TOP 13 Best Cabin Tents of 2021 Reviewed + Tips for Group Camping

There’s not much more romantic than an evening in a tent with hot chocolate and a pack of cards.

Cabin tents make this dream a reality by providing a spacious place to hang out while keeping you close to nature but protected from the elements and insects.

Here, I will introduce you to the best cabin tents of 2021 and then list a few tips for choosing your perfect tent.

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TOP 13 Best Cabin Tents of 2021 for Camping

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8 Person Tent

Review: The Kodiak Flex-Bow is a true cabin tent, with steep walls, a full-sized doorway and plenty of standing room. It is also one of the most durable and weather-proof cabin tents on the market.

Made of 100% Cotton Duck Canvas, it is waterproof while remaining breathable and quiet.


  • 2 Entrance ways, with a large D shaped door on either side of the tent.
  • 6’6” ceiling is comfortable for everyone to stand up in.
  • Large mesh-covered windows for light and ventilation.
  • Galvanized steel frame is sturdy and durable.


  • Not cheap.
  • Heavy and bulky to transport.


This is the kind of tent you only have to buy once, being so durable that it will last many, many years. If you can front up the cash, this is the best cabin tent for winter camping owing to its insulating canvas.

Springbar Highline 6 Person Canvas Tent

Review: Very similar to the Kodiak Flex-Bow, the Springbar Highline is another top of the line canvas tent that will last a lifetime and see you through all weather conditions.

The main difference is the Highline only has one doorway which could be a plus if things could get chaotic with kids running in and out. It’s a tiny bit lighter, but the material is also a tiny bit thinner.


  • 6’5” ceiling height.
  • Durable, waterproof and breathable canvas means condensation won’t be a problem.
  • Galvanized steel poles.
  • Awning folds out to provide shelter over the doorway.
  • Large mesh windows.


  • Not cheap.
  • Bulky and heavy to carry.


If made in America is important to you, and you appreciate the quality of canvas tents, the Springbar could be the way to go.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Review: This Coleman tent is among the best instant tents on the market. It provides excellent liveable space while being really easy to set up, even for one person. This instant tent only takes about a minute to set up as the poles are connected to the tent and just need opening up.

It is a single walled tent so what appears to be the inner is actually waterproof. This is handy from a construction point of view but could result in a build-up of condensation if you’re not careful.


  • Very easy to set up.
  • Comes in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 person sizes.
  • 6’ centre ceiling height.
  • Large mesh windows with waterproof zip up covers on all sides.


  • Not as waterproof as a tent with a separate full coverage rain fly.


If ease of set up is a priority, this instant cabin tent could be the way to go. It may not be the most weather-proof design, but it’s well-made of good quality materials.

Core 9P Instant Cabin Tent

Review: Core is among the best tent brands in terms of popularity and affordability. Their family tents are reliable, and this cabin tent is no exception.

It is another instant set up option, going up in about a minute, with the added bonus of a room divider for keeping your sleeping and living spaces separate. The mesh ceiling also makes for great stargazing if you leave the rain fly off in good weather.


  • 2 separate rooms.
  • Instant set up.
  • Included partial coverage rain fly for weather-proofing.
  • Large mesh windows and doorways.


  • Tent stakes are the weak point and could do with being replaced with sturdier versions.


If you appreciate having multiple rooms, this is the best instant cabin tent for families.

Coleman Tenaya Lake Lighted Cabin Tent

Review: Another excellent option from Coleman, this isn’t quite an instant set up, but it’s designed to be fast and reasonably effortless, going up in about 8 minutes.

It has a room divider and little mini closets that extend out from the base of the tent so that your gear storage doesn’t intrude on your living space.


  • Partial rainfly included.
  • Color coded poles for easy set up.
  • Extra storage space in extendable closets.
  • Plenty of standing room and a room divider.


  • Rain flaps can get caught easily in the zippers.


For gear organization, this tent wins top spot, with the ingenious external closets creating plenty of floor space and keep things organized.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Review: This tent masters the balance of indoor-outdoor living, providing a separate screen room from the sleeping area. This way, you can feel as though you’re sitting outside while remaining protected from biting insects!

