Best 3 Person Backpacking Tents with TOP 11 Tent Reviews 2021

Finding the best 3 person tent can be overwhelming. It’s even time-consuming for three people to discuss, argue then agree on the tent they want to buy.

That’s where this guide comes in; to cut those long conversations.

A 3 person backpacking trip requires a lot of supplies and provisions, although the tent is one of the most important.

You’re going to have a lot of things to consider. Before you dive into the 3 person tent reviews, you’ll want to give the other factors some thought.

If you’re going on a lengthy expedition, you’re going to need the best 3 person backpacking tent for the climate and the people involved in the trip. You should start by asking yourself some questions about the kinds of trips you like to take.

The right tent will work for every trip, so now is the time to start thinking about the way you intend to explore.

Keep in mind that not every model in the market can cater effectively for 3 people. Read through to know what makes the best three person tent.

You’ll also learn more from the 3 person tent reviews that comprise the best 3 person backpacking tents in the market.

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How to Choose the Best 3 Person Tent

Tents come in a variety of styles and sizes. They also vary in price, weight, protection, among other aspects.

The best 3 person backpacking tent is one that will do all the things you need it to do, and that varies on a case by case basis.

Every group has their own camping style, and everyone has their own responsibilities.

Someone has to carry the tent, and someone has to set it up. Talk with your fellow campers to determine what you need in a tent, and use the feedback to help you make the decision.

These are the most features you should look for when you’re reading the 3 person tent reviews:


Someone is going to have to carry this tent for a long period of time, so you’ll need to be sure that no one will be weighed down to the point where it’s hard for them to move around.

Three person tents have a tendency to be a little heavier as far as camping gear goes. They need to be large enough to accommodate three people, after all.

The best 3 person tents ought to be lightweight so you can haul on the trail with less effort. If you look at the top rated 3 person tents, you’ll find the lightweight characteristic to be common amongst all.

If a tent seems very light for three sleepers, that’s usually a bad sign.

High-quality poles, rain flies, and tent mesh will have a good amount of weight to them. If a tent weighs a suspiciously low amount that usually means that it’s made of subpar materials.

Be skeptical of any three person tent that weighs the same as a two-person tent.

On the other hand, you don’t want a tent that weighs too much. You’re going to have to carry enough supplies to get you through your trip, and if your tent makes your load too heavy, your campers will be over-encumbered.

Heavy three-person tents are designed for trips where the campers aren’t going to move around a lot, and are best left for people who are bringing a truck or ATV to the campsite.

Weight is of great significance when it comes to backpacking tents.

Some tents might be somehow heavier but then compensate the weight with other great features. In this case, strike a balance between weight and other qualities.

Hikers on trail


If three people have to sleep in the same tent, that tent needs to be spacious enough. Not only do three bodies need to be able to fit in that tent – but camping bags might also need to be stored inside.

If everyone is cramped together with no room to move, you’ll all be too sore to keep hiking the next day.

That’s not the ideal outcome, so you’ll need to be able to accurately estimate the amount of space you need.

If you’re ever unsure, you’re better off going for a tent that’s too big. The more space you have, the better. Of course, larger tents have a tendency to weigh more, which is something else you’ll need to consider.

Backpacking tents tend to be small in nature which also adds to the lightweight factor. In any case, consider one that will comfortably house the three of you.

If you are tall, look for something that will offer more headroom. The floor area must not be overlooked.

Getting a four-person tent for a three-person trip might seem like a good idea, but it could make the trip more complicated.

This tent is going to take up much more space in a camping bag and add a lot of extra weight. It’s not a great solution to the problem when you consider the logistics of portability.

Set up

Three person tents are somewhat large. You might not be able to set one up by yourself, which is perfect when you have two other campers willing to pitch in with the work on the campsite.

The best 3 person tent may require a pair of extra hands for assembly. The bigger a tent gets, the more complicated the assembly is. That’s something to be expected.

What you don’t want is a tent that requires a lot of gear in order to put it together. You don’t want to carry any more accessories than you have to.

If you pack up and move to the next campsite but leave something behind, you may not be able to pitch your tent at the new location. Always choose tents that are as easy to manage as possible.

This can save you a lot from the frustrations of a poorly erected tent including rain and storms.

You should be able to set it up within 5 minutes even in darkness. (again, due to potential surprises from Mother Nature with rain showers)


A lot of backpackers avoid the winter because snowstorms can really change things up.

They might even be dangerous to the inexperienced camper. Frost makes things a lot harder, and winter gear is a lot heavier than lightweight summer gear.

If you’re an experienced camper who is prepared to pack heavy and take your tent out in the snow, you might want to consider a four season tent.

Most campers will find that a three season tent works well for the majority of trips. The best 3 person backpacking tent doesn’t need to be snow proof if it’s never going to be used in the snow.

