inside your tent.

We’re talking about cozy blankets here, for an extra layer at night and for wrapping around you when you sit by the campfire.

But, in saying that, a camping blanket still shouldn’t be relied upon to replace your sleeping bag unless it’s really warm out (read: not less than 60˚F overnight).

In some parts of the world, even camping in the summer will require a good sleeping bag when the temperatures drop off at night.

Check out my article on the best cold weather sleeping bags if you think your camping locations might be in this category.

Backpacking sleeping bags are also a great option as they tend to be a little lighter and more compact but still plenty warm enough.

Alternatively, if you’re sure things will be staying reasonably warm overnight, sleeping with a sleeping bag liner and a camping blanket could be a good alternative to going completely sleeping bag-less.

A sleeping bag liner will add a little extra protection from drafts and insects, and keep your blanket clean so you won’t have to wash it as often. I have a list of the best sleeping bag liners here to get you started.

looking at mountain view from inside of camping tent

So, all up, the best camping blankets are lightweight, warm, soft, easy to wash and easy to carry.

There should definitely be something on the list above for everyone.

I hope you’re feeling excited about your next camping trip and will be ready to snuggle under the stars with your new blanket very soon!

Be sure to comment below if you’re a fan of camping blankets and make sure you’ve read my ebook on solo travel safety before you leave for your next adventure.

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