It has a real cabin feel but with the security of a bathtub floor, hanging pockets for organization of your possessions and well-placed vents to avoid moisture build up.


  • Removable partial coverage rain fly.
  • Zip up waterproof walls in the screen room.
  • Spacious interior with separate mesh living area.
  • 6.5’ ceiling.
  • Bathtub floor.


  • Takes a little longer to set up than the more instant options above.


This is one of the best cabin tents with screened porch for camping in hot weather with lots of insects. The mesh screen room provides an insect free haven to enjoy the sun and cross-breezes.

Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Review: This huge 2 room cabin tent sleeps 10 people on sleeping mats or 2 Queen sized air mattresses if glamping is more your thing.

The ceiling is over 7’ high providing a super spacious feel to the interior, while a completely mesh ceiling provides plenty of ventilation or makes for excellent star gazing.


  • Core H20 Block technology for waterproofing.
  • Partial coverage rain fly.
  • Removable room divider gives you options.
  • Gear loft and lantern hook helps to keep things organized.


  • Can’t be set up by one person alone.
  • Doesn’t come with a footprint which would be useful to extend the life of the floor.


This is one of the best cabin tents for camping as a group at an affordable price. It is spacious and decently durable.

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Review: This is another excellent quality 2 room option that has excellent waterproofing, straight side walls and a 7’ ceiling.

The 150D polyester oxford floor material has a 2000m waterproof rating making this an excellent choice if you think you might end up camping in rainy conditions.


  • Factory sealed seams for waterproofing.
  • 6 small mesh pockets and a lantern hook for hanging a light source.
  • 2 ‘D’ shaped doorways and 6 large windows.
  • Plenty of mesh in the ceiling for ventilation.


  • Needs a second person for set up.


This is a tent that deserves more attention for its excellent durability, weather-proofing and spacious interior. It’s the best cabin tent for rain if you’re looking for a lighter weight alternative to a canvas tent.

Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Review: This is a pretty unique tent design, with the possibility of 3 separate living areas, so it’s what you’d want if you’re camping in a bigger group. The main body of the tent is a large cabin-style which can be divided in two, and then a third smaller half dome extension provides a cozy sleeping space.

And, despite its huge size, it manages to be instant as well, having a setup time of just 2 minutes.


  • 3 separate living areas.
  • Instant set up.
  • Huge double door entrance way under an awning.
  • 6 large mesh windows and mesh ceiling.


  • It might take 2 minutes to have it resembling a tent, but it will require extra set up time to finish securing and pegging it down.


This is a very affordable option for such a spacious tent with so many living areas. The half dome extension would be perfect for kids.

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Tent

Review: This is another highly liveable cabin tent with a screen room for hot, insect-prone weather. It has a 6’8” ceiling height and enough space for 2 queen sized airbeds.

It is specifically designed to cope with inclement weather so is a great choice for potentially wet destinations.


  • Comes in 6 or 10 person option.
  • Has a separate screen room.
  • Partial awning over side entrance way and partial coverage rain fly over mesh roof.
  • Coleman’s patented welded floor and inverted seams for weather-proofing.


  • The screen room doesn’t have a floor.


This is a top quality option from Coleman with the versatility of a good 3 season tent. It is reliably waterproof but kitted with a screen room for hot weather.

Tahoe Gear Ozark 16 Person Cabin Tent

Review: This is a truly massive tent, sleeping an incredible 16 people, though you’d probably be comfortable with half that once you add gear into the mix.

It includes a power port which is definitely handy, and there is zip up room divider to create separate living and sleeping areas.


  • 7’ centre ceiling height.
  • 1200mm rated polyester rain fly with overhanging canopies for the doorways.
  • High bathtub floors.
  • Large mesh windows.


  • The ceiling isn’t mesh, but it’s massive enough that condensation shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Might take a little time to figure out how to set it up the first time.


This is a very spacious tent, so if claustrophobia is a problem for you, this is the tent you’ll want for your next camping trip.

Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

Review: This is a very slightly more affordable version of the canvas Springbar and Kodiak tents mentioned earlier, but with a few more handy features.