Most 3 season tents are a little less expensive anyway, so you won’t be spending money on features you don’t need.

The weather can be unpredictable sometimes especially in new environments so consider a waterproof model.

Also, it should also be able to stand against harsh winds. Don’t forget to find out about the ventilation system in place.


Finding the best 3 person hiking tent doesn’t mean you break the bank. It’s assumed that tents with the best features come expensive but not necessarily.

In any case, dig your wallet for the tent with satisfactory features.

TOP 11 Three Person Tent Reviews 2021

These 3 person tent reviews will show you the pros and cons of each one. These are top rated 3 person tents that every group of campers will be able to enjoy.

Each of these tents has different features that make them great. All you need to do is decide which one is the best 3 person tent for your next trip.

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 3 Tent

This tent sets up to a 6 foot by 6-inch width, a 7 foot by 6-inch length, and a 4 foot by 4-inch height.

Inside, you’re getting 49 square foot of sleeping and storage space. It packs down into a very reasonable 24 inch by 6-inch by 6-inch carry size that can either fit in your camping bag or be carried separately.

The packed weight is 8.75 pounds, which is light for a three sleeper.


  • Two door design makes it easy to get in and out. Someone is going to have to sleep in the middle since this is a three person tent.
  • Having two doors simplifies entering and exiting the tent without campers having to climb over each other.
  • Fully lined bottom with floor seams and factory sealed rain fly make this tent completely waterproof. The rain fly can be set up with or without an awning, depending on the severity of the rainy weather.
  • Two pole design is easy to set up. The fiberglass poles are shock corded and more durable than standard aluminum tent poles.


  • This weighs as much as two pounds more than similar three-person tents, mostly because of its superior weatherproofing adding weight to the load.


This is one of the best three person tents for rainy weather. It’s a little heavier, but those few pounds are a small price to pay for better protection from the elements.

This is durable enough to serve as a 4 season tent, provided that the snowfall is light. You’ll be able to do more with this model than you will with most other models.

SEMOO Large Door, 3-Person, 3-Season Tent

This tent measures in at 82.7 inches long by 82.7 inches wide by 51.2 inches high. It packs down to a 5.5 inch by 7-inch by 17.2-inch size for storage and carrying.

It weighs an impressively light 5.6 pounds, making it easy for anyone to carry. The interior of this tent offers about 46 square feet of space for sleeping and storing gear.


  • This is one of the lightest weight 3 person tents you’re going to find. If weight is your biggest consideration, you’d have a very difficult time locating a 3 sleeper that only weighs 5.6 pounds.
  • This is a three season tent with a sealed floor and rain fly. It won’t hold up to a blizzard, but the average thunderstorm is no problem.
  • Comes with all the accessories you need for setup, including the windproof lines to secure the tent and fly, as well as steel stakes to anchor the structure.


  • This tent only offers 46 square feet of floor space, which is a little on the cramped size.


This is the best 3 person hiking tent for groups whose main goal is to travel as lightly as possible.

This will make long journeys easy by helping you reduce the weight of your loads and the number of things you’ll need to take with you to your campsite.

The fit is a little snug, but it’s a tradeoff for significantly reducing the weight of your bags.

Mountain Trails Twin Peaks 3 Person Tent

This is a square shaped tent that measures 7 feet by 7 feet, with a height of 48 inches in the center. It packs down into a duffel carry bag that measures 29 inches by 5 inches by 4 inches.

You’re getting 49 square feet of floor space, making it roomy enough to comfortably sleep for three people.

The carry weight of this tent is 5.9 pounds, making it reasonable to haul for longer hikes.


  • Dome tent is easy to set up. Two people can get the tent ready in about five minutes, including setting up the rain fly to protect campers from wet weather.
  • Tent features sizeable mesh roof vents to promote air circulation in hot weather. Three person tents can often fill up with body heat in the summer, making it too hot to sleep. These vents provide enough airflow to keep the inside cool.
  • Comes with utility pockets and a gear loft for internal storage and organization.


  • Tent only features one door, which can make it difficult for campers to get in and out without disturbing each other.


This is one of the best 3 person tents for the money. This model is less expensive than most, but it doesn’t compromise on quality.

It’s a 3 season tent with enough floor space to keep everyone happy, and it doesn’t cost a boatload of cash.

If budget is a concern for you, this is going to be the best model you’ll find. It’s great value for money.

ALPS Mountaineering Aries 3-Person Tent

The Aries tent is 88 inches wide by 81 inches long, with a 50-inch center height. The carry weight is 6.2 pounds, which is average for a 3 person backpacking tent.

The interior features 49 square feet of floor space for campers to sleep, and exterior vestibules provide shelter for the gear so the interior doesn’t become crowded.


