Best Beach Tents for Babies & Toddlers with TOP 4 Tent Reviews 2021

No family fun trip to the beach would be complete without the best beach tent for babies.

Everyone loves to frolic in the sun, but babies and toddlers can’t do it for long periods of time.

Too much sun exposure can be bad for little ones.

If you’ve ever had to care for a small child with sunburn, you know how difficult it can be.

The best baby beach tent will keep the young ones safe while allowing the rest of the family to enjoy a little more time in the sand and water.

When it comes to keeping the kids safe and happy, it’s important to do your research.

Before you start reading the baby beach tent reviews, you’ll need to know exactly what to look for in such an important piece of equipment.

There are a lot of considerations you need to make, and you should have all of your bases covered before you decide on which tent is right for your small children.

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How to Pick the Best Beach Tent for Babies

There are so many reasons why a parent should take their little ones to the beach, let them explore, let them feel the sand between their toes and fingers.

But it’s completely normal to worry about their safety there.

That’s why things designed for babies need to be designed differently than things for adults. You want the best baby beach tent to be safe and durable because it has such an important job to do.

The right beach tent will last you until your children have outgrown the need for it.

You only want to purchase a beach tent once, so it’s worth doing the research to find the perfect tent the first time.

Protecting Them from the Elements

Keeping your baby safe from the sun’s harmful rays and sometimes harsh wind of the beach is one of the main reasons to purchase a baby beach tent.

Mesh will keep your baby safe from beach insects, like mosquitoes, but it won’t shield your baby from the sun.

The best beach tent should have a good canopy to protect your young one from the UV rays, and possibly covered sides to extend that protection to cover every angle.

Tents that use thin fabric don’t actually offer sun protection. The sun will penetrate right through these cheaper shade alternatives. Heat and UV rays will be allowed to travel inside, which is dangerous.

There’s no point in purchasing baby beach tents that aren’t made of the right material to actually protect your child.

It’s worth spending a little more for better protection.

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Giving Them Space to Move

Some baby tents are really small. These are fine for very young babies who only need a place to take a nap on the beach.

The only issue with these tents is that they don’t offer any space for your baby to move, and they aren’t versatile at all.

Your baby will outgrow these kinds of pop up nap tents very fast. You’ll likely only get to use them once or twice before your baby no longer fits inside.

It’s better to get a larger tent, especially if you have multiple children. A beach tent should be more than just a place for your baby to nap.

Your baby should be able to play, and this requires room to move and space for toys. A bigger tent will last you much longer.

It’s also convenient if you’re visiting the beach with family or friends who also have babies. More children can comfortably fit inside.

Making Sure the Tent Won’t Topple

Babies and toddlers have a tendency to pull and climb.

When there are tent poles accessible to children, you can’t guarantee that they won’t yank on those poles. This will send the tent tumbling down with your babies inside of it.

While tents are light enough to make it unlikely that your child will be hurt in the process, it’s not worth the risk.

Anything for babies and toddlers needs to be exceptionally durable. Even if it may not be dangerous for them to break a tent, they can do it easily if left to their own devices for long enough.

Make sure to choose a tent that’s genuinely baby proof. Little ones can destroy things quite quickly.

Important Safety Features

Toddlers will likely be fine in a tent that features a completely open side, but you might not feel the same way about babies.

You’ll get a little more peace of mind if you can zip them in. If you’re trying to prepare a picnic lunch on the beach, you’ll like knowing that your little ones can’t wander off while you’re putting sandwiches together.

When you’re reading the baby beach tent reviews, you’ll want to consider how safe each tent will be for your little ones. Every parent has different needs for their children, because every child is different.

You should feel good about the tent that you pick.

If you have any safety concerns that aren’t addressed by the regular features of a standard baby tent, you can always select a maximum safety model with all external components and a fully zippered closure.

Reviews of the 4 Greatest Beach Tents for Babies 2021

Now that you know what you should be considering while you’re on the hunt, it’s time to delve into the baby beach tent reviews.

The best beach tent for babies depends on the age of the babies and what you need the tent to provide.

Picture your family spending some quality time together on the beach, and envision how each of these tents could potentially enhance your trip.

Schylling Infant UV Playshade

This is a lightweight, easily portable tent that’s great for both babies and young toddlers.

Two babies or one small toddler could fit within this tent comfortably, and still have room for a few toys to keep them occupied.

This beach tent comes with sand pockets and staking spikes to prevent it from wobbling around in the wind. The tent features a full bottom to prevent children from getting covered in sand, and keeps diapers from getting wet.

This tent is the perfect size for mothers with newborns who want to be able to nurse their infants in privacy.


