Independent Wolf provides inspirational and actionable advice for travelers and nature lovers.

We cover the very best, up-to-date reviews and articles on the latest and greatest gear for camping and traveling.

There are in-depth guides on solo travel, blog posts from experienced globetrotters, and lots more content that caters for anyone with a wanderlust for adventure.

From clothing and apparel to tents, flashlights, hammocks, and just about everything else in between, this is your one-stop-shop for all the stuff you need for traveling and the great outdoors.

What You’ll Find on Independent Wolf

Have you ever been in a situation where your equipment, gear, or clothing has let you down?

The strap on your luggage or backpack broke, the tent you ordered isn’t fully waterproof, your new hiking boot has developed a hole in the sole?

It sucks, doesn’t it? Especially if you’ve been looking forward to that vacation or adventure for weeks.

At Independent Wolf, we’re dedicated to ensuring that doesn’t happen, by offering you reviews of only the very best products that won’t let you down in the field.

Travel Gear

After traveling for several years, I developed a passion for travel gear. Some might say – an addiction.

Long have I held the belief that our worldly wanderings can be vastly improved with the right kind of apparel and equipment to accompany us on our journey.

And so, I became dedicated to finding out exactly what they were.

In the travel gear sections, you’ll find cutting-edge products that are at the forefront of making life easier – particularly for all of us who yearn for the horizon.

Luggage, backpacks, carry-ons, gadgets and gizmos – anything that will help get you from A to B safely and comfortably (and enjoy the journey) is included.

Hopefully, you’ll discover something essential that you’ll never travel again without.

Camping Gear

It’s not all about crossing borders, whisking yourself off to exotic beaches, or exploring vibrant foreign cities.

Camping is probably the most fun anyone can ever have outdoors – but just like traveling – you need the right gear to really enjoy it.

So, also adorning the pages of Independent Wolf, you’ll find a selection of the best camping gear guides – covering just about anything to do with this popular pastime.

All the usual suspects are there, including tents for all conditions, sleeping bags for all seasons, stoves, portable tables, coffee makers and coolers – as well as survival equipment and the latest gadgets to help you create a home from home.

Travel Blog

And it’s not all about quality products either, with much more travel and camping related content at your fingertips.

You’ll also find a collection of regular articles from both myself and other experienced travelers, packed with tips, tricks, and advice on just about anything you need when it comes to exploring the world around us.

From tall tales to destination guides, photography tit-bits to how to start traveling in the first place, it’s bursting with information for anyone who has ever wanted to get away.

With a particular emphasis on solo travel, I hope that you can find at least some of the extensive musings contained therein to be entertaining, enlightening, and – dare I say – useful.

Who Am I?

My name is Karlis Kiktus, and I’m originally from Latvia, one of the Baltic countries.

Karlis Kikuts

I like solo travel, camping, motorbikes, and beer.

Talk about keeping things simple.

I’ve been traveling since as long as I can remember, and feel that it’s one of the most important things we can do in our short little lives.

Seeing the world is one of my greatest passions, but also experiencing what’s at home in the great outdoors can be just as rewarding.

I’ve plowed my personal experience into this website, in the hope that the advice contained within will help fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

And then I can maybe keep traveling for longer, too.

Why Trust Me?

Independent Wolf was born out of this passion for travel, the outdoors, and general adventures around the world – with an emphasis on doing it solo.

Hence, “independent.”

But what began as a website dedicated to digital nomadry, soon turned into focusing on reviewing products and writing guides to help you get the best experiences when you’re on your own travels and escapades.

These days, almost nothing is off limits – if it has something to do with travel, camping, or outdoor activities – then I’ll be keen to cover it.

And while I don’t profess myself to be an expert at everything, what I do have is several years worth of solo travel experience, a hard work ethic, and a keen eye for practical, quality products that I would use myself.

The Team

Aside from my own experience, I also have a team of sage travelers, writers, and outdoors people who regularly contribute to the site.

So, you’re not just getting one person’s opinion – you’re getting a smorgasbord of dedicated reviewers who are wise in the ways of the world, and with a lot of experience between them.

One might even be able to call them “professionals.”

Unfortunately, with many review websites out there, it’s painfully obvious when whoever has created an article on camping has never actually been camping in their lives.

Or someone writing about hiking boots has never known what it’s like to get a blister two miles in on a seven mile “stroll.”

Or understands that there’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad preparation.

Not so with the guys and gals that contribute to Independent Wolf. They’ve climbed the mountain, slept under the stars, been around the block – and got the T-shirt.

Our Best Foot Forward

Now that introductions are over, feel free to pursue my labor of love at your leisure.

If you have any comments or questions, you’re more than welcome to drop me a line at or post something below an article.

Thank you for stopping by. Now, go get out there. The world is yours to explore.