  • Tent design incorporates two doors for easy entry and exit. These come in handy when someone needs to relieve themselves in the middle of the night but doesn’t want to disturb the other sleeping campers.
  • Full coverage fly is designed for superior weather protection. This tent might even hold up in some light snow, thanks to its durable craftsmanship.
  • Comes with interior storage, a gear loft, and extra stakes and ropes for better stabilization in inclement weather.


  • You need to seal the seams at the top yourself for adequate weather protection. If you don’t know how to seal tent seams, it’s easy to learn to do it on your own.


This is an excellent three person tent for all kinds of trips. It will hold up in any environment, and it’s spacious enough to keep all the campers comfortable.

The design is optimized for maximum weather protection and ease of access.

It’s light enough to carry and durable enough to last for years.

Sundome 3 Person Tent

It comes in green and navy colors only. But, the limited color options should not be an underestimation.

The Sundome sleeps 3 backpackers in a roomy tent with a large single door for easy entry and exit.

There is a large hooded rear window that allows airflow for cross ventilation. The mesh vents on the roof plus the hooded fly provides ventilation even in heavy rain. The bathtub style floor features welded seams even on the corners to protect against the worst weather.

The polyester fabric on the fly is tough and durable and doesn’t stretch when wet.

The tent features a freestanding design which makes it easy to set up and take down. Using the continuous pole and clips, setting up the body is simple and fast.

The Sundome 3 also has a zippered electrical access port to let AC power into the tent. There are interior mesh pockets for organizing gear.

It comes with external guylines that help to keep it stable in strong winds and storms. Carry bags and stakes are also included in the package.


  • Roomy interior enough for 3 persons.
  • It has 2 windows for ventilation.
  • Bathtub floor design for harsh weather protection.
  • Durable fly.
  • Quick to set up and take down.
  • It has an electrical access point.
  • External guylines.


  • It doesn’t retain enough heat due to large mesh vents.
  • The seams leak in heavy rain.


This is a great outdoor shelter for 3 campers except don’t go with it in chilly environments.

Coleman Hooligan Tent

This tent is quite large to accommodate a family of 3. The coated polyester fly covers the entire tent providing protection from the harshest conditions.

The tent features a mesh construction throughout the body making great for ventilation.

The fly seams are factory sealed and the polyethylene floor is a bathtub design that wraps up the sides to prevent leaks in rain. The welded seams on the corners also prevent water from coming through.

Setting up the tent is quite fast and simple. It comes with snag free poles together with pins and rings that combine to set it up.

Nonetheless, there’s an instruction sheet sewn to the carry bag and the good thing is you can never lose it.

In the event of harsh winds, external guylines on the fly will ensure stability. It also features a vestibule where you can keep excess gear. In addition, there are interior storage pockets for you to stay organized.


  • Mesh interior allows ventilation.
  • External guy loops for windy conditions.
  • Factory sealed seams prevent leaks.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Bathtub style floor prevents leaks.
  • Vestibule and internal pockets provide storage.


  • It’s heavy.
  • Needs to be set up with stakes to be effective.
  • Not built to last.


The Coleman Hooligan is ideal for short backpacking trips and camping. It’s a bit heavy weighing 12.4 pounds. But, three can share this load and enjoy the rest.

Wenzel Alpine Tent

Featuring a base area that measures 8X8.5 feet, this tent comfortably sleeps 3 backpackers. The shock-corded fiberglass poles make for fast and easy setup.

It has 2 closeable mesh windows for airflow and a D-style single entry.

The tent features a mud mat integrated with a drainage strip to ensure cleanliness. There are gear loft and other hanging pockets for storing gear that’s not in use.

The polyethylene tub-style floor defends against water seepage while the polyester fly protects from top to bottom.

It’s one of the lightest 3 person backpacking tents weighing only 8 pounds. The outer fabric is rugged and water-resistant while the fly is removable.

The Wenzel Alpine comes with its own duffel bag for storage.


  • Lightweight.
  • Spacious enough for 3.
  • Mesh windows for cross ventilation.
  • Vestibule for storing gear.
  • Tub-style floor protects from leakage.
  • Removable fly.
  • Mud mat for cleanliness.
  • Easy to build.


  • It’s prone to condensation.
  • Small rainfly.
  • The thin construction makes it fragile.


The Wenzel Alpine is an excellent selection for those looking for a tent for long treks. Its price is also reasonable.

Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Person Tent

This tent is all about the living space and everything that creates a livable tent environment. It kicks off with two doors that provide convenient access and dual vestibule set up for gear storage.

It features a freestanding design that makes it easy to move around while finding the perfect tent site placement.

The color-coded clip design makes it easy to build without guesswork even at night. Take down is also simple; just get everything back to how it came.

