Best 6 Person Tents – Buying Guide & TOP 15 Tent Reviews 2021

Camping in a group can make it hard to choose the perfect tent.

After all, you need to keep everyone happy, right?

Lucky for you, I’m here to simplify the issue!

This article will help you choose the best 6 person camping tent for your needs and list 15 of the best options available on the market right now to give you a head start.

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TOP 15 Best 6 Person Tent Reviews 2021

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Screened Tent

Review: This is a two room tent with a 17’ by 9’ footprint, and a center height of 6’ 10”. Even the tallest camper will be able to stand up inside.

There’s 153 sq. ft. of interior space which is way more room than you’ll realistically need. It weighs 32 lbs. which is heavy, but not unheard of for a 6 person tent of this caliber.


  • The surplus of floor space means that this tent is guaranteed to be comfortable with six campers and even their gear.
  • Two room design helps campers divide the space inside of the tent.
  • The main cabin is completely waterproofed and comes with a separate rain fly that you can set up in inclement weather.


  • This is a very heavy tent, but it’s worth the haul if you really need the space.


This is the equivalent of a palace tent, but it’s built in a way that’s not too inconvenient for regular camping use. This is the best 6 person tent in 2021 if space is a priority.

Eureka Copper Canyon 6 Person Tent

Review: This is a cabin style tent with a 6 pole design that has a large 10’ by 10’ floor area with a center height of 7’.

It weighs just 25 lbs. which is considerably lighter than the Coleman above but still not exactly lightweight.

It also conveniently packs down to an 11” x11”x 30” package making it easy to transport.


  • This three-season tent comes with a detachable rain fly to protect the roof. In nice weather, you can remove the rain fly and enjoy the airflow through the vented top making it a great choice for summer.
  • Features internal organization options, like mesh pockets, a clothes line, and flashlight loops.


  • Only has one door, which can make it difficult for campers to get in and out without disturbing each other.


This is a roomy tent at an affordable price. It’s very easy to carry for what it is, and it’s easy to set up with a durable combo steel and fiberglass pole construction.

Coleman Steel Creek 6 Person Fast Pitch Dome

Review: This tent has a peak height of 5.5’ with 90 sq. ft. of internal floor space, and a weight of just 19 lbs.

It packs down into a small bag that makes it easy to move around and features a screened in porch area that’s high enough to sit inside.


  • Lightweight and travel friendly being a great option for larger groups of hikers.
  • Rain fly features awnings over the windows to allow for better airflow, even during storms.
  • This is designed to be a fast pitch tent. The poles are pre-attached and feature quick setting feet, so it only takes a few minutes to prop the tent up for the night.


  • 90 sq. ft. of internal space means some campers might find this tent to be a little cramped.


This is an ideal tent for groups of campers who are really looking to keep the weight low and want a fast and easy setup. This is the best 6 person camping tent for groups on a budget.

Core 6 Person Dome Tent

Review: This tent is 11’ long by 9’ wide, with a center height of 72”. You’re getting 99 sq. ft. of floor space, which is the middle of the line as far as 6 person tents go.

But, it only weighs about 16 lbs. which is very light for a 6 person tent.


  • Features a rain fly with an awning above the tent door to protect you from the elements while allowing fresh air inside.
  • Internal storage options include mesh pockets, lantern hooks, and a gear loft. You can even run electricity into this tent if you’re at a campsite that offers hookups.


  • Windows don’t have zip-up shades. You’ll need to use the rain fly for privacy.


This is a very simple tent, but it’s lightweight and large enough for six campers.

It won’t do anything fancy and it’s not designed to protect you from harsh weather, but it’s more than enough for a summer car camping trip.

Marmot Limestone 6 Person Tent with Footprint

Review: If you need a 6 person tent that will stand up to the whatever elements you throw at it while still being lightweight, this is your tent.

It has 83.8 sq. ft. of floor space and weighs just 17 lbs. 9 oz.


  • Comes with fully seam-taped rain fly.
  • Come with ultralight footprint for extra protection of the groundsheet.
  • The simple dome design is easy to put up with color-coded poles.
  • 1 large front double door and a D shaped back door for easy access.


  • Limited space to move around once everyone’s inside.
  • Ventilation is a little limited with the rainfly on.


