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I started this website while solo traveling South Asia for 3 months. Oh… the great memories I got rubbed on the second day in Philippines. (yep the second day :D). A few days after my bank account was banned and all I had was the money on my hand.

But in all honesty, those 3 months were probably the best time I have ever had.

Me traveling

Looking back at the trip I can say this: there were bad days and there were plenty of good days. I had to enjoy the full spectrum of emotions and different situations one could have to go thru.

And as much as I missed home and my family, as soon as I returned, I knew that eventually I would have to do this all over again.

It was my third time traveling solo and it just grew on me. I needed more!

Making something more out of my experience.

I soon came across a ton of books and even more online resources about solo travel. Not long after I realized that almost all of these are talking about the same things over and over again: “X Best places for solo travelers”, “How traveling alone change my life”. While most of the blogs focus on “Budget Travel”.

You see, I’m not a huge fan of these types of online posts and books (with some exceptions).

I guess I have to mention that you will find these types of blog posts on this site very rare.

What I was more interested in were travel gear related topics that would focus on solo travelers. And even more than that, I wanted to figure out new ways of making money online while traveling.

I’m saying new ways to do that because I have been doing work online for several years and I already had a pretty good understanding of doing that.

So what I was looking for was a chance to establish a complete Financial Freedom.

And now I want to help you learn the things I know, without making the same mistakes and going thru the same problems I had to.

First, let me tell you why financial freedom was important for me and why is it important to you!

Budget travel?

It’s nice to save some money as much as you can while traveling, but this sort of thing is just not for me. I am not good at saving money, so I focus on making more!

You know, when I travel, I want to take hot showers and stay in safe places, where my laptop, phone and wallet wouldn’t somehow disappear, if you know what I mean.

No! That doesn’t mean I am a luxury traveler.

Of course, I have stayed in budget hotels and I still look for best flight deals whenever possible. I just don’t like going crazy about it.

And this has lead me to believe it is possible to build an unstoppable online business or a blog that covers all of my travel expenses.

So let’s talk about this: how to earn money while you travel!

Up until now, I focused on travel itself when it comes to the content I created for this site.

However, I want to change that and start focusing more on the money side if these things.

I want to give you lessons that I have learned from marketing over the past 5 years. And I will do that while talking about essential travel gear and all other solo travel topics.

But who am I for you to trust me, right?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Karlis Kikuts. (I’m from Latvia and if this name seems in any way weird or hard to pronounce, just call me “the guy behind Independent Wolf”)

working poolside Asia

Before traveling and starting my own business, for 3 years I worked as a JAVA programmer, went on to build several affiliate websites, worked for a marketing agency, built my own local SEO agency in Latvia, built several e-commerce stores and even created my own travel products, like hammocks and dry bags (you can still find these in the shop on my site).

Now I’m here. I travel a lot and work only for myself!

Let me tell you this, I don’t have a secret formula that will show you precisely how to build a successful business quickly.

However, I can show you the way and lead you thru the jungle, because I too love the adventure, no matter how times I take it.

If you want to know something more about me, this is what I can say in short.

Things I like:

  • Solo traveling
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Motorbikes
  • Beer: Dark beer, light beer, craft beer, cold beer and all other types of beer.
  • Reading a book once in a while

What inspires me to keep going:

Of course, it’s my family, my girlfriend and few of my closest friends.

But most importantly, the journey. The journey around the world and the one online!

*Independent Wolf gear reviews include affiliate links that are a part of what keeps the site up and running.

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