It comes in two different sizes, 10’x10’ or 10’x14’ and has extra wide doors so moving gear in and out of the tent is super easy. And of course, the treated cotton canvas is waterproof and breathable making it an excellent year-round tent.


  • Can be set up by one person.
  • Includes e-port.
  • No-see-um mesh over large D-shaped doors.
  • Multiple gear lofts and pockets for extra gear organization.


  • Durability isn’t quite as top notch as the Kodiak and Springbar tents.


If you appreciate the classic canvas cabin style tents, this model comes with some great features making for a highly liveable camping experience.

NTK Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent

Review: This isn’t strictly speaking a cabin tent. It falls somewhere midway between a dome and cabin style. The walls are pretty steep giving it a really spacious interior and the living and sleeping areas are separated by a zipping wall.

But the main plus is that this is the only double walled tent on this list that has a full coverage rain fly making it the best option for rainy weather after the canvas tents.


  • 2 x large D-shaped doors.
  • Excellent full-coverage rain fly with 2500mm waterproof rating.
  • Large mesh panels for ventilation.
  • Lantern ring, gear loft and mesh pockets.


  • The window covers only zip up from the outside which is a hassle if you suddenly get some rain the middle of the night.


This is one of the best waterproof tents for camping trips that could get wet. The full coverage rain fly and high bathtub floor provides excellent protection from the elements.

Tips for Choosing the Best Cabin Tent

As with anything, there is no one-size-fits-all deal when it comes to tents. But it pays to keep a few things in mind when you’re running through the options.

Ceiling Height and Floor Space

One of main reasons we love cabin tents is for the liveable space they offer, right?

We want to be able to stand up inside and sit at a small table with a candle or two and a bottle of wine, or beer, or hot chocolate! Whatever’s your thing!

man sleeping in tent

If you’re a tall person, ceiling height will be especially important. Most cabin tents have a ceiling height of at least 6’ but you’ll want to double check this.

Floor space is important for working out how much remaining space you will have after you put down your sleeping mattress and luggage. If there’s no room left over, you’re not going to have the romantic camping experience you dreamed of.


How weather-proof a tent is is usually indicated by the price of the tent.

If you spend less than $200 on a tent as big as any on this list, you can’t expect bomb proof weather-proofing. But if you’re not going to be heading on any particularly rainy trips then weather-proofing may not be so important.

Think about the places and seasons you want to camp in and then choose your tent accordingly. If you’re going to be facing a serious amount of rain, a full-coverage rain fly is a good choice.


Cabin tents are designed to sleep multiple people, and with extra people comes extra condensation!

Look for tents with lots of mesh in the ceiling and ideally some extra vents lower down as well. Even if it’s chilly, you’re going to want some kind of cross-breeze so that your breath isn’t dripping on you by morning.


This is probably a no-brainer, and it’s kind of a similar deal to the weather-proofing – the durability of tents usually go hand in hand with price.

But, if you are on a budget, treating your tent with care and using an additional tarp underneath the groundsheet will extend its life significantly.
You can also seal the seams yourself and be armed with a needle and thread if any stitching starts threatening to come loose.

camping tent near green trees - view from inside of tent

Other Things to Bear in Mind

  • Number and size of doorways (the more the better if you’re camping in a group)
  • Number and size of windows (the more the better unless you’re camping in cold weather)
  • Whether the windows zip up from the inside or outside (inside is obviously more convenient)


What is a Cabin Tent?

Cabin tents are a particular shape of tent that has steeper, almost vertical walls, providing more standing room inside.

What is the Best Cabin Tent?

This depends on your priorities but the Core and Coleman cabin tents are excellent choices if you’re looking for synthetic, easily transportable tents, while the Kodiak and Springbar canvas tents are excellent choices if weather-proofing and durability are your priorities.

camping tent on the mountain - cold weather

What is the Best Tent for a Family of 5?

The best family cabin tent for a family of 5 will be a tent that sleeps 8-10 people. You’ll need space for your stuff and for the kids to be clambering around without destroying your setup.


There you have it, the best cabin tents of 2021. Excited about your next group adventure?

You have no excuse not to get out there and go camping!

If you’re interested in checking out inflatable tents as another option, check out my article on the best inflatable tents for family camping.

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