The polyester mesh construction makes up for the tent’s breathability thus minimizing condensation. The taped floor seams combat leaks in rainy weather while the guylines ensure stability in harsh winds.

Perhaps a small yet magnificent attribute is the noiseless zipper pulls. The Trail Ridge 3 is also super lightweight which makes it great for backpacking.


  • Lightweight.
  • Large living space.
  • Comes with interior storage pockets.
  • Breathable.
  • Great protection against rain and the wind.
  • Dual doors.
  • Easy to build.


  • Less effective in the harshest weather due to thin construction.
  • The tent stakes are weak.


This 3 season tent is a go-to gear for backpacking in mild weather conditions. The items that come along are superb quality and the price is fair.

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 3 Person Tent

This tent offers 4-season protection so you can backpack around the world throughout the year.

The floor and fly feature polyurethane coating for water resistance while the walls have vents that let in the breeze on warm nights.

The aluminum poles are strong enough to assist the tent to stay stable in strong winds. You will love the spacious interior that comfortably sleeps 3 and allows you to change clothes. There are almost 4-feet of headroom and dual entry provides great convenience.

There are internal mesh pockets that provide storage for headlamps and other small items. Two vestibules also offer a lot of space for hiking gear. The tent is easy to assemble with the clip-on pole clips that quickly snap over the aluminum poles.

The polyester fly is UV resistant and stays tight when wet. The tent comes with a repair kit for maintenance in the field.


  • Weather and UV resistant.
  • Quick to assemble.
  • Stays stable in windy weather.
  • Two vestibules for gear storage.
  • Dual entry.
  • Mesh storage pockets.
  • Comes with guy ropes.


  • It’s a little heavy.
  • It’s expensive.


The Tasmanian 3 is the best option for 4 season backpacking enthusiasts. The insane price might sound like a drawback but three combined efforts can get it off the shelf.

Kelty TN 3 Person Tent

The Kelty TN 3 is an ultra lightweight tent weighing just 5.2 oz and this makes it easy to carry on the trail. It boasts a unique stargazing fly that lets you watch the sky at night while it can seal the hatches when the rain starts to fall.

It has two oversized doors with noiseless zipper pulls for convenient entry.

Kelty makes this tent easy to assemble by designing color-coded clips; you only have to attach every clip where it belongs and the tent will be set.

With a height of 43’’, even your tallest buddy can enjoy enough headroom. You can comfortably change clothes while inside.

The tent comes with a storage pouch so you can save space in your backpack for other gear.

The taped floor and fly seams make it weatherproof while the fly vents and welded transparent windows enhance ventilation. Equipped with internal storage pockets, you’ll have an easy time organizing your gear.


  • Exceptionally lightweight.
  • Comes with tent cube storage sack.
  • Stargazing rainfly.
  • Good headroom.
  • Large vestibule.
  • Dual entry.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Internal storage pockets.
  • Vents for airflow.


  • Not great in extreme weather.
  • Expensive.


If you love watching the night sky, grab the Kelty TN 3 for your next backpacking trip.

Toogh 3 Person Backpacking Tent

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get an exceptional backpacking tent. The Toogh 3 is one of the cheapest tents in the market that surpasses many on performance.

It only takes you 5 minutes to set up this tent. Even more, it comes with 8 pegs and 4 wind ropes for strong fixing. The 3 season tent comes with a carrying bag for traveling and relocating campsites so you can enjoy the space in your backpack.

The taped floor with seams all around creates a better weatherproof performance on wet grass. The tent’s rainfly is removable and can be used as a shield while resting on a beach.

Toogh is considerably light weighing 7.5 pounds. It features two D-shaped doors for effortless entry and ventilation. Large sidewall vents at the top also allow airflow and stargazing.

The zipper pulls are made from metal to ensure durability for frequent use. There are two interior pockets for keeping your items organized.

It is also equipped with a hook on the roof for hanging the headlamp or other light gear.


  • Fast to set up and take down.
  • 2 interior pockets.
  • It has a hook on the roof.
  • Two D-shaped doors.
  • Removable rainfly.
  • Breathable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Comes with a carrying bag.
  • Attractive color design.
  • Very affordable.


  • Might be fragile in the most extreme conditions.


The Toogh 3 person, 3 season tent is the best backpacking tent by some distance.

Making the Final Choice

The best 3 person tent needs to work equally well for all of the 3 people, so you might want to consult your traveling companions before you make the final decision.

Your trip is going to involve a lot of teamwork, so it’s important to be sure that the whole team is on board.

In the end, you’ll all want to be happy campers.

The best 3 person tent is lightweight, has plenty of livable space, quick to set up, and comes at a decent price.

The models listed in the 3 person tent reviews in this article are enough proof.

Shop wisely for the best backpacking adventures.

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