This is a top quality tent that is guaranteed to be very weather-proof and go the distance provided you take care of it.

This is the best 6 person tent for rain if you’re looking for something you can take on a group hike.

Kelty Trail Ridge 6 Person Tent with Footprint

Review: The Kelty Trail Ridge is an extremely popular tent in all size options. It’s a 3 season, freestanding, dome shaped-tent.

The 6 person option offers 80 sq. ft. of floor space with an additional 44 sq. ft. divided between 2 vestibules for gear storage.

As above, 80 sq. ft. won’t leave much space for moving around, but it will sleep 6 people with their gear in the vestibules.


  • Very easy to set up, one person can easily do it alone.
  • Comes with a matching footprint and waterproof rain fly.
  • 6’ high peak height lets most people stand up inside.
  • Weighs just 13 lbs. 13 oz. which is very light.
  • Quiet zippers are a highlight for light sleepers.


  • This is about as small as you’d want to go for a 6 person tent before things start getting really uncomfortable. It’s not going to be large enough for 6 large adults.


This is a lightweight, easy to use 6 person tent that is a reliable choice for small families looking for a convenient camping tent, or groups of 4 hikers plus gear.

Big Agnes Big House 6 Deluxe Tent

Review: This Big Agnes tent has such a luxurious design to it, you’ll feel like you’ve paid a lot more for the experience.

It is is designed with internal living space in mind with steep walls and an almost 6’ ceiling. Unfortunately, the floor area is just 78 sq. ft. which is likely going to be too small for 6 adults plus gear, but officially, it will sleep 6.


  • Extremely lightweight for such a spacious tent (13 lbs. 11 oz. makes it the lightest on this list).
  • 2 large mesh doors can be left as mesh for windows and ventilation or zipped up for privacy and warmth.
  • 12 interior storage pockets for gear organization.
  • Waterproof taped seams.


  • Smaller floor area than other 6 person tents.
  • No vestibules.


This is a very good quality tent made with good quality materials. It’s too small for 6 people plus gear but is another great option for small families or hiking groups.

Kodiak Kanvas Flex Bow 6 Person Tent

Review: This is a canvas tent so it is obviously heavy (68 lbs.) and only suitable for car camping.

But, it is a tent that will last you a lifetime and likely sell you on canvas tents as a whole.

The canvas material is extremely durable, waterproof while being breathable, and quiet in the wind with no annoying flapping.


  • 100 sq. ft. of floor area and a 6’6” ceiling.
  • Galvanized steel tubing is strong and stands up to a serious pounding from the wind.
  • 2 doorways for easy access.
  • Thick canvas walls and groundsheet will last a very long time.
  • A large awning extends the living space or provides shade.


  • Very heavy. You won’t want to be carrying this further than the ground right next to your car.


For family car camping trips, this tent is a winner. You can’t get much better value for money when it comes to longevity and weather-proofing.

This is the best 6 person tent 2021 from a durability standpoint.

Springbar Highline 6 Person Canvas Tent

Review: Similar to the Kodiak Canvas above, the Highline is another great cabin style canvas option for families looking for a tent they’ll only have to buy once.

It has 100 sq. ft. of floor space and a 6.5’ ceiling with a full-sized door and an awning that extends out.


  • 100% Cotton Duck Canvas is weather tight and mold resistant.
  • Easy to set up despite its large size and heavyweight.
  • Steel poles and stakes cope well with wind.
  • One of the few tents available the comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Weighs 76 lbs. which is very heavy, but it won’t blow away!
  • Just one doorway.


This is a highly durable and reliable canvas tent that is ideal for group camping trips with space to stand and an extendable living area with the awning set up.

It is the best 6 person tent for rain and wind.

Teton Sports Mesa Canvas Tent

Review: This canvas cabin tent is designed to be quick and easy to set up despite its size and weight.

It has a 100 sq. ft. floor area and a 6’6” ceiling which is ideal for taller for people. It weighs 69 lbs. which is a touch lighter than the other two canvas tents listed above.


  • Treated canvas is waterproof and yet still breathable.
  • Heavy duty carbon steel stakes help with stability in the wind.
  • Built-in E-ports make the tent compatible with powered campsites.
  • Extra wide doorways are convenient.


  • Likely to be a tad less durable than the Kodiak or Springbar legends above.