  • The material of the tent is UV rated up to 50+, which is the highest available on the market. Nobody is going to get sunburned in this tent, which is perfect for parents with newborns who are too young for sunscreen.
  • Front of the tent can be tied closed to make the inside dimmer. This is ideal for babies who cannot nap in a well-lit environment.
  • This is a pop-up tent, so it doesn’t need to be assembled. Simply unfold it, and it springs right up for immediate use. There are no hard poles or connector pieces. The whole tent is soft.


  • Because this tent is rather closed up, it’s going to get hot inside. Consider purchasing a portable fan to keep it cool inside.


If you have a newborn or a baby who isn’t yet old enough to walk, this is one of the best baby tents for beach use.

It’s ideal for protecting infants under six months of age who are not yet old enough for the safe application of sunscreen.

If your main reason for purchasing a beach tent is to shelter your newborn from the son, you’ll find that this one does a great job.

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade

This is a versatile beach tent that’s a little larger in size. It has a 7.5 foot long by 4.5 foot wide footprint, and is 57 inches tall in the center.

It comes with two zippered doors that can either be left open to use the tent as a cabana, or closed for a little privacy.

This makes it easy to use this tent for naptime, or as a place to help your child change clothes.

Four hanging pockets inside allow you to store wet swimsuits while the young ones catch their afternoon nap.


  • The shell of the tent offers UV guard protection up to SPF 50. This is the highest protection commercially available in an outdoor tent. You won’t be settling for less.
  • Spacious interior could comfortably fit three toddlers, making this a great choice for a family with multiple children looking to enjoy a beach day.
  • Tent comes with a carry bag, long stakes for windproofing the tent, sandbags to weigh it down, a full floor, and a clothes drying line.


  • External poles need to be connected. Some beach tents are instant, but this one takes about ten minutes to put together.


This is one of the best beach tents for toddlers. Toddlers have a tendency to get on each other’s nerves, so you’ll want them to have enough space to sprawl out.

This is one of the more spacious tents available, and it’s sure to meet every need or concern you family may have when traveling to the beach.

As long as you don’t mind having to spend a few minutes putting it together, it could be a complete lifesaver when you’re away on your beach vacation.

Genji Sports Pop Up Family Beach Tent

This tent is 82.7 inches long by 52 inches wide by 50 inches high, making it the perfect size for a modest pop-up shelter.

The shell is made of 50+ UV coated nylon, making it both lightweight and safe on even the sunniest day. It opens itself up into a tent in about 1 second, and takes approximately 3 seconds to take down.

If you have your hands full with your children, you’ll appreciate the convenience of its construction.

Setting the tent up is a breeze, and your children will have a safe place to sit while you unpack the rest of your bags.


  • This is a versatile tent. It has three closed sides, and one open side. The back side can be opened to turn it into a canopy tent, and the other two sides feature large mesh windows with optional shades. This tent is as open or as closed as you desire.
  • The manufacturer also makes an optional rain cover you can purchase separately. This can convert this beach tent into an actual camping tent for youngsters.
  • Support beams are made of steel and covered in nylon to keep them from being exposed. This is a durable tent that you can pack and unpack without breaking it, unlike similar sun shelters that use plastic components.


  • Since this tent is so light, you’ll definitely need to use the sandbags and stakes to anchor it – even in very soft winds.


This is a convenient and inexpensive convertible tent and sun shelter for any family with babies or small children. Its no-fuss design is something that parents will undoubtedly appreciate.

You’ll even want to take this with you to the beach when you don’t have the children in town, since the height and width make it a perfect shelter for two beach chairs when mom and dad need some time away.

Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Portable Dome Tent for Infant

This tent measures 36 inches wide by 36 inches long by 36 inches high, making it a perfect square.

It’s made of UV treated fabric, so it will protect your baby’s delicate skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

This is an ideal napping tent for a baby, but it’s also large enough to serve as a covered play space when the weather’s too hot to play in the sand.


  • The top and back of this tent are completely covered, but the side walls and the front are made of mesh. This promotes better airflow in the tent, keeping the heat from building up inside.
  • The unique mesh design will allow you to see your baby at all times. You won’t have to enter the tent to check on your baby. You can supervise while tending to other tasks.
  • The front can either be let down or zipped up. Zipping up the front will keep your baby safe inside the tent. He or she won’t be able to crawl out.


  • Too small for children over two years of age – the child won’t have any room to move.


This is the perfect tent for families with one baby or small toddler who need a safe shelter that provides high visibility. It’s easy to transport, it’s lightweight, and it’s easy to wash between uses.

This is the perfect tool to use when introducing your new baby to the beach.

Making Your Final Choice

It’s not too difficult to find the best beach tent for babies, as long as you know what you’re looking for.

If you’re not sure, it helps to pick a large tent. That way, you’re sure your children won’t get too big before it before they’re ready to use a regular adult beach cabana with the rest of the family.

Also, if you visit the beach while traveling with family, you need to find a great option to spend the night in as well. Some of the best instant tents offer great comfort and are much more easy to assemble.

It helps to go for a little more than to settle for a little less.

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