This is another excellent quality cabin style canvas tent which is spacious, weather-proof and a very comfortable place to camp. It is a top rated 6 person tent.

Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

Review: For a completely different style option, but one that may work for you, this is a tepee tent that is pretty lightweight and has standing room inside.

The floor area is about 100 sq. ft. but you’ve got less liveable space than the cabin style tents due to the sloping walls.

It is advertised as having sleeping space for 6 people but comfort space for 4 which is pretty on point.


  • 15 lbs. weight makes this an easy tent to carry to camp.
  • 8’ peak height is very tall.
  • 2 doorways and 4 windows and 4 mesh vents make for plenty of customizable light and air flow.


  • Sloping walls mean limited space width wise inside.
  • No vestibules for gear storage.
  • The center pole creates a division inside the tent which may take some working around.


This tent is worth trying out if you like the tepee style and appreciate the lightweight and affordable price. This is a good 6 person tent for festivals and group camping trips.

Nemo Wagontop Camping Tent

Review: This is a pretty unique tent design. The main body is single walled and then the porch compartment is mostly mesh with a rainfly that rolls into place when the skies darken or the temperature drops.

The floor is 11’8” by 8’4” which is very spacious and it has a standing height ceiling across the entire length.


  • Large mesh windows have roll up covers for privacy or for when it’s raining.
  • The porch has large mesh panels for plenty of ventilation and a rollback rain fly.
  • The screened off porch also allows for a separate living area or gear storage.
  • 2 large doorways, one at each end.


  • Single wall construction may or may not be a con depending on your preferences, but it can be a problem from a ventilation point of view.


This is an excellent quality tent that will stand up to wind and rain while providing interesting design and separate porch.

Wenzel Klondike Camping Tent

Review: Strictly speaking this is an 8 person tent. But, as most 6 person tents don’t actually offer enough liveable space outside of 6 sleeping bags, the extra space will be much appreciated by groups of 6 camping for more than a couple of nights at a time.

It weighs in at 26 lbs. and has floor dimensions of 11’ by 16’ which is massive.


  • Bathtub floor for extra warmth and waterproofing in damp conditions.
  • 2 separate rooms for living space and gear storage.
  • Plenty of ventilation options with vents and mesh windows.


  • The stakes will likely need upgrading.
  • It doesn’t have an e-port which is surprising so if you want a power hook up you’ll need to run a cord through one of the doorways.


This is a very spacious tent that is ideal for longer camping trips where liveable space and organization are priorities. It is the best 6 person family tent option.

Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek 6 Person Tent

Review: This is a kind of hybrid single/double walled tent. It is effectively a single walled tent with mesh panels in the ceiling and a rain fly that just covers the roof and slightly overhangs the sides.

The windows have separate zip up covers for when it rains. It has 100 q. ft. of floor area and a 7’ roof which is ideal for 6 people – but there are no vestibules for gear storage.


  • Standing room inside.
  • Overhanging fly creates mini awnings over doorways so you can enter and exit without letting rain in with you.
  • Factory sealed seams and waterproof oxford fabric bathtub floor.


  • Limited space for gear storage.


This is a solid mid-range tent that is a great option for small families or groups without a lot of gear, but it will be cramped with 6 people plus gear.

This is the best 6 person tent under 200 dollars.

Ozark Trail 6 Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin

Review: This is a similar design to the Alps Mountaineering tent above being a single walled body with an extra rain fly over the roof.

However, the main drawcard for this tent is its Dark Rest Technology which keeps out the daylight so you can sleep late on summer camping trips and not be disturbed by the sun at 5 am.


  • Dark Rest Technology creates a dark, peaceful interior.
  • Poles come attached to the tent for easy, instant set up.
  • When you want to let the light in, there are ceiling panels that can be opened up.


  • Limited extra space for gear.


If you value your morning shut-eye after staying up around the campfire, you might appreciate the dark rest technology of this tent. This is the best 6 person instant tent.

Your Checklist for Finding the Best 6 Person Tent

gray 6 person tent on top of mountain


The importance of the weight of your tent depends on whether you are going backpacking or car camping.

If you’re car camping, you can afford to bring a heavy beast as you won’t have to lug it far. But if you’re backpacking, a low weight is really important.

Even if you share with the weight of your gear around with a few different people carrying different parts of the tent, you’ll still want your pack to be as light as possible.

The tents on this list range from about 13 lbs. being the lightest, to over 70 lbs.

Assembly Process

The best 6 man tent shouldn’t take 6 people to set it up.

If you’re backpacking and will be putting up and taking down your tent on a daily basis, this is especially important.

At the end of a long day, you want to be able to eat a big meal and put your feet up for a while. If your tent takes forever to set up, you’re wasting valuable time and no one will be able to get the rest they need.

But car campers will appreciate an easy set up too. After all, no one wants to waste their afternoon setting up camp when you could be enjoying the sunshine or you have kids running around and getting in the way.

If you do have kids, check out our article on the best instant tents for family camping – it might just save some of your hair from falling out!

The best 6 person tent should be optimized for quick setup, and it should be easy to break down and repack for the next leg of your adventure.

bonfire surrounded and large camping tent during daytime

Interior Space

The space inside your tent could be the difference between a happy, relaxed camping trip, and stressful, cramped experience.

Unfortunately, when tent manufacturers list the number of people a tent sleeps, they mean it literally.

The size of a 6 person tent means the floor space is just enough for 6 sleeping bags to be laid out side by side. There really isn’t any extra space for gear or moving around.

Consequently, most of the time, people size up when choosing a tent.

Many 6 person tents are actually better suited to 4 people. If you are actually a group of 6 and plan to be doing more than just sleeping inside your tent, you might want to consider an 8 or even 10 person tent.

Other things to think about aside from the floor area are:

  • whether the ceiling is high enough for standing (and whether you mind),
  • whether there are vestibules for gear storage (imagine everyone having a bag half the size of their sleeping area…), and
  • how sloped the walls are and whether the outside areas of the tent are going to use or not as a result.


Your tent needs to be waterproof and be strong enough to hold its form in strong winds. That’s just non-negotiable.

Weather can be unpredictable and catch us out by changing when we didn’t expect it too. A leaky tent will ruin any camping trip.

Look for things like a bathtub floor, taped seams and good quality high denier fabric.

When it comes to tents, cheaper options just won’t be as waterproof. The best waterproof tents will usually come from the best camping tent brands.

Season Rating

For the majority of camping trips, a 3 season tent will suffice. The three seasons these kinds of tents are designed to work in are every season but winter.

Winter tents need to be a lot stronger than your average rainy day tent. Snowstorms are brutal, and falling snow can cause the wrong kind of tent to collapse due to the sheer weight. Strong blizzard winds may even flatten the tent.

If you’re traveling with children, it’s unlikely that you intend to camp in these kinds of weather conditions for safety reasons.

If you’re traveling with an experienced group of campers who are prepared to brave the cold, you’re going to need a 4 season tent.

It’s worth spending more for a tent that will genuinely keep you safe than one that will collapse when you’re relying on its protection the most.


camping tent near green trees - view from inside of tent

How Big Should a 6 Person Tent Be?

If you’re just going to be sleeping and don’t need lots of space for gear, then around 80-90 sq. ft. is a reasonable size. If you need living space as well, then upwards of 100 sq. ft. is what you need to be aiming for.

What is the Best Brand of Tent?

There are a number of excellent tent brands on the market, they include but are not limited to: Big Agnes, MSR, Nemo, Kelty, Coleman and Alps Mountaineering.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Tent?

The 5 categories above are a good place to start: weight, assembly process, interior space, weatherproofing and season rating.

What is the Best 6 Person Tent to Buy?

This depends on your camping style, whether you’re backpacking or car camping, how much space you want and what kind of weather conditions you’ll be facing.

Any of the tents on the list above are great options.

Coming to Your Final Decision

Six people is a crowd, and you want to make sure the whole crowd will enjoy the tent you choose. The best 6 person camping tent should fit the needs of all 6 campers involved.

Talk with your companions about the way they’d like to camp and bring them in on the decisions.

The point of your whole trip is to bond and enjoy each other’s company. You’re better off starting the teamwork early by making the choice together.

If you’re looking to try something a little different, check out our article on the best inflatable tents.

Be sure to comment below to share your experiences of camping in a large group and feel free to download our travel e-book if you haven’t already.

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